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  1. The lorry with the crate hasn't arrived...
  2. The station was extended in the 1890s, the then architect, William Bell did his own thing, obviously didn't rate Prosser's original roof.
  3. Perhaps they should be described differently? 'Robinson ROD' for the WW1 Great Central design. 'Riddles WD' for the 1940s design loosely based on the LMS 8F.
  4. The 15xx is a very popular model in 5" gauge, known for whatever reason as 'Speedy', it's a relatively easy build, outside valve gear being easier to assemble and maintain and it's one of very few tank engines like this. I'm sure more than once there's been more models running together than there were real ones.
  5. I had thought of something along those lines, running from Helmsley through to a junction on the NY&C near Great Broughton (tunnel through from Bilsdale to the Cleveland plain?) heading west through Stokesley giving an alternative route from Scarborough to the north. It would have been promoted on the strength of possible ironstone deposits in the area after the early success of exploration in Rosedale. In the end the line would be kept running until the early 50s with through passenger traffic, timber extraction and quarrying of building stone, no real deposits of ironstone were found.
  6. Access to the roof was encouraged on the Yorkshire coast as here at Sandsend... from here https://www.ssplprints.com/image/120630/women-on-holiday-in-a-camping-coach-at-sandsend-c-1936
  7. You can't make more out of a bit! That's alchemy! You'll be turning lead into purest green next...
  8. It got about a bit, managed to find it's way on to my Felton Lane as well.
  9. Would all workers be blindfolded and looking the other way?
  10. Always good to see another NER layout. Your plan does have a North Yorkshire and Cleveland feel to it.
  11. Trick! Ha, Ha, Ha. HA, HA, HA. HA, HA, HA...
  12. Mmm, trick or treat? Which are you going to get???
  13. You mentioned Leeds (well, another bit of leeds), how could the tray conveyer in the canteen at the grammar school be used?
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