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  1. Hi I wonder if anyone has any OO scale pallets that are suplus to requirements? I'm after the laser cut type - look like wood not plastic. Packets usually come in about ten or more and are quite expensive for what they are (my opinion). I only need a couple. There must be folk who have bought some and have pallest left over that they don't need. It's a shame to waste them. I'm willing to pay a small amount plus posting. If you can / would like to help please get back to me - a photo would help. Thanks
  2. Finally managed to get some better lighting for the photography - all being well some more updates to follow soon showing progress with the layout. Let me know if you like the photos too!!! You will see stages of this area earlier in the thread. I have been completing work in the background in order to complete signalling and details etc in the foreground area. It is not finished yet (track painting to be completed and some details to the vegetation - also small building to be made yet for the yard)) but shows some scenic work that has been done. The next photo shows some items that may interest - the area of rosebay willow herb (that's what it's supposed to be!!!). A buddleja bush - more being made! Try and spot the chap cutting his hedge - hope to add a close up shortly.
  3. Hi Just noticed you have not had any replies. If I was in your shoes I'd be looking on ebay. If I have understood correctly what you are after I have just seen several products that might suit your purposes. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi Many bought trees are very unrealistic. They are often all the same size, they can look very plastic and unnatural. It has already been commented that they can also be too small - or at least look the wrong shape for their size. My greatest concern I think is that they just don't look like real trees. A few suggestions ... a) Go for a walk!!! Enjoy looking at some trees - notice the different shapes associated with different species. Look at the variety sometimes in quite a small area. Note that green is not one shade!! Look at all the different colours - even in the summer - green has many different shades - yes - dark and lighter but also yellowish greens, bluish greens etc. Notice how often with a real tree you can see daylight through the tree - in other words its not all solid foliage - have a look and see how many bought trees model this. b) Do a Google image search for specific species e.g. oak, ash, scots pine - so that you can base a model on what the real thing looks like. c) Decide what time of the year you want to model. Deciduous trees in the winter don't have any leaves!! d) Think about the area you are modelling - does it have largely one type of tree e.g. largely evergreens - or a mix e) Have a look at some layouts that have a reputation for fantastic trees / plants. Have a look for example at the County Gate website. Look at the modelling methods then scenery then modelling trees and plants sections http://www.009.cd2.com/ f) Have a go at making your own trees - it's really not that hard and you will get better at making them - there's lots of advice out there including some useful videos on Youtube. Again look at County Gate website for some ideas. There are lots of natural materials like sea moss that make great shrubs and trees - particularly when stuck to real pieces of natural root or small twigs and branches. There is a huge range of flocks and leaf materials available that will give you the different shades of green I mentioned. f) Try typing sea moss model railways into Google and do an image search - that will I think raise the bar a bit for what you might want to achieve!! Finally have a look at this shot from one of my older layouts. I'm sure I can improve on this and I have seen better trees on other layouts but I don't think it's too bad - and I think for me anyway it looks much better than the majority of bought trees. Have fun making them too - you don't get this with bought ones!! Having said all of this there are some good commercial trees available - they can be quite expensive though.
  5. Hi I believe a supplier called Ten Commandments used to provide orange cable with their trunking kit but I understand this is no longer available (it's what I used on my last layout). How about using some 7/0.2mm orange covered wire?
  6. My layout may at first look slightly unusual - the walls, rock etc is a reddish brown colour ... The layout is loosely based on the Chester area where the main rock type is red sandstone. This was used extensively as a building stone (including the city walls and the cathedral) and gives the city a distinct appearance. Cutting at Northgate locks - showing sandstone walls It seems to me that ... a) if a layout is based on a particular area then it has to reflect the local geology and b) if this is done well it can make a layout quite distinctive and different from other layouts (not all rock is brown or grey) It would be good to see some photos of the layouts others have mentioned - particularly any that reflect local geology.
  7. Hi I agree - no photos around. Try typing arriva mk2 coach electra graphics into Google and do an image search - you should find two photos come up fairly quickly associated with a company called Electra Train Graphics - are they of any use?
  8. Hi Sorry for the confusion!! Have a look back at the beginning of this thread and all will be revealed. Basically - I liked the name!!
  9. Hi Phil Thanks - I am looking forward to finishing painting this area and making it look much more realistic. I'm also hoping to take some better photos with a flash diffuser.
  10. Well at last another post. Maybe I flatter myself that many looked at the earlier posts about Chesterfield - but - if you did (thanks) here is an update. You may have thought I had left the planet but no I'm still here!! Firstly I am in the process of developing a new website - the link that probably didn't work for a while at the begining of this thread should work now and take you to the new site. The layout has developed considerably since the last posts. Below are a few photos with some comments. For those who might be interested I guess the main developments are as follows ... Changed from Cobalt point motors to servos and using megapoints controllers. Control panel almost finished So - related to this - all point motors working with green / red direction indication LEDs on the panel. The other switches on the panel are for signals. Some signals in place using CR Signals and Heathcote infra red controls (with override switches on the control panel) Ballasting and all of the track painted Quite a lot of scenic work carried out - on the cutting, a row of terraced houses and the canal lock area. Backscene added - although this needs further work. And one most important development - I can run trains now over most of the layout! Well there you go. Tons more to do but as said a bit of an update. I plan to take more photos soon and provide somewhat more frequent updates (yes - I know heard that before - I will try harder!!). As more photos are added it will give you a better idea of the progress that has been made. Small part of the station area with a Bachmann 150 in Northern livery Small part of canal basin - locks and bridge loosely based on Northate Locks near Chester. There is a very high lock gate! The terraced houses are from the Scenecraft range - although they have been changed somewhat including a few repainted front doors and front gardens added - I hope to add some close ups soon.
  11. Hi It means having the sounds on an existing decoder changed to a different set. For example, you may have a Class 66 and for whatever reason be unhappy with the sounds - you might find the horns too weak or want particular sounds that were not put on the decoder. There are a number of companies that will 'reblow' a decoder for you and add a fresh set of sounds. You may find a stand / company at some of the larger model railway ehxibitions that will do it there and then for you. Hope this helps.
  12. Do you mind me asking how old you are - I'll explain in my next message!!
  13. Hi Thanks for all the information - such expertise out there!! It will help me to build up a rake for my two class 59's. Thanks again
  14. Hello I know a certain amount about these coaches but cannot fully identify them and sure - rather than speculating could anyone tell me what type of coaches these are - in both photos? Do you think that the blue and red coaches have been repainted - I don't recognise the livery. The coaches were on the Chester Explorer - pulled by two Class 59's. Thanks
  15. Hi I have regularly bought Vallejo acrylics for my Iwata airbrush online - used two suppliers - ebay names ... flying_tigercat and coulsdon_models both very reliable - sent paints very quickly. Sorry can't help with the 'whites' question - maybe contact one of the above suppliers. Hope this helps
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