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  1. Absolute pleasure Matt, looking forward to seeing how you develop it. It's yours now, and what you have planned sounds great. I'd like to claim it was good planning on my part to leave it era non specific... But we both know it's not! Hope to see some pics on here when you are ready. All the best, James
  2. Hi, The layout is heading up the M5 (hopefully moving) to its new home. Many thanks for the support and encouragement.... On to the next project. Regards, James
  3. Hi, Thanks.... I'm afraid my available space can't keep up with my ideas! I've been bitten by the O gauge bug and need this side of the shed for that. I have another OO layout opposite which does not have a thread here yet... One more stored underneath it (North Molton) and another smaller one stored in the garage (Niwbwrch)! I think I have commitment issues! Regards, James
  4. Hi all, Second, and last, shameless bump. I'm still selling this on the classifieds...and reduced the price - I'm hoping to move it on rather than salvaging what I can and scrapping it. I'm never comfortable pricing my own work! I'd rather it went to a good home - if it suits someone's needs. Regards, James
  5. Hi all, Shameless bump I'm afraid. I've decided to sell this layout to make room in the shed for a small O gauge layout. Please see classifieds for details... Or pm me. Regards, James
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    Greenword layout topics Hi, I'm regrettably selling my OO layout Greenwood to free up some much needed space - I've developed a O gauge habit and need the space in my shed for something in that scale. The layout is a total length of 134.5" and 18" wide. It is in three sections - 52.5" for the station board, 41" for the run up to the station, and 41" for the fiddle yard board (36" long traverser length). Please see the link above for the story of the layout (or search Greenwood in layout topics) but for a brief description..... It is code 100 track wired to every track section for reliable DCC running - but could be converted to DC if required (not by me!). Medium radius points - some electrofrog, some insulfrog. The points are switched via solenoids - the power supply (old gaugemaster combi internals) and push button control box are supplied. There is scope to have the platform road run through to have a second fiddle yard - I don't have enough room in my shed for this. There are magnets buried for kadee operation - and a couple on the surface between the tracks. You can connect your chosen controller and start running trains straight away. It has the potential to be any region and has a potential for a wide range of time era - so it can be finished by someone to their taste. All structures shown are included - the station building (scalescenes card kit) is removable if you want to change it. No road vehicles included. No controller included. No legs included - but it will all sit on a flat surface - the baseboards are ply topped braced with 18mmX44mm planed softwood. I live in North Devon (Bratton Fleming) so I am a bit out of the way for some - I am willing to meet up within reason - but if you come to me you can see it running before you take it. I will not post/send. Edit - apologies - it seems the person who made the layout is not necessarily the best person to set the price....hence I've knocked it down a bit I am now asking £350...... Ono I'd rather it went to a new home then got scrapped and broken up. Any questions please ask.


  7. Hi, Scanning through this list and noticed a topic with A&H. It reminded of the service I received recently, and the fact I should share it given how good it was. I found the service to be friendly (by phone), quick (had my lenz handset and base station upgraded), and very good value for money. highly recommended. James
  8. jamest


    I've always really liked this layout, and I can only add to the other comments. Really like what you have managed to fit into the area you have to work with. You have got the amount of track, scenic and operational interest 'ratio' just right in my opinion. The warehouse really completes the backscene well. Thanks for sharing, regards, James
  9. Hi, Enjoying watching this come together. Can I ask the dimensions of your scenic area/sector plate? regards, James
  10. Hi, I'm a serial collector of second hand unused points from my local shop. I have some code 75 in good condition but only one each LH and RH. I don't have anything in the pipeline in OO so you would be welcome to them for the price of postage. I'm sure they are small..... But just in case... Sorry its not two RH, but let me know if you need them. Good luck, James
  11. Hi, Speaking as someone who is starting out in O gauge with a shunting layout soon (ish).... I know you are an advocate of using the DCC80 for polarity switching on OO gauge layouts - have you used them on here? Or is the 2 amp limit not enough? I like the idea of using something like them and switching the points wire in the tube. Regards, James
  12. Hi Richard, Hope all is well with you....like the new additions, you are definitely utilising the 3D printer! Love the blackboard - looks great. all the best, James
  13. Thanks, You might have to wait a little bit as I need to move on a OO layout to make space. Until then I'll get my fix here. With regard to your location I have spent many a happy summers day in Angelsey just above you. We have friends that live in Newborough. We did wonder down as far as Pwlheli on the mainland but not as far as you yet! Cheers, James
  14. Hi, I will be following your progress with interest - I'm dipping my toe into 7mm and have roughly the same space. I want to go down one side of my shed and have 11.5' by 2' - I was thinking the fiddle yard might have to be out the door but you have illustrated it might be possible to keep it all within the 11.5' length. Anyway good luck - your progress so far is impressive. Regards, James
  15. Hi, This is really spooky but I have been sussing out a 2 foot extension to my new layout (not on here yet) this very afternoon. I was doing a river but I have some scenic width the other side of the bridge (the exact same wills one!) so I decided on a canal so I can do a lock against the back scene. I came in to look at the scalescenes site for some dimensions and your thread happened to be the last page I looked at on chrome the other day. So there were your efforts for me to look at! Looks really good.... And I have some left over ratio platform bits too
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