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  1. Hi, best bit of advice I can give is change your topic title to something more descriptive of the advice you need it will attract more comments. Good luck.
  2. My first thought (in a good way) was just shut up and take my money. Looks fantastic. Hopefully now it's out in the open we will learn more soon.
  3. Hi, you could try lifting the dcc plug up a little in case it is pushed in so tight the pins are shorting on something below. I have had this before so it's got to be worth a try. Good luck.
  4. May be of some use if only for contact with people who have tried it previously. Also may be worth dropping Strathpeffer junctions web page an email. Good luck.
  5. Lima wagons, particularly pga and the bogie fertiliser wagons are going for good prices (for the seller) on ebay presently. So there is still a market for their product even though they sadly are no longer around.
  6. Is it a water vapour unit rather than a smoke unit ?
  7. KR models are looking for suggestions for new models, nothing to lose by dropping them a line.
  8. Hi, I have had similar problems in the past. Usually a quick squirt of wd40 in to the motor and operating the motor by hand a few times frees things up. Just don't use wd40 for anything else or you will never hear the end of it.
  9. Severn Valley Railway model shop has a sale, up to 40% off some items apparently. "Model Railway SALE – Official SVR Shop" https://svrshop.co.uk/collections/model-railway-sale
  10. Glad you can afford to only buy brand new. I'm happy to see 2nd hand bargains.
  11. Bachmann class 20 with factory fitted sound. Looks like a bargain to me at £115 "Elaine's Trains" https://elaines-trains.co.uk/index.php?cat=24240
  12. Thanks Neil , I didn't sadly but grateful for the suggestion. It's better than I could come up with.
  13. Afternoon all. I would be very grateful for any thoughts as to the following problem I had with a Hornby J94. It's a recent but pre used Lord Phil version. Upon receipt it was dripping in oil so I duly cleaned this off the base plate, pick ups and wheel backs. The loco was an intermittent runner and so I stripped it down cleaning everything as I went and reassembling. It looked like it was having pick up problems so I adjusted those. Still ran badly. I was about to get grumpy and give up when I noticed one side had a lot of slop in the connecting rod and the crank pins were farther out that the other side. Tightening them gently has transformed the loco. My question is why would this work as all my other older J94s have lots of slop on both sides connecting rods. Is it just because one side was different from the other ? Apologies for long rambling question. Thanks Chris.
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