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  1. The 23.30 Glasgow - Inverness had an extra sleeper which was removed at Perth and then attached to a push-pull set to work the 01.10 Perth - Aberdeen. The sleeper was detached at Aberdeen on arrival at 03.16 so the push-pull set could be cleaned and watered (and that the occupants were no woken up until 07.30). The next set to terminate at Aberdeen was the 07.25 Glasgow - Aberdeen Mk3a set so the Mk3a sleeper was attached to this, departing at 11.05, to take it back to Cowlairs ready for that evenings sleeper services. There was no Aberdeen - Glasgow sleeping car service in the timetable. This arrangement was used Monday to Thursday every week from 1986 to 1990, the sleeper to Aberdeen did not run on a Friday night.
  2. Flood


    Just so everyone else knows, Brian emailed me today to say he won't now be available until 28th Sept.
  3. That was on BBC4 on Thursday night. So that was your evening sorted then?
  4. Those shown were done with Craftovator inkjet transfer paper from ebay on a home HP printer. I bought a 5 sheet pack of both white and clear paper about 5 years ago and I'm still using them. The HP was bought after windows 10 refused to recognise my Epson D88 and the quality is slightly blurred when viewed close to. Earlier this year I had increasing problems with the HP so bought an Epson XP-8600, the print quality is now back to a reasonable standard. HP printers are deskjet whereas Epson are inkjet. I don't know the technical details between them but I know that Epson printers produce better quality for me. Print the transfer on the best setting available. As I said before I use Gimp, it's a free image manipulation package and you can scale your objects to virtually any size. If drawing your own the make them big to get the quality required and then shrink them when printing. To actually create the text or other transfers I still use Microsoft Paint, you don't need anything fancy. After printing don't touch the printed image at all, cut to a reasonable size around the images and spray with a coat of varnish to seal the ink. This saves the rest of the sheet for another day and cuts down on spray varnish. Leave for a day to dry to make sure then just apply as per normal waterslide. Another tip. I find that black print is fine on clear transfer paper but any coloured print is "washed out". I always print colour transfers onto white transfer paper and then cut very carefully around the transfer as required. Another, another tip. Humbrol spray can varnish seems to attack the printed transfers (and some paint surfaces). I've had no problem using Railmatch spray or Testor's Dullcote. If you use an airbrush that's probably a pretty safe bet. I have used acrylic spray before but with the transfers being waterslide I'm not sure how stable acrylic is, I prefer to varnish the transfers using enamels.
  5. I used a couple of Bachmann TTAs to make mine. Looking at Paul Bartlett's photos some of the builds had more rounded ends than a "standard" tank e.g. https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/smbplpg/e35e0bf2d, others were similar end curvature to a "standard" tank e.g.https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/smbplpg/e5fbceaa. When I say "standard" I mean an approximation of that which Bachmann have modelled, I could well be wrong and this is just a trick of perspective. I used the Genesis ends, 10thou microstrip for the side hatch runners and 5 thou brass sheet for the hatch itself. The Anti-overrunners are from plastikard, I think the top vents were upside down roller bearing covers with the axle hole filled in. I made all the transfers myself apart from the data panels, maintenance panels, BP signs and numbers which were Fox. The BP signs are slightly too big, I've since bought a sheet of Fox N gauge TEA transfers which come out slightly smaller. The orange stripes were masked at 4mm wide, this initially looked too narrow so I increased them to 5mm which then looks too wide when the other transfers are added. One of them is being altered down to 4.5mm wide (scaled from photos) the other has been sold as is, I only need one. Please see the attached photo of mine, they have now been weathered, along with the jpg images for the transfer sheets I made. If you print using Gimp you can scale the image to any size you wish, hence the dimensions on the bottom of each sheet.
  6. There were still six in service at the start of 1978. 70670 was last one, noted withdrawn in June 1978.
  7. I never met Jonathan but I have enjoyed sharing our respective knowledge on his Workbench thread and on personal messages. Very sad news.
  8. Bloodandcustard sets out the two tables for blue and grey and renumbering incorrectly. They should state the dates to blue and grey as 1401 c. Nov 81, 1402 Jun 82, 1403 Mar 82 and 1404 Oct 82. The dates to 204xxx as 204001 Oct 86, 204002 May 86, 204003 May 86 and 204004 Jun 86. The correct dates for initial formation are stated further down the page: 1401 c19 Jul 79, 1402 c Sep 79, 1403 Mar 80 and 1404 17 Sep 79. 1401 July 13 1984 in blue and grey from Bruce Galloway for example.
  9. I'll leave you to answer the questions next time Paul.
  10. I didn't actually weather it, I get all my stuff done by Alex Carpenter of ABC Workshops (Lochnagar on RMweb). What I do know is that he only uses acrylics, due to health issues. In the past he has sprayed a light layer then cleaned back and then repeated the process to build up layers of dirt, I wouldn't be surprised if he used that method on this wagon. Brian, yes they were Caustic Soda originally. This is the only photo I have ever seen of one in original condition: Colin. They worked from Brierley Hill, Kings Lynn, Peterborough and Greenock (James Watt Dock) to Menstrie near Stirling. There was also a working from Greenock (James Watt Dock) to Inverurie which was booked for one of two ex Texaco TTBs owned by E G Steele but I'm pretty sure the photo below shows a Molasses TTA between the Thames Board OTA and the Gas Oil tanks so they probably substituted as required. Nick Allsop on Flickr
  11. Another photo showing the heater tubes. https://www.railscot.co.uk/img/15/99/ This photo is the one I used to do the walkways: David Ford on flickr Mine, before and after weathering:
  12. In the 1987/88 timetable the stock from 1S78 (21.35 from Man Vic by then) worked back on 5C61 11.15 Inverness (via Aberdeen and then Perth) to Carstairs. The working timetable says it combined with 5M12 at Carstairs which, after a quick search on Google, was the 09.35 Glasgow Central - Red Bank. Perhaps a similar arrangement of joining an Inverness service via Aberdeen occurred in 1968/69.
  13. The second vehicle was one of the Siphons that was converted to an Ambulance Car during WWII and designated M.34 when it reverted to normal use after the war. M.34 had a number of the bodyside top vents plated over and two windows added on each side, another batch of Siphons had their top vents reinstated but also kept their roof vents and these were designated O.59 after the war. By 1976 2758, 2765, 2774, 2791, 2793, 2799, 2930, 2977 and 2978 were to diagram M.34; 2794, 2800, 2926, 2927, 2979 - 2984 were to diagram O.59. All of these except for 2800, 2926, 2927, 2977 and 2979 - 2984 were classed as Newspaper Vans and were steam heated as opposed to being merely steam piped.
  14. I've been pondering how to make five FPA wagons for a while now. A chance of any of these and the caustic soda/china clay TUA would be very helpful.
  15. Seeing as the 50 is in large logo it is certain to be after 1980 when the HSTs came. The 07.30 Penzance - Glasgow/Edinburgh always had the buffet from Penzance and gained BG, 2 TSO at Plymouth to make the whole rake 13 coaches. The flickr photo is interesting. I remember the Liverpool and Newcastle dropping stock at Plymouth until May 1987 on the way to Penzance in the evening so a morning working to bring the stock together again would be plausible. I have no reason to doubt the flickr caption.
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