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  1. Hi, Been following your progress with interest. As someone starting out in O gauge with a similar space - did you manage to stay within your original plan, or did you go a bit bigger (by 6" to a 1')? regards james
  2. Hi Kevin, Watching your progress with interest - this is a great way to test and improve your skills - and easy to complete and move on with. Thats something I enjoy about micro/small layouts. All the best, James
  3. Hi Thanks for that Kevin. Right, here are the lights painted and fitted to the layout - along with the long overdue name boards. I like to name my layouts around places I have a connection to - and not necessarily places that have connection to railways. We have friends who have a place on Anglesey and we have spent many a great week there in the summer with them. Their place is at Newborough, or Niwbwrch, and I thought it appropriate as a name. In reality it is not rail served but it could have looked like this if you close one eye and squint a bit! I'm not sure about the larger sign with the BR logo - it might be a bit too big - but its there for now. It might well have been dual signed in Welsh and English too - but I've obviously stick with the Welsh name. So here are the pics of the lights and signs - The light nearest the shelter has a bin attached too: Regards, James
  4. Hi all, I found the broken lights from my attempts to add lights to my Braybridge layout - they are knightwing white metal ones. Rather than buy some more I decided to make my own versions! So I've used some 1mm dia wire with some plastic rectangular sectioned wire for the tops: Here is an example of a bought one (broken): and my efforts - I've wrapped masking tape around the bottom for the larger dia at the base - the tops had a hole drilled for the wire and I will need to fill in some gaps with model filler and paint. I need to straighten the wire a little more (it came off a reel). I'll show the end results later......along with the name of the layout! regards, James
  5. jamest


    Thanks Ray, Hope everything is good with you. Regards, James
  6. jamest


    Hi all, Well its been a while! The layout has suffered from a lack of attention over the last few years but I want to push on and put some finishing touches on it. I also had a troublesome point motor on the crossover at the scenic entrance so I spent a while replacing the solenoid from underneath. It is all working now and I've enjoyed having a few running sessions recently. So I've added some trunking for the point cables and added some relay boxes - I'm no expert on this so its more of an artists impression of the real thing! Please excuse me if I've broken any rules. So a view looking down the layout showing the trunking and the wire running under the track to the far point motor: And on under the road bridge: And back towards the station: It ends under the other road bridge before the station out of sight: And the same sort of shots during a running session: All the best, James
  7. I agree that the last photo looks right. While reading above I was thinking the shed would look good against the bridge - and then you do it! regards, James
  8. Hi, Looks like a great start and an interesting track plan - can I ask the dimensions of the scenic board shown in your first post? all the best, James
  9. Hi again, Been having a play so here are some pictures with stock.... I still need to get some lights for the platform/steps (non-working) and populate the platform with a few people/clutter. I also need to name the layout and produce some signage - I think it will have a welsh feel to the name - for no particular reason! I really like the concept of doing other moving cameos of about four feet - using the same fiddle yards and cassettes. and an overall shot.... cheers, James
  10. Hi all, More progress to report. I've planted my trees and developed the hedging around the rough track under the bridge. I was going for less tree but found they blended in quite well and went with it! So it was going to be one or two trees: but turned into several! I'm really happy with how the turn in the track and the tree canopies cover the transition into the back scene. All the best, James
  11. Hi, I've been following your o gauge work.... Always liked your oo gauge stuff... Especially pallet Lane, and didn't you bring peafore yard to barnstaple? I got my gaugemaster GMC-100 MO in the post today and I am running in my 25. Off the rolling Road, on a few lengths of track, it moves so smoothly with such presence..... Must resist the urge to sell all my oo stuff! It is very smooth on dc with the right controller.... And I remember you always used it on your layouts. I don't plan to have a massive stud of locos, or have large complicated layouts, but I could go dcc if I want sound later. Cheers, James
  12. Hi again, Thanks again for the advice.... The scaling up I mentioned was more concerned with rolling stock dimensions.... Not the actual scaling up of an oo plan.... Sorry if I wasn't clear there. You are right about the limited space to run... I did think about having the fiddle yard outside the shed... But then the weather dictates a bit. I might leave the passenger duties to the dmu and concentrate on running freight with the other motive power. Regards, James
  13. Hi John, I've been following yours, and several other, layouts on here - thanks for the advice. I have sold some OO stock, but I am not planning to sell it all for now - I have a layout I'd like to move on to generate some funds for re-investment! I plan either a traverser or sector plate 'off scene' - Although I would like to keep the man handling of the stock to a minimum - but cassettes seem a little risky/heavy This plan is very much based around Andy Peters work - its difficult to miss his work as it accounts for half the layouts on here! (meant as admiring praise!). I've always admired the 'flow' he gets with a lot of his track plans. He uses standard point work but still finds curves and flow. I'm hoping the 46" run around will give enough room for two coaches (assuming I am correct at about 18" each) with room at the point for the loco to pass with clearance. I envisage the passengers alighting and the loco and coaches reversing slight into the run around for reversing. I will plan further with templates and stock before committing to glue and ballast. I see your point on the sound, and I'm not ruling it out as my Lenz controller will do it when I need to, but for now I'd rather be running what I want in silence than have less stock with sound. But I realise that is a personal choice and a debate topic in itself! Regards, James
  14. Hi all, Like many before me I have recently had thoughts about moving up to O gauge. In February I bought a Dapol 08 (green) and I also have a few 12T vans and 3 lengths of peco track. I was happy thinking about things and running my 08 up and down a plain piece of track while still finishing my OO projects, but a new purchase has hastened my desire to start a layout in O gauge. Last Sunday I was browsing the net and spotted a Heljan class 25 in just the livery I wanted (green with small yellow panels) at a very good price. Here we are a week later and I am hooked - what a lovely loco! I had a shed built several years ago with OO in mind so I do not have a massive amount of space - just over 11 feet by 2 feet for layout (including fiddle yard) going down one side of said shed. I'm quite experienced in OO planning and know what proportions generally work - I know in theory all I need to do is multiply that OO knowledge by 1.75 for 7mm, but I wanted to run a few thoughts past some experts. I'd like to do something like the plan below - its not revolutionary, and is very similar to other layouts I have seen done already, but I'm already excited about getting something going. So a platform - with a possible bay at the top - run around off scene and a couple of sidings on the front. Having done a bit of planning in the past I know what I want to run is limited by my run around loop and fiddle yard length. In the plan below I have around 52" for a fiddle yard, 7' scenic length and the run around is about 46" from the front of the top RH point to the exit of the scenic area. I would like to run a couple of mk1 coaches with the class 25 and I reckon that is about 18" a coach (at 63'5" in real life) coupled with about 14" to allow for the loco - so it should be do-able? So the green area is scenic and the track is all peco (RH and wye): I have also debated DC against DCC and have decided to stick with DC for now - in the knowledge that I can move over to DCC if I wire the layout with that in mind. I also have a eye on a Dapol 121 when they are released and I also need to acquire/build some more rolling stock. So any advice is greatly received (although I have ordered a gaugemaster DC O gauge controller - so please no stories about how I will regret not going for sound!!) Regards, James
  15. Hi all, I've now added a lighting strip to the layout and painted the fascia black. The LED light kit was around £11 from Amazon and consists of four lengths of warm white LEDS - you can join them in line or zig zag them - Two strip lengths are about the length of my layout so I went up and back in two lines. there are several connectors supplied and you can cut the strips at predetermined lengths if you need to. They are self-adhesive backed and I coated the ply underside with aluminium tape before fitting them - you can see the connections between the two strips in the photo below - you can have a straight connector between them or a corner piece to space them out/make corners. The blackboard paint was drying as fast as I could paint it - I could go straight on and start the second coat after the first - must be what the forth bridge painting gang are used to!!! Cheers, James
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