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  1. In case you were wondering where I got the timetable information from: Every All Line Timetable from 1974 to 2002
  2. 1410 Glasgow Central - Poole left Wigan North Western at 1711, arrived Banbury at 2003. The RailGenArchive states 47817 hauled the train from Birmingham New Street to Poole on 28 August 1994. There is no record of the electric haulage to New Street.
  3. The 1420 Brighton - Glasgow Central departed Banbury at 1713 so that would seem to be the correct service. The only other cross-country train at Banbury around that time was the 1325 Liverpool - Paddington, arriving Banbury at 1706. Typing the service into Flickr shows a majority of 47/8 haulages e.g. From grahamwalker007 on Flickr (12th June 1994) The RailGenArchive states that 47836 hauled the train from Brighton on 28 August 1994. It may well have worked all the way through to Birmingham New Street. Some of the photos on Flickr state the train was going to Manchester Picadilly, this was the Monday to Friday service.
  4. As Western Region stock they worked on the Plymouth - Edinburgh (and return) and Penzance - Leeds (and return) services from 1976 until 1979 so you could see them on those services on the Eastern Region from Sheffield Northwards. In 1987 5463 went to Heaton, and gained Trans-Pennine livery; 5438, 5478 and 5486 went to Bounds Green and 5440, 5483, 5489 and 5492 went to Norwich Crown Point. I doubt that any of these carried regional prefixes. This were the first Mk2b TSO stock ever allocated to the Eastern Region. There were 5 Mk2b FKs allocated to the Eastern Region in the 1970s which, I'm guessing, worked with their Mk2a stock.
  5. Air braked Mk1 stock could be found with Mk2B stock in blue and grey days, declassified FOs as well as RBRs and BGs, but by the time of NSE the Wat - Exe rakes were Mk2a, b and c with the Oxfords being vacuum braked Mk1 stock along with vacuum braked Mk2 stock. Prior to the May 1987 timetable there was still the S.R rake of air braked Mk1 TSOs used on Wat - Exe alongside the Mk2 stock but I never saw the two types mixed. There was also a rake of six dual braked Mk1 TSOs, with a Mk2a BFK, used on a Summer Saturday train to Penzance in 1987.
  6. There was some dark blue stock on the Wat-Exe services from 1990 but a lot of the stock had already been repainted to light blue by then. Once in a corporate livery there was no real need to repaint a coach unless it had an interior refurb (which the Wat - Exe stock didn't get under NSE anyway). There was not a concerted effort to paint the stock to match the 47/7s (and some class 50s), such as the repainting from blue and grey to NSE. I think it was only the fact that NSE light blue sometimes faded so badly that repaints to dark blue actually occurred. After just checking Flickr from 1991 onwards there is the occasional NSE dark blue coach on Wat - Exe but not very many.
  7. What it proves is that air braked stock runs together and vacuum braked stock runs together.
  8. From early 1983 there were only two remaining Mk2B BFKs, 14107 and 14109 which were used on Wat - Exe. They had become Royal Train vehicles by 1990 and they never carried Trans Pennine livery. That coach would be either a Mk2a or Mk2c.
  9. I think he's referring to the photo at Preston.
  10. Going slightly off topic the Bachmann Mk2 pressure vent stock needed packing out between the bogies and the underframes to make them the correct height. The buffer height was too low which showed that the bodies were correct but the height to the bottom of the underframe was not. The photos suggest to me that the Accurascale Mk2B stock are the correct height. Regardless, I've just ordered nine Mk2B coaches anyway.
  11. Possibly a "what interesting stock can we send to an open day" scenario.
  12. It is correct. They were originally fitted with Frequency Division Multiplex and if you want to have an in-depth discussion with Glenn Daniel who worked on the 47/7s at Haymarket until 1987 and then at Craigentinny until 1991 I'm sure he can give you the full details. From page 2 of this same thread:
  13. Don't forget that the DBSOs were fitted with FDM in Scotland and only got TDM when they were refurbished to go to Anglia. So any brake modifications may well have occured at the same time.
  14. 3B24 was originally the 19.36 from Paddington with the headcode of 3B20 in 1978 and 4B20 in 1979. By 1987 the headcode was 3C24. It would have been parcels vehicles but quite a bit of the stock from Paddington was dropped off at Exeter, Newton Abbot and Plymouth. That said, there were two parcels trains from Bristol, at 15.45 and 21.20 (in 1979), which would have brought parcels from the rest of the country to Plymouth. Of which, some vehicles would have gone to Penzance. I have just found this nugget: Virtually all of the parcels stock would have returned East on 3S15 (sometimes 1S15) the 12.10 Penzance - Glasgow. For an approximation if you look at photos of 3S15 then you won't be far off. Searching "3C24 Penzance" shows a link to a photo stating the loco from 3C24 went on to work the 10.24 Penzance - Liverpool in 1985. It is possible that the loco from 3B24 worked 1M85 07.40 Penzance - Liverpool in 1982. Photos on Flickr show that a 45/1 or 50 could work 1M85 but it did change loco at Plymouth according to 1982 Loco Hauled Travel so a 50 or 47/4 is probably the most likely in Cornwall. Sorry that this is all a bit vague. I know Cornwall in 1976 and 1987 like the back of my hand but the early '80s I'm not so good at.
  15. Hurst Models do them as a casting: DK2000 “Temperature Ltd.” Air Conditioning Unit £ 0.70 Used under MK2 d/e/f coaches. Can be used to accurately model certain vehicles based on the Hornby/Airfix/Dapol MK 2d. Cast white metal The box to the left of the fan is also subtly different but the Lima moulding is spot on so just copy one of those.
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