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  1. Had a couple or three pints of Three Brothers 'Ruby Revolution' in the pub tonight, very nice. Not said that for a long time. https://threebrothersbrewing.co.uk/beer/ruby-revolution/
  2. It's a 1001 class, build here, Everything else is North Eastern.
  3. Just a bit of paint to touch up now, and the corner of the shed needs looking at.
  4. Got a job done that I've been meaning to do for quite a while. When I built the goods shed I built it from my own drawing from my own measurements of the real thing, The canopies were added as the track side one is in the background of one of the few photos, the main subject being the train, the road side canopy is based on NER practice and other similar sheds. I never really put much thought in to a chimney, there isn't one there now and had no idea where one might be. This was until I found this photo a couple of years ago. I started out with an unidentified grey moulded chimney that was about the right size and height, the angle was corrected for the shed roof. It was clad with brick plasticard and a whitemetal pot fitted.
  5. Putting the spokey-dokeys on is a nightmare, the spider keeps running out trying to eat them...
  6. It's never going to be more than satisfactory for the Fore-cat*, Usually Passable is a bonus... *Unless you cover it in catnip.
  7. That's almost as fancy as the NER loco dept offices at Darlington. https://britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/101389488-stooperdale-offices-brinkburn-faverdale-ward#.XvNbXm1KjIU
  8. A Geordie would think about taking a jumper with him, just in case, wouldn't put it on mind, but just in case...
  9. Slowly been working on this over the last few weeks, NER class B from a London Road kit, bought for a good price on the S4North bring and buy a few years ago.
  10. Don't think they'll be lighting it up today..
  11. On this gorgeous summers day, 1093 has found some wagons to play with.
  12. Just as I came to have a catch up with what's going on here, Nick Cave came on the radio...
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