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  1. Last day will be 31st October according another forum (can't remember which, sorry!).
  2. I managed to find this, could well be the same vehicle. Edit - definitely the right vehicle, outside the factory. The building visible through the left side windows is still there, complete with emergency staircase. Birds Hill https://maps.app.goo.gl/sw1Po8VGkbjHFSxt5
  3. I didn't think Bachmann were there?
  4. 5944

    RhB news

    There's also the viaduct at Davos Wiesen which is good for shots towards Filisur. You can phot the Krok leaving from the viewing area and still have time to get back to the station to pick it up on the return.
  5. That's impressive! Not sure the missus would let me get away with not paying the next four mortgage payments to save up for it though...
  6. 91111 should be working 17.05 KGX - LDS and 20.45 return today, its last day with LNER before going into warm storage.
  7. 3182 'Warwick'. Electrical fire according to wnxxforum.co.uk.
  8. 5944

    RhB news

    https://www.nzz.ch/schweiz/zeitenwende-bei-der-rhb-aelteste-loks-der-schweiz-verschwinden-ld.1568274?fbclid=IwAR32_L6XVF4MOgkv8sYqqQM6KKGhW8rMr182b0VyYWo3W4tF_zpRoDcwF74 Article (in German though makes sense when run through Google Translate) about Ge 6/6 II. From European Rail Gen group, it appears 701 has already been withdrawn to provide spares, in particular traction motors, for the rest of the fleet.
  9. 5944

    Hadley Wood

    It's still in use as stores, and there is one track still inside - it's got a battery tug stabled there for shunting bogies for overhauled 387s.
  10. £40 for a pair of Bristols seemed quite acceptable, but I'm not interested in just the one for that price.
  11. Yes. The dropped pin should take you to the remains of the metalwork, though I believe that it is now little more than scrap. https://maps.app.goo.gl/y8tMqFWJLHdD4GBp7
  12. Is that the vapour wear that was previously discussed?
  13. He was also in Marakesh in March/April this year, judging by another thread. Can't afford medicines, hasn't paid for his Zenfolio site, yet nice little holidays to Africa, Asia and America in the last few years... Someone I know knew DJ many years ago when he was a member of their club, and said he didn't trust him back then either. DJ organised a club trip to the Severn Valley Railway and collected payment from everyone. Treasurer got a call a few weeks afterwards asking why they haven't paid the SVR for their trip.
  14. Another option for catenary is Linea Model. http://www.lineamodel.it/palificazione N.htm They come as kits so a bit of soldering is required, but don't look too difficult.
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