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  1. Hi, Been following this for a while and I am really enjoying the build.....and the fact you take the time to explain what is happening so well. Can I ask where you got the platform lights? apologies if you've already mentioned it. Looking forward to seeing it develop further. Regards, James
  2. I think something thicker and sturdier, like a metal lid, lends itself better to removing the fibres once dry.
  3. Hi, Kitchen foil should work if you want to make the tufts and transfer them to the layout - I use an old quality street metal tin lid upside down (don't know if you can still get metal ones). You can attach the clip to the upstanding lip around the edge and it is easy to remove the tufts with a razor blade or steel rule as the lid is relatively sturdy. It also catches all the fibres well too - even the ones that don't stick - so you can tip them back into your container to use again. I have a grassmaster and I get sketchy results on large areas sometimes - the 'circuit' between nail and device seems ineffective and I don't get good results - but if I test with the lid as above it is fine. I even keep changing the battery to make sure it is not low on power. I think I need to read more online instead of just expecting it to work by trial and error! Definitely worth persisting with though as it looks great when done right. Love the tufts in the picture above though - the colours look just right. Regards, James
  4. Hi, Are you after a continuous run layout, or an end to end one? Regards, James
  5. Hi, Looks like a sound plan - what have you got planned for the area in dotted yellow? Regards, James
  6. Hi all, Thanks for the kind words - I haven't made much progress over christmas - but I plan to push on soon and get it finished (if anything ever is actually finished). The canal suggestion is a good one - the main sticking point for me at the moment is how I blend the land around the end of the platform and how the current road blends in with that and the back scene. I have laid a road and some grass but nothing that can't be changed yet. I will give it some thought. regards, James
  7. Hi, I should be able to work it out for myself, but I'm not familiar with o gauge 'sizes' yet. Is the total length 15 feet, or is that just the scenic length? Regards, James
  8. Fantastic layout - as I said on the other thread. Can I ask about magnets....I see two in the above pictures....is that all you use to shunt the sidings? I think I remember you saying you only used one in the head shunt on your other inglenook Dock Street. When I did one I used a magnet in every siding to remove the need to return to the head shunt to separate every time. I'm not saying that is right...I'm just interested in your opinion on it. I like the idea of keeping the magnets to a minimum. Regards, James
  9. Great.....I didn't intend to turn it into a campaign! will follow with interest - hope to see it near the south west at some time. regards, James
  10. Hi, This looks fantastic - I've admired, and been lucky to see for real, your other layouts and this is right up my street. I had an inglenook which I sold as I got a little fed up with it - this combines it well with a running line and more operational interest. Its all good but I love the bridge over the sidings and variation in arches and span - its a real inspiration to get on with something myself. The 5 to 6 foot layout is something I like the idea of....it is big enough to do something like this, but not so big that it is un-finishable or difficult to move/lump about. As mentioned above...it also transfers to 7mm well too. Thanks for sharing - I think it deserves a thread of it own! regards, James
  11. Hi Steve, Only just caught up with this after a while and it looks great. I particularly like the stonework on the bridge and the interesting discussions on colours and application methods - very helpful indeed. Looking forward to the ballasting/ground cover stage. regards, James
  12. Hi Pacific231G, Thanks for sharing that - I have done a inglenook before (Bratton Lane below) but I like the idea of bringing wagons in/out with another loco - it adds to the interest and enables you to stretch reality and run different stock. Definitely something to look at and think about. Regards, James
  13. Hi Andrew, That looks like a good solution... And it provides additional operational interest. Great sketching too :-) Regards, James
  14. Hi all, Excuse my ignorance on such matters but whenever I see track plans with a kickback like this I always wonder about operation and how you get the loco to the left of the wagons to shunt the kickback without provision for runaround? Or do you 'pull' them into the siding? Or perhaps have two locos? I agree that it looks more interesting...I'm just always perplexed about how to best operate them. Regards, James
  15. Hi, This is personal opinion rather than informed opinion but I would go for the abutments to be in line, or parallel - ie a straight road over the bridge. Hopefully the wing wall walls are not attached yet - as if they are they may get too close to the track? Regards, James
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