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  1. You're probably right. I think it's what we grew up with, depending on age, and links (or lack of them) to real railways. RMweb seems to be infested with people who use some weird and incomprehensible numbers for what seem to be the diseasals that were around when I was into such things. Why can't they just refer to them with understandable names, like Warships, Westerns, Brush Type 4s etc.? I've already stirred that that one up on the WTF topic in Wheeltappers. If anyone knows a way to block one image in Firefox, without screwing up the rest of the internet, please let me know.
  2. I only got one choice on each question, but needed to tick several boxes on each, so I gave up.
  3. That must have been an interesting period in history, when the naughty bits of a horse were regarded as obscene, but those of a female human weren't!
  4. I'd assume they were doing some sort of futuristic diseasally thing, to add a bit of variety to their modelling. Traditionally, GWR classes starting with a round 100 number are referred to as, in this case, 45xx. Although for my modelling period, referring to them as the 2161 class would be more appropriate .
  5. As a modeller of the 19th century, who agonises over having a collection of unbuilt/unfinished kits, plus one finished loco, from the 1840s/50s, but has decided that it's more practical to set my layout from the late 1880s to 1892, the idea of modelling the "1800s", where presumably I could run anything from the whole century, is quite appealing. After all, it's ancient history, so no one will know or care!
  6. Guilty I'm afraid. I was going to do an engineering apprenticeship*, passed all the tests etc. at various places, but didn't get offered one, until just after I'd decided I wasn't sure it was what I wanted. I stayed on at school to do A levels, and started training to be a cost accountant, so I could get involved in engineering without getting my hands dirty! Got rather sidetracked into areas other than cost accounting though. I might be getting more modelling done now if I'd done an apprenticeship, and might even be able to earn some money from some sort of modelling business, as there's now no realistic way for me to go back to accounts work. *Back in the days when apprenticeships really were apprenticeships!
  7. If you were, your post was a bit misleading http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/87861-for-the-dedicated-gwr-modeller-broad-gauge/&do=findComment&comment=2948342
  8. I never doubted they would be. It creates a bigger market for someone to produce a proper end!
  9. Why not? Building baulk road isn't as straightforward as cross sleepers, especially around pointwork. I've done some fairly major changes to Small, Broad and Totally Pointless, that I haven't quite finished as I ran out of rail. I have serious doubts that it will run reliably, as it's a bit of a bodged job, altering what was already there. I think there's a good chance the whole section may have to be cut out and rebuilt. I was thinking that if I did that, I might try cutting the baulks on my Silhouette Portrait, but now I've got some new toys, neither of which are working yet, I'd seriously consider trying to 3D print everything but the rail, or CNC milling it if the 3D prints are no good. I'd need to add metal rail, as the layout is DC, and I think that 4mm scale bridge rail would be too small to print, but I don't see any reason why printed rail might not be viable in future. I like building track the old fashioned way, but I also want to explore all the possible uses for 3D printing to see what works now, and what may work in the foreseeable future. I've wasted years of my life not doing any modelling, and for various reasons I'm struggling with it now. If I can get a machine that can run 24/7 to do some of the work for me, I might finally get somewhere!
  10. It really is them, as I've chatted to them online about it!
  11. Just had an e-mail from Hattons: "Our latest information from the supplier suggests this item will arrive with us on or after Monday 11th December 2017". On or after!!!!!!!
  12. Hattons seem to be trying to extract money from my bank account. Or at least they want updated card details as my old one expired months ago. Is this a hopeful sign?
  13. Imagine being able to 3D print ready ballasted track like that .
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