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  1. Both the Kerr Stuart loco and Lisbon tram seem to be for sale now via Traction Ads. http://www.tractionads.co.uk/TRACTION_DOC_No_125.pdf
  2. I don't believe it ever ran as 4464 with both tenders. I can only find a few photos of it running as 4492 with stainless steel trim and valances with a second tender.
  3. The lining on the real 60009 around the nose isn't correct, which doesn't help. But yes, there's something not quite right about the model. The angle of the nose below the shedplate is almost vertical, rather than being a nice smooth curve.
  4. 43300 possibly written off, due for withdrawal shortly anyway. Seems that there may be damage to 3 or 4 vehicles from 800109 as well.
  5. 5944

    Master Neverers

    Second run has now sold out as well, according to Derek Huntriss last night.
  6. That layout is bigger than the footprint of my house!
  7. I think the only part of the Ian Allan group that still exists is only the shop at Waterloo.
  8. Only the London end vehicle of 313064 has been vinyled in NSE livery. It also has a headboard attached. The country end coach has only the front repainted, and the middle coach has a white lower body side with a slogan on it. 313134 hasn't been touched yet as far as I know.
  9. They look useful. I'm planning a DJLC entry (whether it actual gets built or finished is another matter!) but I've ordered a couple of these to try anyway. They look small enough to attach in a convenient corner of the layout.
  10. That all looks incredibly dodgy to me. No contact details, no mention of where they're based, nothing easily findable if you search online for the website or the company. Stock photos, items that are currently listed on eBay, items that have another shop's logos on the photos. I'd be staying well away!
  11. 5944


    My first one took about 4 hours, but 2 hours for the second one. They're not difficult, a little fiddly at times but nothing complicated if you follow the instructions. The plain track is simple as well. I got it down to about 5 minutes to assemble each 0.5m length. Edit - forgot to add, our club layout is being built with fiNetrax plain track and crossing vees, with handbuilt pointwork. I think there are about 55 points on the scenic section, the majority curved, so using Wayne's bases wasn't an option.
  12. There's a post on a Met line Facebook group with the timings. States at the top it'll be a class 20 at each end with 12 and 4-TC in the middle.
  13. Seems these will be cl. 20 + No. 12 + 4TC + cl. 20. Seems fairly pointless having SS on the train if that's the case.
  14. Which 47555? There were dozens of them in the 80s and 90s - there was no way one loco could appear in so many places all at once!
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