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  1. Well perhaps we're getting to the stage of Kirkhill that it is nearly finished because the only additions I could think of during the last running session, to supplement the layout, are now shown below. A pair of Caledonian mileposts. Soldered to code 75 rail these have been converted from those available on the North British Society's etch (I'm sure there's some irony in there somewhere). The squares on the cutting mat are 10mm in length. The black line is approximately sleeper height but the 1/2 milepost will probably be mostly embedded in part of the cutting bank at the opposite end of the layout to the shed. At least they will be prototypically mounted on the down side of the track so both can be seen by the public. They will also be a scale 1/4 mile apart!
  2. You're quick off the mark on this Forum. Here is the formall announcement of Mike's  passing which I was in the process of posting:


    I have to convey the sad news that the finescale model railway hobby has lost one of its pioneers and innovators – Mike Sharman, who passed away on 12th. September after a long battle with debilitating illness. This is not the place to set out his many achievements in the hobby; his kitchen-table pragmatism made fine scale modelling possible for a lot of people, and fuller appreciations will appear in the model press in the coming weeks.


    For queries, please contact me in the first instance.  Comments, reminicenses and good wishes will doubtless be posted on this board and will be passed on.


    Iain Rice, on behalf of Hillary Sharman.


    Contact details: Phone: 01837 861234 e-mail: [email protected]

    .Any queries or messages can be passed on

    1. Barry O

      Barry O

      Sad time! Mike was a great gentleman and a nice guy to know. Thoughts are with  Hillary.


  3. Flood

    Mike Sharman

    My Dad taped an episode of Small World in the mid eighties (repeat of the Sept 1980 programme) with an insight into the modelling of firstly Peter Denny and then Mike Sharman. For me it has always been a fascinating programme to watch their particular railway interests and scratch building of locos and stock. True railway modellers.
  4. As I said on September 3rd, we have been looking at having an automated sequence for the fiddle yard. In fact Glenn has now bought another mini-panel so we can have one for the night-time sequence and one for the day-time. Just in case anything goes awry he has bought an emergency stop button. I think it's most impressive! At the start of this page I said that Alex has been weathering some of my wagons, mainly the Aberdeen - Willesden freight rake. The timber wagons and HEA coal hoppers are very nicely done but his performance on the Molasses wagon and the Gas Oil TTAs is superb. Here is a selection of photos that I took this afternoon. The Bachmann TTA has had the walkways changed as well as being repainted. All in all I feel that freight stock for Kirkhill is now on par with the coaching stock. Alex picked up the TDA for weathering last night so that will be ready for Shildon Exhibition as well. All good news.
  5. One day it could all be yours. Just not the freight stock though, I've put a little bit of effort into that!
  6. As requested I have found the sheet which I used to build the PSA wagons. This shows on the left hand side a list of the wagon numbers along with whether they had long or short end steps. Strictly speaking those with short steps had a different style of brake hanger, which may be available from Stenson Models, but I didn't change these. Also shown is the style of Procor emblem on the wagon along with a date for the photo referenced. The centre shows the dimensions of the sides and ends along with those of the top, side and end supports. Over to the right hand side are the Evergreen pack numbers and nearest sizes to what was needed. Also included are the locations of the side and end supports: centre line and 19.5mm gaps for the side supports, 5mm from centre line for the end supports. Next is the basic dimension diagrams for a PSA to help with overall look and construction. To finish are, in some cases very poor, photos of the actual model wagons: A Bachmann TTA as bought. The body is unscrewed and put to one side for numerous other projects. A single PSA wagon. Note that the steps have been moved to the other end of the wagon. Four PSA wagons. Two completed wagons with loads. This is crushed chalk of probably the following approximate ratios: 85% white, 12.5% yellow and 2.5% reddish brown. You really just need to mix your own and keep adding one of the three colours until you are happy with the result. It is a pain to glue, in the end I think I built it up using p.v.a. and did the final layer using contact adhesive. Cracks have now appeared and I need to tidy the loads up again. The Bachmann buffers were replaced with 16", 2ft 0.5 inch Lanarkshire white metal buffers (BP04). Smiths screw couplings have also now been fitted. The light patch on PR25504 is where STEETLEY was originally written on the real wagons. A photo in original condition is shown in British Railways Wagons: The first half million by Don Rowland on page 150. Other photos can be found on Paul Bartlett's site and on Flickr from Huw Millington. Virtually all the transfers are hand made by me. The original Procor logos are smaller than those supplier by Fox, the later style are larger than those on the Fox TTA sheet. I don't know how the Railtec transfers match up. Have fun with your build, I hope these are of use.
  7. Thanks for the positive comments guys, always appreciated. I did find my sheet with all the details of which plastic strip I needed to use for the PSA wagons a few months ago (my house needs a tidy every now and again) and I don't think I threw it out. I'll have a look over the next couple of days, it'll be in one of about four piles of paper/notes! So long as I can find it I'll do a scan, find any construction photos and put a post together. Just so everyone knows the exhibitions we are currently invited to are as follows: Shildon October 5th & 6th 2019 Taunton October 26th & 27th 2019 Doncaster February 8th & 9th 2020 If anyone has any contacts who are looking for a 28.5ft x 9ft layout for an exhibition please keep us in mind. One last point. We have been experimenting with programming and using a mini-panel to control some of the trains in the fiddle yard. It will turn on the lights for the selected trains, set the route, start the train to a set speed, stop the train and then set the route for the next train etc. Seeing points change on their own and trains move without touching a controller is a bit disconcerting at first but the process of moving the next train is quicker than an operator can do it and the process also means one operator can still have a set of interesting trains over a lunch period or more conversations can be made with the public. Each sequence takes about 8.5 mins from beginning to end for six train moves and, when tested last weekend, worked perfectly on all but one occasion. That particular time may well have been caused by changing points for other fiddle yard routes being set. So long as an operator is behind the layout and we have a large panic button installed we will at least have a fail-safe option. We won't have another test now until Shildon but we can try it out on the Friday to make sure that there are no problems. One exhibitor commented at Glasgow that he was amazed that we could run a layout of that size with three operators, if all goes well we could be running it for reasonable periods of time with only one!
  8. Summer 1987 06.45 Swindon - Penzance worked 15.45 Penzance - Plymouth. Loco: BG, SK, CK, BSK, CK, SK going South
  9. I can't find any trains from Gloucester to Penzance listed for the 1980 or 1984 marshalling books. Have you any more details i.e. departure time?
  10. Due to some wonderful service from Stenson Models I can now post the following pictures (due to a bit of an error on my part I didn't order the handwheels until Saturday evening and they arrived this morning). The finished TDA tank together with its cousin as they will be positioned in the rake ladder end view other end view and finally, for a bit of fun, a before and after shot (not very well edited) All in all I'm very, very pleased. Alex will perform his weathering miracles as usual but that will just be a bit of slurry overspill and chassis weathering. To finish. Rob, you posted that it was an interesting looking wagon. Whilst deciding which one to number it as I noticed that four of the ten I have photos for have the barrel reversed so the ladder is to the opposite end of that with the handwheel. I knew that the 16t minerals were rebuilt with a large number having the body reversed but to find a similar difference on basically a new build wagon, very strange. It just goes to show you have to check everything in your prototype photos.
  11. This is the picture zoomed in using gimp. Certainly 704x, take your pick from 7040, 7046 or 7047.
  12. I chatted to Heljan at Model Rail Scotland and they said that they had no plans to release a pre-refurb 50, mainly due to the lack of livery variations available to be able to generate the orders to cover with the extra tooling expense. Time for a good old conversion kit to be made available, those sandbox filler points will be a sod though.
  13. Good to see you've used loco hauled ETH control boxes and not HST ones! Glenn may have a better photo from which I worked from back in 2009 but the following photo from Bob Reid shows a control box on the left hand side. Pretty much like you've modelled, whether they were grey or yellow on the Western Region I have no idea.
  14. I would always add insulation tape to the underneath of any Heljan circuit board. There are exposed stubs under the DCC socket and a number of other items which I have known to cause a short when pressed onto the metal chassis (I was using a Lenz direct at the time in a 47 and the body pressed down on the chip which caused the circuit board to short). Since adding tape to every Heljan loco I have had no more problems - that's about 10 years now.
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