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  1. Unfortunately, the e-commerce platform I use does not make it easy to limit the variations available in the drop down lists, so I have a full list of coach types and a full list of liveries. It works well for most options like units and HSTs but with individual coach types, there are some compromises. If you are after a particular type that's not on the website, please drop me an e-mail and I'd happily look into it.
  2. I contacted Gaugemaster and had my replacement interior within a couple of days. Really excellent service from the customer service team.
  3. I see what you mean - the rheo braking is in a large extra pod on the centre vehicles. That would make a nice 3D printed add on for the 802s. The all-electric 803 does not have these mounted on the roof but it is, again, different to the 800.
  4. I've not done a check on the detail differences between the 800 and the 802 - I gather there are some roof differences, as they were designed to be Dawlish-proof.
  5. I've found both units perfect for the TPE overlays, as they cover all the green bits on the GWR ones. I used a GWR unit to develop the TPX vinyls and then re-wrapped it later with Hull Trains (which I've kept).
  6. Not until quite recently on LNER. Not sure what GW's policy was.
  7. For accurate operation, it is now standard practice for the rear pan to be raised in service. The idea is to give the driver an extra few milliseconds to lower the pan in the event of OHE damage.
  8. I have cut apertures for the headlights into the end but, due to the vinyl being very stretchy, they sometimes need enlarging with a sharp blade.
  9. Thank you for showing off the TPx 802 far better than I could. :-)
  10. It would be nice for LNER to do some more special liveries for the Azumas. The current worrier with Covid and fleet availability are probably taking precedence, though. 800104 was done to mark the launch of the sub-4hr Edinburgh-KX service.
  11. I could not resist a little customisation of the LNER Azuma. I know 800104 should be a 9-car but it looks so nice.
  12. Great to see the POP train in N Gauge. Seriously tempted, as I've already got the matching Clayton :-) How about APT-E in N, now Revolution have cancelled the RTR version?
  13. I'm sure some third-party manufacturers will step into the breach to cover the missing liveries and, perhaps, 3D print some diesel engines for the driving cars... There is a such a huge amount of potential variants for the 319, I've lost count.
  14. My Azuma is due to arrive tomorrow, which is good because I'm running out of vehicles to vinyl. The guys at Hull Trains were kind enough to send my some excellent livery diagrams for the Paragon fleet, so I had to give it a try...
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