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  1. Hi, Just stumbled across this from a comment you made in another thread (worked my way through you layouts in your signiture). I'm starting a 7mm layout with a similar track plan (not in my sig below - it is in the 7mm + section)- slightly more space, but this captures exactly what I would like to do, so I'm going to nick a lot of your design ideas! I am worried about my width and the fact my bay platform will not have much room behind it. The way you have added a goods shed here and blended it with the backscene is giving me plenty of ideas. Great work. regards, James
  2. Hi all, Made good progress with the fiddle yard.... Needs a bit of fine tuning but it works well. Carried on with the glue down method for the track. Only two roads at the moment until I decide on the last siding. Not sure whether to go with the above..... Or have more room to the back and move the signal box to the front as below. Need to decide before going further. Regards, James
  3. hi all, Thanks for the advice - some useful places to look. I think I'll wait until I install sound to populate the DMU. It looks pretty easy to remove the body - but I want to keep the numbers of times I do it to a minimum. Been working on the fiddle yard this weekend - will post photos soon - plumped for the sector plate option. regards, James
  4. Hi Paul, Thanks for the advice. I don’t intend to break the layout down often and I had thought about one scenic board….or permanently joining these two. But I want to keep an eye on portability just in case I’m ever asked to take it anywhere - or I need to move it at home for any reason. A seven foot by two foot board, with all the fittings, seemed a bit unwieldy. I have used the brass screw under the rail on my other layouts but was hoping to get away with it here - mostly for scenic reasons. I could retro fit something to help if it doesn’t work out. I’m going to test this over time and I have a few jobs to do before ballasting it, so we’ll see how it goes. I am going to concentrate on the four foot fiddle yard next so the scenic track can be finished. I have considered my options and a traverser is planned at the moment to aid running around. I do prefer cassettes in OO due to the cutting down on handling stock….but that is when the whole loop in on the scenic section. I feel it will become fiddly and tiresome to have cassettes here. But I haven’t ruled it out. suggestions welcome! Cheers James
  5. Hi all, Been running this beauty this morning. Just a plain OO 21 pin decoder for now.... Sound later. Really pleased with it for the price, hats off to Dapol. I'm sure there are errors I am unaware of, but it has a great weighty presence and the packaging and presentation is first class. Cheers James
  6. Hi guys, You can reverse copydex and get the track up but I've got to admit that I previously tried this on the track directly to the baseboard surface, not cork. I think it would be harder to lift here without some serious damage and rework to the Cork. I have good news and embarassing news...... I've got the main scenic track done now.... What you see here is glued down. I've cut the track over the join.... Went well.... Now the embarassing bit... See the below pic of the four foot board. It shows off the board construction well. This is my first attempt at a mostly ply board and it is very light and rigid. I connected up the controller and got an error... A short... I employ a simple DDC system of green and white wires to inside and outside rails. The frog is yellow and controlled by cobalt point motors not shown in this picture. I traced the, not complicated, wiring and everything seemed fine by eye. I started to worry I had not cut the frog feeds under one of the points prior to fitting, but I tested and proved it unlikely. I went through every feed to check and then noticed my very basic error. To the right of the picture you will see a green and white wire threaded through the diagonal brace ready for the future two exit tracks to the fiddle yard. I fed them through the hole to keep them out of the way.... One of the strands from green is touching white! Doh! The good news is everything works well now, including the colbalts, and I have run my 08 around to test. Cheers, James
  7. Hi, Thanks for the advice.... I have been ultra careful to check every soldered feed before gluing down, especially the points! There is something about the price of an O gauge point that focuses the mind. I know others use the glue down and ballast in one go technique but, in my opinion, it only works well with thiner sleepers. Couple that with trying to manage track testing and alignment and I think I'd be multi-tasking too much. I have progressed more than is pictured above and hope to show more pictures later. I currently have more tinned produce in my shed than tescos! Cheers, James
  8. Hi all, Got my LH point now so I've started track laying. I'm going to glue down the track with copydex. I've also got my laser cut signal box and station building... Very impressed with them and how they go together. Here we go! Loco release and first point under the tins. Cheers, James
  9. Hi all, Been a while but it has taken a while to get started on this. I've moved on my Greenwood layout to provide room and funds to make a start on the boards. Here they are..... A three foot and four foot long section by two feet wide. This will be the scenic section joined to a four foot fiddle yard. Surprisingly the plan is the same! Except for a LH point in place of the wye. Despite saying I was sticking to DC my class 25 is away with jintyman for DCC fitting and weathering and I have added sound to my 08. I have a 122 DMU coming next week and I have also accumulated some Dapol wagons. Here are some pictures as evidence.... The card represents the station building and signal box. The three foot board is on the end with one point and the loco release and siding ends. I've added Cork to the whole surface. From the other side...... The gap you see under the point template is a gap in the Cork sheet... Not a baseboard join. The join is on the nearside of the station. I was going to join the scenic boards permanently but I think that is an unwieldy solution at two foot wide and would prevent me taking out the layout, if invited, one day. I'm still waiting for the left hand point to come into stock. I will have to be careful where I cross boards... After playing with which board goes where and the point options I feel this is the right solution and gives me the right loco release length while keeping the points off the joins.... Looking forward to progress now. Regards, James
  10. Hi Scott, I think we met a few years ago when you took on Braybridge? Hope you are well. Early plans look good - I always think smaller layouts are a good cure for low mojo - easier to move forward with without getting stuck. I'll follow with interest. all the best, James
  11. Hi John, Very impressed with how you scale up the scale scenes stuff. I’m starting out in o gauge but have modelled in oo for several years and have a good selection of scalescenes stuff. I’ve seen your other structures on your bigger layout. seeing your earlier post about scaling up by 175% has peaked my interest….I didn’t realise it was that easy. I’m lucky enough to be able to print in work so I can live with a few mistakes! Will defo give it a go with some simple stuff. Meanwhile I will follow your progress with interest. atb James
  12. Hi, I can only echo the other comments.....that looks great. It must be really satisfying to be able to pretty much make it all yourself. I'm afraid I am a slave to buying RTR - but this is really inspirational. I will watch with interest. Regards, James
  13. Hi, This is a co-incidence - I've recently tried to chip my 03 with a simple 6 pin chip (it is DCC ready and not factory sound fitted). The running is not great - I realise it can be other things but I think I should have got a chip with stay alive catered for. I was looking last night and saw a DCC concepts Zen decoder with wires pre-soldered to the chip and a little capacitor supplied. I believe the number is DCD-ZN6D. It seems reasonably priced at around 20 quid - has anyone got experience of this chip in a similar situation? Regards, James
  14. Hi, Like you I'm dipping my toe into O gauge and I'm also at the planning stage with a similar size layout in mind (and I'm in North Devon too!). I've looked at Tim Horn for baseboards but his website seems to be constantly under development - he seems to be a victim of his own success. Can I ask if you ordered these baseboard modules recently? If so did you contact him via email to order? Looking forward to seeing your layout develop - I am going for a slighly earlier period with a green 08 and class 25 - I also hope to get my hands on a Dapol 121 one day! I've only bought RTR wagons at the moment but hope to make some too. all the best, James
  15. Hi, Just found this thread - you have created a really nice layout in a very limited space. Very impressed with the wiring too! I think the scene you picture above looks very good - I tend to make it up as I go along - which wastes a lot of time - I'm impressed with your planning and execution. I will follow with interest. All the best, James
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