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  1. Fantastic layout - as I said on the other thread. Can I ask about magnets....I see two in the above pictures....is that all you use to shunt the sidings? I think I remember you saying you only used one in the head shunt on your other inglenook Dock Street. When I did one I used a magnet in every siding to remove the need to return to the head shunt to separate every time. I'm not saying that is right...I'm just interested in your opinion on it. I like the idea of keeping the magnets to a minimum. Regards, James
  2. Great.....I didn't intend to turn it into a campaign! will follow with interest - hope to see it near the south west at some time. regards, James
  3. Hi, This looks fantastic - I've admired, and been lucky to see for real, your other layouts and this is right up my street. I had an inglenook which I sold as I got a little fed up with it - this combines it well with a running line and more operational interest. Its all good but I love the bridge over the sidings and variation in arches and span - its a real inspiration to get on with something myself. The 5 to 6 foot layout is something I like the idea of....it is big enough to do something like this, but not so big that it is un-finishable or difficult to move/lump about. As mentioned above...it also transfers to 7mm well too. Thanks for sharing - I think it deserves a thread of it own! regards, James
  4. Hi Steve, Only just caught up with this after a while and it looks great. I particularly like the stonework on the bridge and the interesting discussions on colours and application methods - very helpful indeed. Looking forward to the ballasting/ground cover stage. regards, James
  5. Hi Pacific231G, Thanks for sharing that - I have done a inglenook before (Bratton Lane below) but I like the idea of bringing wagons in/out with another loco - it adds to the interest and enables you to stretch reality and run different stock. Definitely something to look at and think about. Regards, James
  6. Hi Andrew, That looks like a good solution... And it provides additional operational interest. Great sketching too :-) Regards, James
  7. Hi all, Excuse my ignorance on such matters but whenever I see track plans with a kickback like this I always wonder about operation and how you get the loco to the left of the wagons to shunt the kickback without provision for runaround? Or do you 'pull' them into the siding? Or perhaps have two locos? I agree that it looks more interesting...I'm just always perplexed about how to best operate them. Regards, James
  8. Hi, This is personal opinion rather than informed opinion but I would go for the abutments to be in line, or parallel - ie a straight road over the bridge. Hopefully the wing wall walls are not attached yet - as if they are they may get too close to the track? Regards, James
  9. Hi there, Great to see this layout back with updates - I've started a small layout that is very similar (uses the same wills bridge) all because I liked the look of this. I need to do some updates too! Reference your ballasting woes - I'm not sure on the colour problems - but the clumping when applying the water/PVA mix can be helped by misting the ballast with water from a spray bottle first. It looks pretty good to me though - you always seem to need to do some cleaning up/vacuuming afterwards anyway. The annoying bit is if you remove paint from the track/sleepers when doing so. Anyway, good to see this back on RMweb. regards, James
  10. Hi Steve, This is developing into a nice little layout - I'm looking forward to seeing it take shape. Regards, James
  11. Hi, Great job on the points - It is sometimes said that less is more when track is concerned - which is definitely true in certain circumstances......but I do love tightly packed complicated 'non-standard' point work too, and I think it works well here. It might not be how the 'real' engineers would have done it (I don't know because I am a real world railway numpty) - but I think it looks great. A lot of interest in a small space. All the best, James
  12. Hi, I was admiring your railway room on the previous page and was interested to hear you discuss the roof. Can I ask what type of roof shingles you are using? I am looking to upgrade my felt roof on my 12'X8' Apex roofed shed in the spring and I am currently evaluating my options. I have considered rubber sheet and metal clad up to now, but not shingles. All the best, James
  13. Hi, Not wishing to start an argument - but I used insulfrog points on my inglenook with no problems at all (see Bratton Lane in my signature below). If you have the point already I don't think it is worth the extra hassle/expense of replacing them. The most important thing of all, whatever point type you use, is to make sure it is completely flat. This sounds obvious but you'll be surprised how many are not after power feeds, underlay and ballasting takes place. Also make sure you feed power to every section of track, including the point. It takes a little extra time but will save you heartache later. Good luck and thanks for sharing. Regards, James
  14. Oh - ok I have downloaded and read the instructions you show - they look good but there are a few things I'm looking forward to seeing you do first! Good luck, James
  15. Hi, Thanks for sharing the build - I have two hymeks that I have yet to pluck up the courage to convert. Do the bogies come bent and 'dry assembled' as per you picture above? Or have you already done that yourself? Regards, James
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