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  1. Very sad. I feel genuinely sorry for him after reading this thread and the comments some people have made about him personally. He doesnt make you watch his videos and he doesnt go on here and call your efforts cr#p. And we wonder what might put people off joining the hobby. Whatever happened to treating people as you would like to be treated ?
  2. Very pleased with my Ten Commandments track cleaner. Even without cleaning fluid it does a great job. Currently running it with the Dapol cleaner in vacuum mode and you can hear it is cleaning the track because the Dapol vacuum is now having no trouble picking up power which can be a problem with it on even slightly mucky track. Chris
  3. Worth cleaning the wheels and wheel backs, even new locos can have yuck and filth on them. Chris. ...also try reducing the volume and see if that helps. Years back I had an 08 that was default set at max and wouldn't run reliably until the volume was reduced to a sensible level.
  4. Wasnt there a really good thread on here a few years ago about building a layout for under one hundred pounds ? I have searched but havent turned it up yet. Chris
  5. Hi, scalescenes are excellent but as you say more involved than metcalfe. However metcalfe can be improved by detailing and weathering to make them a little more unique rather than ubiquitous. Scalemodelscenery also do some very good kits and are worth a look too.
  6. Dried tea leaves work well. Dry the tea bag out obviously if you intend to make a brew with it first. I scattered them over corrugated card painted brown to make a ploughed field. Good luck.
  7. Hoping some get split so I can use the chip in my Bachmann version.
  8. I couldnt see any but was hoping for a dmu. Can only imagine it was understandably hard to get out and record anything last year / pcb populating factories are maxed out.
  9. Isn't there a solvent that will loosen the super glue ? Might be a cheap first try.
  10. Chrisr40

    2021 hopes

    They have a really good 4f chip that has not been sold separately yet.
  11. Chrisr40

    2021 hopes

    Theres also nothing stopping you putting a chip for one type of loco in something different which shares the same wheel arrangement or other characteristics. End of the day it's your choice - I think they are great as my fleet would have cost me thousands using ESU or Zimo.
  12. Chrisr40

    2021 hopes

    Hi, primarily yes they are for locomotives in the Hornby range - however this does not stop you from using them in other makers locos. For example Hornby have the railroad class 37 and I am using the tts chip for that loco in a Bachmann version. It would be good to have the 58 back in the railroad range so who knows we may see it witha new motor bogie and a chip to go with it - which if you so desired could also go in the Heljan / EFE model if your piggybank allows. Chris
  13. Hi, mods please move if this is in the wrong place. Thanks Chris https://www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/news/miniature-railway-crowdfunding-after-roof-targeted-by-vandals-238979/
  14. Chrisr40

    2021 hopes

    Some new TTS chips would be nice. Heritage DMU,Class 73...
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