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  1. From BR Passenger Rolling Stock Fleet list Crewe 1970: 1644 - 1699 all Commonwealth 1700 - 1704 all B5 1705 - 1713, 1725 - 1729 all Commonwealth 1730 - 1732 all B5 1733 BR1 1734 - 1738 all B5 1739 - 1772 all Commonwealth (1714 - 1724 were converted in 1967 to 4-REP EMU trailers) 1700 was built in 1956, 1701 to 1738 were built in 1960. Parkin states "The later batches received the new "standard" Commonwealth bogies with suitably chosen springs. But the riding of the others was not good. The original bogies were BR2 (heavy duty) type with rubber vibration insulation on the bearing springs but it was soon deemed necessary to give many of the unclassed restaurant cars refurbished Gresley heavy duty bogies. As an interim measure the single bolster modification of the BR1 bogie was tried but the advent of the B4 gave the best solution." It is therefore probable that 1700 to 1738 originally all had BR2 bogies but the majority received B5 or Commonwealth bogies subsequently.
  2. Whilst making my GW "Monster" GUV I thought I would check the locations noted when they were withdrawn as stated in the Railway Observer. If nothing else it just goes to show how far the vehicles of pre-nationalisation design strayed from their home territory: 493 15/6/78 Crewe 494 21/7/78 Eastleigh 495 15/5/78 Glasgow Works 496 29/7/78 Carlisle Currock 497 17/5/78 Willesden 498 13/7/78 Oldham 596 17/5/78 Chester 597 17/5/78 Norwich 598 7/8/78 Eastleigh 599 31/7/78 Peterborough 600 31/8/78 Peterborough
  3. I linked to the url on flickr so if it's clicked on it will go to your original picture. I'll add credits to both photos on my original post anyway (which I should have done in the first place and not been in so much of a hurry).
  4. I bow to your knowledge. The first loco I've noticed the revised style on was 50002 at Crewe in Nov 1975 and seeing as I model 1976 onwards I never bothered to look back any further.
  5. Personally on a loco I'd call a data panel or TOPS panel (never actually heard it called that) the same thing. The design did change slightly around the end of 1975... Original style Photo Russell Saxton Later style from late 1975 onwards Photo Steven Clements Note the lack of ETH index on the original style. As proved by 20050, photographed in 1981, they didn't change the data panel unless the loco was repainted.
  6. I think I've seen a video where a woman used a plug to do this. I don't think it was a three pin one...
  7. I thought that Vanwides only had a chassis alteration when they went to air brake. As far as I know kit PC41 is as built. Kit PC76 has the later suspension. Kit PA16 is the original style chassis kit.
  8. The only other thing I can think of is that an RBR would have had the bright orange plastic moulded seats, remember them? Obviously they would have had false ceilings with fluorescent lights but on a model you won't see them. Modellers should put the orange curtains in as well, they really make a difference: From Flickr (Ian Docwra).
  9. Not sure about Thames Valley but 50014 still had a copy of the Evening Standard in its cab (from 2 days before withdrawal) nearly a year later when seen at Vic Berry's in 1988.
  10. With considerable thanks to Simon Castens, Justin Edwards and Robert Carroll the following document has recently been scanned and made available. Please do take note of the copyright statement on the first page of this document. British Railways Western Region, Marshalling and Loading Instructions, Parcels Trains and Freight Trains Conveying Parcels Vans Commencing 5" May 1969: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P6LnxBfM7fx96eT5AtWtPDbrPv5aqW5Q/view?usp=sharing I have asked for permission before posting this.
  11. Nothing ready to run. Wizard Models sell the K42 full brake previously made by Comet Models, this can either be a full kit or just the etched sides. I'm sure the GW guys will know of the availability of sleeping cars and any other full brakes.
  12. For Aberdeen Kirkhill, being a depot, we run the actual passenger and freight rakes for the Aberdeen area taken from photos and any other information to hand. For an exhibition we run considerably more trains on the main line to keep people interested, running at home we can follow a set sequence based on the actual workings. Regarding "foreign" locos I have found at least two sources that state 47582 in NSE was working out of Aberdeen in October 1987 so there was no need to state a "what if" as it actually occurred.
  13. From the London Midland Marshalling book in 1974: Note that it states diagram 314 on the right hand side and it states no other Region's stock so must be from the LMR. From the 1974 LMR Loco hauled stock programme: it is stated as starting at Cricklewood. Pretty safe bet that this is the stock's allocation.
  14. From the 1970 WR Marshalling Book: Restaurant Unclassified included in the rake. It doesn't state the stock is from another region so it must be Western Region allocated, very probably Laira. Edit: The LMR book states WR stock.
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