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  1. Scotland seems to have either kept the ploughs on all year or did not have them fitted depending on the individual loco. Found these on flickr by just typing in 27029: I reckon no ploughs for 029.
  2. Well I hope you all have fun making your A2/2s look as grotty as this one:
  3. I've got the following: C100 Mk2a BFK/BSO: 4 packs (1 opened but looks to be complete) C102 Mk2a TSO: 11 packs C103 Mk2b TSO: 4 packs (1 opened but looks to be complete) I've no need for them anymore. Interested?
  4. I was watching a cab ride dvd from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth, dated 1988, with my Dad today. Somewhere, not very helpful I know, between Shrewsbury and Newtown there looked like an L34, or similar, just to the North of the rails with the wires then passing over the tracks. Don't know if this rings any bells or whether I need to get a screen shot and a location for you all.
  5. If it was from the collision with 17 it happened very early (late 68 early 69). 17 had failed (on Shap?) and 400 arrived with the next train to buffer up. Both moved away ok, 17 started to draw ahead then lost power again at its next notch and 400 couldn't brake in time and rammed the rear coach. Very nasty, certainly one fatality possibly two. After this, assisting trains were always told to couple to the rear vehicle of the proceeding train. Had this photo of 36 scanned for a while, just forgot I posted the comment, 50036 Andover 14 March 1991.
  6. If we ever do find enough money to buy a Deltic, 3 x 47/4s, 3 x 47/0s, 1 x 46, 4 x 40s, 2 x 27s and 2 x 26s, plus the stock, then I'll be needing to make another TCV for a winter 1980/81 sleeper rake! Oh yes, the HSTs would need to be TF, TF, TRUK, TRSB, TS, TS, TS, TGS as well so great fun in making TRUKs and TRSBs. Not enough time, sadly.
  7. Hi Scott Looking at the model I removed the height from the top edge of the car well. I can't remember if there are tabs on this edge to locate it to the floor. If there are I think I cut 2.5mm off the height but had to cut up to, and between, the tabs before shortening them. To be honest I've looked again at the depth of the well and the distance to the rail height and it doesn't seem too bad. The bottom of my well is in line with the bottom of the wide part of the spring supports which equates to Dennis Taylor's old photos from fotopic. The total depth of the well (including the angle at the bottom) is 12mm and the gap to the rail is 3.75mm - a ratio of 3.2 . Measuring the photo I have 34.5mm to 12mm - a ratio of 2.875 . This suggests I didn't take enough off! Probably the best thing is have a look at the photo I took showing the gap on my model, compare it to any photos you have of the prototype and draw your own conclusions.
  8. There's always an exception isn't there! 50023 in dark Network with larger than usual BR sign, March 1990 To be fair, it was a Thames Line based loco when it was repainted dark blue and the BR sign was painted out pretty quickly when transferred to West of England. 50023 Salisbury July 1990 I'm pretty sure that no. 23 is the only one to be like this and the over exposed second photo certainly doesn't help livery recognition.
  9. As covered by my and Bomag's posts on January 6th. You'll find that in the 1986 book that 10505, 10524, 10528 and 10652 are also not listed.
  10. Flood


    I saw him at DEFine. He's busier than ever trying to do plates for the manufacturers but he reiterated that he will answer everyone's emails, it might take him a couple of days though to reply. Regarding the site I'll just say that he knows and is on the case to get it back up as soon as possible.
  11. Chivers MDV have top doors whereas these don't. Apart from modifying that (and the removal of the vacuum brake gear) the Chivers models would be fine. I have two MDV built and one more in the packet. Such a shame that they are no longer available,
  12. Hi Matt They are actually Hornby models which sadly have the "Fertilisers" writing in brown and not green as per the, correct, Lima originals. The solebar etches came from Jon Hall which he described on this excellent thread: The sides of the two modified wagons should have a slight change in the angle from the data plate to the vertical end. The top of the angle should be half way between the two top hinges, not just below the top hinge. Likewise the two supports inside the ends also follow this profile. The LIma/Hornby mould isn't wrong, it's just there were differences between the builds in reality. I hadn't realised until I had got them back from being weathered by Alex. The end horizontal bracing is also slightly different see Paul Bartlett's photo here: https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/ukfvan/e5371e68c All batches need the bogies replacing. I used S-Kits Gloucester Fast Freight BG1, Stenson Models now also make them: http://www.stensonmodels.co.uk/product/bogie-kit-4mm-gloucester-fast-freight-rigid-cc56b/ The first batch of these wagons originally had curtain sides but were rebuilt with doors. The ends of these wagons are different again, as shown by EnterprisingWestern on page 2 of the thread above, but they also had their hinges in-line along the doors and not staggered - good luck with making one of those! To summarise: LS7001 - 7030 : totally different ends, in-line hinges, outside frames LS7031 - 7048 : slightly changed ends from the model, staggered hinges as per the model, outside frames LS7049 : as per 7031 - 7048 (replacement for withdrawn LS7013) LS7050 : totally rebuilt with flat roof and different sides BRT7150 - 7166 : as per 7031 - 7048 BRT7167 : as per 7031 - 7048 but Gloucester GPS bogies after 1978 BRT7168 : as per 7031 - 7048 (replacement for withdrawn BRT7151) SSTR7300 - 7324 : as per the model One last thing. The handbrake wheels should be 6 spoke, not partially solid as in the model. We have no bookings at all for this year but we already have at least two, Doncaster and Bristol, for 2021 and others in the pipeline. Glenn is also looking at a building extension to be able to house Kirkhill in set up form to help us with any modifications needed (and for us to be able to play trains more often). I hope all the above is of use, happy modelling.
  13. Nope. Rebuilt at Doncaster during 1984, condemned 17 April 1990.
  14. Congratulations Scott on trawling through the thread to the end. Yet another one of those "it would be interesting to complete sometime" projects I'm afraid. Basically I found out that by 1987 the TCVs only worked on the Edinburgh overnight service and not to Aberdeen so I had no need to make one. My model is still sitting, unfinished, alongside my mantelpiece where it has been for the last six (!) years. Where has that time gone?
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