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  1. Can see its getting on, brake gear has gone old saggy and hanging down...
  2. Probably just the fact I didn't make it. It definitely ain't sexy... The H&B opens, well, now you're talking...
  3. Similar here, on 'The Depots' there's a roster of three locos, 1 kitbuilt and 2 scratchbuilt. I did have an RTR wagon, an Oxford LNER open but was so frustrated by it it's now dumped on the shelf...
  4. The NER changed to large(r) lettering in 1911, but only 12" high, if the RCH had been involved would there have possibly been some written evidence? and all companies would have been to a similar size.
  5. Agree, as for muck spreading, it could have still been done by hand, and a horse and cart could be worked by one man, with an experienced horse he would set it walking slowly while he griped the load off the back. Using a tractor would need two men. But on the majority of farms back then, especially smaller ones, the tractor took pride of place and was kept in good order, just as the horses were that it replaced.
  6. Catastrophic infrastructure failure in that last video, I don't think the Board of Trade inspector would have passed that bridge/tunnel mouth... Thankfully the civil engineer was on hand to remove the debris long before any trains were due.
  7. Would it not be esso blue? The tractor having a TVO engine?
  8. I would say she's the driver of the other one which looks like a wartime build with economy mudguards. As you say, most likely refuelling although you wouldn't really want to stop with three in the ground, should get the the headland first, doesn't look heavy land though. I have a feeling there's quite a bit of artistic licence here. To be fair, the tractor's not stuck, just the trailer and someone else loaded that... 8100? 8210? or what?
  9. Especially if there's a sniper involved.
  10. There was no increase in size for rolling stock as when I got it all the doors were solid, I had to cut them out! The drawing in the book has a scale on it plus some bits are dimensioned so I'm pretty certain that one is correct, these goods sheds weren't all the same size, Lealholm for instance is quite a bit narrower, I did measure it many years ago but can't find my drawing anywhere!
  11. I had thought it was nearer S.
  12. The goods shed, as we know is a Hornby resin cast model based on Goathland, its basically a standard Prosser design of the 1860s and 70s, it's just that it looks too big. Especially when the buildings that I'm placing down the end were placed on the board. So a look in NER Architecture vol 2 and inside the front cover is a drawing of the goods shed proposed for Egton Bridge but never built as the site is built up land. The drawing, made to fit the page, is to a scale of 3.166mm/ft so a big of calculating and reference to the few measurements on the drawing
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