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  1. It's interesting how wildly prices vary between manufacturers - in N, Kato are producing a 5-car IET for £179 and Dapol produce their Pacer for £120-ish. By contrast, the forthcoming Farish 150 has an RRP of £219 and the SWT Class 450, £379.00. It seems that the Bachmann UK / Farish prices are drifting up to be in parity with the Lilliput range.
  2. Thought I'd change my avatar picture to a happy Harvey, our first Romanian rescue dog.

  3. Very true, Mike. At over £300, I would not be expecting to splash more cash on replacement couplings. Being charitable, this is an EP, so hopefully will change.
  4. Good lord! Are those OO couplings fitted?
  5. I reckon Watford Jtn is pretty much there from an N Gauge standpoint, particularly if you go back a couple of years to when the 313s worked the DC lines.
  6. They are indeed drawn on - these are my Electra Rail vinyl overlays. I have seen the vinyl sides used as a base, with pre-painted etches applied over the top - you can get etched Class 91/1 vents from B&H Enterprises as part of the former TPM range. Steve at Railtec does actual LNER decals if you wanted to do the full repaint.
  7. Contemporary Class 91 and Mk4 in N?
  8. It must be so difficult knowing which liveries to offer when you have to make sure everything sells 100% and I can totally understand Revolution's caution. No-one wants them to be left with unsold stock of what is a brave choice of product. Retailers still have Dapol's Class 142 in the Northern Spirit and T&W Yellow liveries but try getting a Regional Railways version.
  9. By an astonishing co-incidence, I've just sent off a set of Class 314 C&C vinyls in OO to a customer. They do look very smart indeed and will easily scale down...
  10. Soooo....with the addition of a Trailer Second, you could do a 315. That could also pave the way for a 507/508. Probably wishful thinking, as it would probably be hard to justify financially. A 508 could be popular with Southern Region and Merseyside modellers with a lot of "Rule 1" potential.
  11. Will the 314 tooling reflect the differences below the waistline and the extra window on the PTS?
  12. Oh well, better hang up my vinyls then :-)
  13. Did somebody mention EMUs? Here's an N-Train Class 317/1 with Electra vinyls and TPM bogies (available from B&H Enterprises). Admittedly not as detailed as modern RTR but I believe a good way of replicating the less commercial prototypes.
  14. That looks incredibly detailed for N. Might have to justify an RTC example...
  15. I received a mail from a Japanese supplier the other day, listing not only the new 800s but all the individual components listed as spares. I can see bogies, roof bits and pantographs being very useful to the 3D printing and kitbuilding community.
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