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  1. There's this on eBay at present. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rivarossi-HR-2024-ALN-668-3301-and-ALN-668-3306-trainset-FS-LIKE-NEW-OVP-/363314368188?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Assuming the seller is willing to post to the UK at the moment, and you might have to pay extra in fees to actually receive it. Aln 663 seems to be more difficult!
  2. Is the very back of the cab clipped into the footplate properly? Looks to be a slight gap with the mounting lugs visible.
  3. There's a couple...! I'll not hijack your thread - I'll start my own when I'm able to actually start building - but one will be of a single line station with passing loop and a small goods yard. The other will be in 2mm finescale for their Jubilee exhibition, whenever that happens. 600mm x 9.42" on a shelf.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Model-Railway-Layout-00-gauge-/193905673483?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Bit of a surprise to see this on Ebay this afternoon. I'd be very tempted if a) my shed was complete and b) of it actually fit in the shed!
  5. Brandenburg? A lot of locos there but absolutely no chance of anything happening to them sadly. PKP 7173 (ex 52 7173) was based at the Nene Valley Railway for a while, and was up for sale. Complete loco, recent runner, decent condition, and a spare boiler... £15,000! Sadly it got sold to a railway in Belgium, though it's now cosmetically restored.
  6. https://scalaenne.wordpress.com/2021/02/13/e-arrivato-locomake/ If you want something to keep you busy...! Quite a list at the end of planned releases. I'm definitely tempted by an E636. I've just bought a Mehano E424 for a planned Italian layout. Also got a resin Gr 685 kit, and a 2-8-2T chassis for a Gr 940 to adapt at some point. Regarding buildings, there's a guy on Facebook called Luca Pavesi who runs a group called LK Train Mercatino Modellismo Ferroviario. He produces kits for Italian railway buildings in N gauge. They look very good, and prices are reasonably.
  7. Built in 1896 for use on the Gotthard line and in service for 80 years, the snow blower has been in the Verkehrshaus in Luzern for the last 40 years. Recently, however, it's been stored at Arth Goldau while the museum is refurbished. On 17th January, it was hauled from Arth Goldau to Brugg by 2-6-2T Eb 3/5 no. 5819, 125 years to the day after it entered service. The plan was to hopefully restore it in time for the annual open day in Brugg in June. I think it's fair to say, they beat their target! https://m.facebook.com/groups/Bahnhist.CH/
  8. Beamish is pretty accessible from York. Train to Chester-le-Street, then bus. You need a full day there though!
  9. Along the ligurian coastline by Frühtau, on Flickr Nice short train. Loco, couple of 4 wheelers, couple of bogie vans, and 3 coaches!
  10. No wonder no one has the first idea about what to pay! I'm lucky that my aunt lives in Livorno. Tecnomodel is only 5 minutes drive away! £30 Ryanair flights are looking more tempting now, once we're allowed to travel.
  11. https://www.locomodels.it/it/prodotti/carrozze-passeggeri/tipo-mdvc/ https://www.locomodels.it/it/prodotti/locomotori-elettrici/gruppo-e464/ Ignore the pre-production E464 photos and look at the ones on the layout. They look pretty good, well as good as they can look! No idea what the quality of them is like in the flesh though sadly, or what the running qualities are like.
  12. Well I tried to place an order for some books and DVDs with Duegi Editrice in Italy last night. Last time I looked, postage to the UK for an order that size was €25. This time the cost was €70! Not sure I can justify that at the moment. Tecnomodel in Livorno are still saying free postage to UK, but I guess that means I'll get stung for the fees this end instead.
  13. If it's less than £390, then nothing to declare! Exactly. I've seen a few bits on Facebook that I wouldn't mind buying. The guy is selling them privately, so shouldn't need to pay VAT on them. But if I order them, I'll have to pay import VAT when it arrives. So £100 worth of building kits becomes probably £150 with all the add ons. Not worth it.
  14. Just been trying to work this out. I think I've got it right... If you import something you have to pay import VAT and customs duty if it's over £135. But you can bring in £390 worth of stuff if it's for personal use. So if I buy something for £390 online from the EU and want it posted, it'll cost me nearly £500 with import VAT, customs duty and handling fee, before the seller knocks of their country's VAT. In which case, it's going to be cheaper to fly over there, buy it myself, and bring it back in hand luggage! Once we're allowed to fly, of course.
  15. 5944

    N gauge Class 50

    My "favourite" is 7754 in NCB green. Quite a nice mid green in real life. Luminous green in Dapol's eyes!
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