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  1. If clack valves are not visible on the side of the boiler they could have been mounted on the firebox backhead, don't know if the Midland did this.
  2. In readiness for an important lift?
  3. There's a photo of 979 (NERA archive) that I'm working from, it's painted black and it has slightly joggled brake rods. The original saddle tanks have just about every conceivable variation in brakes...
  4. Looks like it's main purpose is to avoid the crankpins, you wonder why it couldn't be slightly lower over it's full length? At the rear it drops down again. It always gets tight around brakes and sandpipes though.
  5. I'm currently on with butchering my 4th Mainline J72, this one will become a member of NER class 964A, rebuilt in the 1890s from a saddle tank. Bit like the GWR did with many of it's saddle tanks
  6. That's the one, I think the reason for the large splashers, and the overall look, is they were busy building Class E at the same time. By the time they rebuilt Class 44 they were building E1s which had smaller splashers and were used on the rebuilds even though the wheels on the 44 were much larger. Class 964 as built (ish).
  7. What?! No, definitely a North Eastern loco. Originally built by Stephenson & Co in September 1873 as No 864 and looked nothing like it will end up, it was rebuilt in 1892 as No 979 of class 964A and withdrawn in 1914.
  8. I found it went together very well, I will get mine finished eventually, it's all the edge lining that it's stopped at... I think mine might pull a reasonable amount, I have the motor vertical in the firebox attached to a HL Roadrunner gearbox so the whole of the boiler and smokebox is filled with heavy stuff, so much so that it can rock forward a bit on the compensation beams, it needs a bit of weight at the back to balance it. There's also some 1055 number plates somewhere.
  9. Were all LNWR plates the same style? Can't fault the quality of these, was Narrow Planet, now Light Railway Stores. https://www.lightrailwaystores.co.uk/collections/number-plate-styles/products/npp-418?variant=7040817791042
  10. Here's a few photos of the van, realised there's nothing of it at all on here. As we know, it's a Shire Scenes kit, I built it a few years ago but never got round to painting it till recently, the livery and company name is completely fictitious, I don't even think there is or was a Langbaurgh street in Middlesbrough, it's a small village near Great Ayton a few miles to the south. There is a shaft for two horses which fits in a slot and I might attach it between some horses so it can be loaded on a wagon or being drawn by them.
  11. I think it's better pulling an NER directors saloon...
  12. Hi Mikkel, It's a kit, a Shire Scenes Pantechnicon, not a bad kit but could do with some chunkier wheels, it's where the Dart and Shire Scenes range could help each other with cast wheels. https://www.dartcastings.co.uk/shire/S56.php
  13. Looks like the class B is in traffic, busy shunting.
  14. We had sprouts 3 days in a row, as you'd expect on Christmas day, on boxing day it was cauliflower cheese surprise (the surprise was there were also sprouts in it) and on 27th it was left over veg omelette with of course plenty of sprouts... Still not fully recovered but I have no one else to blame as I cooked it all.
  15. Think it's finished now, got the buffer heads fitted, looks like the crew have got them nicely burnished! A lamp for an 'Ordinary Freight train stopping at intermediate stations, class D (Speed per hour, 20 miles)'. Some fire irons and glazing. I've also fitted magnets under the cab roof and short lengths of panel pin inside the cab to hold the roof on. They're 2mm diameter and 1mm thick and hold it quite well.
  16. 'Ere, boss, wheels 'ave gone!' 'Don't you worry about that, just shovel coal...'
  17. Another loco about to be added to the roster, class B, had a good go at finishing it over the last few days, just a few little jobs to do to it now.
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