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  1. Another confirmed date is Birtley, Co Durham on 7th and 8th March.
  2. I've just heard from a friend that Jim aka Aberdare passed away a couple of days ago, Jim was one of the nicest people you could want to meet as was his wife Linda who he lost less than a year ago. RIP Jim.
  3. Won't the side lamps have coloured slides in them to change them as necessary and the tail lamp will have a red lens (which it does)? Also should the side lamps be a different shape to the tail?
  4. In general, 1860 was a bit left out yesterday.
  5. Latest addition to the road fleet and no, we're not in the wild west...
  6. 1489 departs with empty hoppers, no doubt to be filled with ironstone just round the corner.
  7. Playing trains at Newcastle, Mrs WF AT the controls!
  8. While there's no trains running, a T2 at Moorgates this summer.
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