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  1. They are two different designs and, strictly speaking, the Bachmann version had been withdrawn by 1981 (the remainder had lost two windows and a door on the kitchen side to incorporate a buffet counter). The Bachmann model is very nice. I don't own any of the Hornby ones but from photographs the windows and general detailing seems just as good as the Bachmann ones. Any more thoughts from people who own both?
  2. That seems like a plan Mike. One of the thoughts is "do we have a movable siding?", i.e. remove the track from one siding in the fiddle yard so a 3 foot long "carry section" can be placed on the board and the stock rolled off ready to be used. The Peco loco lifts will sit on existing track. I can't see an easy way off doing this d.i.y style but this is only needed if a loco is to be driven off the lift. If only the freight stock is on the lift then this removes the weight of a loco and ensures better overall weight distribution. It would be useful to keep h
  3. Another update! When I picked up the PBA starch wagon and LPG tank I also collected my DCE rake which Alex Carpenter had weathered to varying degrees of grime and, as usual, to an excellent standard. After have a quick look how I could stain Scale Model Scenery wooden sleepers I poured some black shoe colour restorer polish into a honey jar with about 2 to 3 more parts of water and dunked six packs of sleepers, 312, in for 1 to 4 hours (sounds like a cooking recipe). Depending whether you let them dry on kitchen roll (absorbs some of the dye) or brown parcel
  4. So a class 6 isn't fully fitted? Looks like British Rail doesn't agree. General Appendix to Working Timetables and books of Rule and Regulations, 1st October 1972
  5. Well I've just had my usual week off in March and I have managed to do some modelling. The containers for the FPA wagons are now finished. For months I struggled to find a solution to model the cleats on the sides that were used to tie down a cover on the originals. When searching through for other stuff from Eileen's I found a length of 1/32 x 3/32 brass bar. Wrap 0.3mm wire around it, dremel through the wire on the wide edge, stick sellotape along this side, turn over, dremel through the wire on other wide edge - hey presto, lots of 1/32 x 1/32 U shapes of wire. All that was needed then
  6. Just for completeness, I managed to have my LPG tank returned to me after 9 months and after one hour, Tamiya masking tape and brand new P360 wet and dry the wagon has had 1mm removed from the top of the orange stripe. Perhaps most people won't even notice but I think the proportions now look so much better. It just needs a bit of weathering blowing back in to finish.
  7. It looks like a non standard light fitting was first applied from Crewcastrian on Flickr, 22 Sept 1979 A standard flush end was fitted later, stated as May 1985 in a previous magazine article on flush ends. from Timothy Saunders on Flickr, March 1987
  8. Hornby Mk3s are HST stock with plenum chambers above the vesibules, Oxford are Mk3a with three Roevacs above the vestibules. The underfloor modules are also different. Got to go Oxford. They do give you both HST and loco hauled electrical connections so one set has to be removed. Don't ask me which is which, when I get chance I'll ask my mate Glenn to take some pictures so I can post them here.
  9. I've managed to pick up some of the Jouef wagons recently as well so I'll keep this thread updated with progress. I bought three of the Electrotren 5602 wagons about five years ago and while I will certainly be converting one of these I might well be selling the other two in a few months. I'll keep everyone informed as I know they are not easy to find at the moment. This post has useful details for the SMD wagon: BTW my converted Electrotren wagon will state Distillers Company (Cereals) Limited instead of Scottish Malt Distillers Limited as the wording changed from 1986. I'll
  10. Just one clarification, my knowledge only extends to about 1996 at best. I don't have any knowledge of the use of Mk3a stock after privatisation but my 2001 Coaching Stock Pocket Book does have all the Mk3a/b stock as Virgin West Coast.
  11. Mk2e and Mk2f stock on the Cross-Country trains. The Mk3a stock was solely used on the West Coast route apart from a Summer Saturday diagram to Penzance in 1987 which changed to terminate at Paignton in 1988.
  12. These are in 4mm from Dart Castings, part of their A11 pack: I chatted to Dart Castings at an exhibition (Warley?) and they kindly supplied just perching ones for me. I painted them as lesser black backed gulls as that suited Aberdeen. That would make them 7-8mm in length, possibly too small for what you need.
  13. I'm sure I've read somewhere that the suffix for pre-nationalisation stock was dropped from repaints in the early to mid 1970s. The earliest example I can find is 1974 as shown below, the vast majority from 1977 onwards do not have suffixes. https://zenfolio.page.link/4oka8 https://zenfolio.page.link/wgNVi https://zenfolio.page.link/QFQnW https://zenfolio.page.link/o9rCR All photos from the Transport Treasury However the two-tier car vans kept there suffixes until withdrawal in 1988.
  14. "NCV: Gangwayed Brake Van 90mph, steam heat only, dedicated for Newspaper traffic" LMS BG for Newspapers with NCV code on the side. So its doesn't matter whether it was Mk1 design or LMS, as long as it meets the criteria. From Jamerail on Flickr Earlier you did ask whether a GUV and a BR BG could have the same code, they can't because a GUV has no gangways* and no brake compartment. Therefore it can never be a BG. *Just to cover my back - the 1978 Newspaper Van conversions meant that a batch of Mk1 GUVs were rebuilt with gangways and numbered in the 855xx se
  15. One more from Flickr showing the stairs. Photo by Timothy Saunders From the photos above there was a good chance that either locos or coaching stock would block a photo. That Aberdeen photo is a bit of a find.
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