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  1. I would like to look at other DMU / DEMU types. The new IR units look quite similar in profile to the 170 bodyshells and the NIR Class 80s are very tempting.
  2. I'm pleased to announce that my enforced current lack of a day job has meant that I have been able to spend time updating the Electra Website and re-introducing my Irish Rail sets. Starting with N Gauge, I now have the current sets available to order: Mark 4 + DVT + 201 Mark 3 + 201 Mark 2D Class 2700 Arrow DMU (Converts the Farish 158) 4mm to follow. If there is anything you particularly would like to see, please let me know.
  3. Looks an interesting project for some Electra overlays, Might have to invest in a set to play with.
  4. Many thanks for the mention, Clive. These vinyls listed on eBay are considerably different from Electra vinyls. Mine are professionally printed on clear-backed self-adhesive vinyl with see-throuigh windows. Depending on the base model, it is sometimes recommended to smooth down the bodysides to give the best finish. The clear film over the windows can be trimmed out with a sharp knife if required, though it does give a great flush-glazed effect on older coaches, such as the Lima Mk1/2/3 or Hornby Mk2a. I am developing a new range called "Electra Classic", specifically designed to spruce up older RTR vehicles. Details at www.electrarail.co.uk
  5. I am very tempted to go for a set of the TransPennine Mk5s. Can we lean on Dapol to release a matching 68 with the correct colour metallic blue on the nose?
  6. You would need to look at the tooling costs for the different sorts of bodyshells used, particularly for the sleepers. This would likely make it an expensive proposal given the relatively low potential sales. I thin crowdfunding might be the way forward to finance these if the major manufacturers don't wish to take it on.
  7. The first built class 800s for GWR were delivered in plain white and have been revinyled in green, giving a very matt finish. Die driver's door is a giveaway, with the white visible around the handrails and handles. From the sample I saw at a show last year, I would say Hornby have got this spot-on. The more recent units and the new Class 802s have a green paint job and a much glossier finish, with no white bits visible. Whatever one feels about the real thing, this is a stunning model and I'm not alone in hoping that an N Gauge version appears in due course.
  8. Now the announcements are starting to appear on-line, I think a new thread is needed. http://news.Bachmann.co.uk/ So who's excited, indifferent or merely "meh..." ?
  9. The power cars have bogie mounted couplers in NEM pockets.
  10. I seem to recall reading about a proposal to re-purpose the APT-P stock for the Gatwick Express. Am I imagining things? Having an ED sandwiched in the middle of a APT set would be rather brilliant (Going off-topic, because there's no way I'd be able to justify the N Gauge model)
  11. As with all these things, wait until you see the model in the "flesh", so to speak. What can look like a glaring error on a much-magnified, HD digital image can fade into insignificance in real life. I'm aware of the tumblehome issue on the 153 but am I bothered? No, because it's an otherwise very nice tiny 153. I suspect the Pacer will fare even better providing there are no major livery howlers.
  12. I agree that the later Farish Mk3s have a lot going for them including a buch better body profile than the Dapol version. They do lack some of the fine detail and close-coupling ability of the Dapol models but scrub up very well, particularly if a BR Lines interior is added. The most recent Farish Intercity livery is spot-on and with the fine printed frames looks way better than Dapol's attempt at IC Livery. The Farish coach also has the advantage of being stripped down to take Electra vinyls. I'd be more than happy if Farish could produce further batches of their earlier coaches, perhaps as a "Railroad"-type range. The Mk2s and Mk4s are getting hard to find secondhand and are becoming increasingly popular for conversion work.
  13. N Gauge Deltic Prototype - just sublime...
  14. This is a real shock - I always enjoyed chatting with Tim at shows on a variety of subjects and listening to some of his recommendations on all things prog. A really great guy who we will all miss terribly. Sincere condolences to Tim's family and friends.
  15. I produce Northern Purple vinyls to fit the Bratchell 319. Rather pleased with how they turned out.
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