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  1. It's great to stumble across this thread, as I have been an occasional traveller of the FGV over the last 20 years or so. My in-laws have a villa near Calpe, so we have been visiting almost every year. The area gets into your blood after a while, so this year, we are moving the whole family out to Benissa - just need to sell the UK house and seriously downsize my model collection. Looking forward to the Calpe - Denia section finally reopening. It is a superb bit of line and the prospect of through trains to Alicante again really adds appeal.
  2. Things are still busy on the Electra front, with kind permission from DRS to reporduce their livery, allowing me to introduce a range of Mk2 coach sets including the Mk2A Flask Runner and Mk2D Cumbrian push-pull sets in OO and N. Freightliner have also granted me permission to produce the Class 90 in orange - the artwork is currently awaiting approval. This should look splendid when complete. There is a lot going on as ever with franchise changes that will keep things ticking over for the next few months with developments on East Midlands Railway and Northern.
  3. I decided to kill two birds with one stone last week and pay a visit to Lowestoft to see the semaphores in acrion for the last time and also sample the Class 755 FLIRT units. Great to see the contrast between the shiny, new 21st century DEMUs and the mechanical signals - all now going.
  4. Many thanks for the replies and offers. I have offered the collection to the HMRS, who I'm sure will be excellent custodians. It's sad to have to part with these memories but the sacrifice will be well worth it.
  5. Electrostar and 4-CIG? (Ducks for cover)
  6. In 2020, I will be moving to Spain and thus have to drastically downsize my railway interests. I have amassed quite a large photo collection, with albums dating from the mid 1980s until the early 90s and a lot of loose photos after that. Unfortunately, I will not have room to move or store these and would like to dispose of the images to an interested person or organisation. From 1987 to 1997 I worked for BR at Kings Cross and Peterborough and many of the images are London-based covering the transition to sectorisation and various new liveries. A lot of the images were taken with a modeller's eye and also an eye to the future with the electrification of the ECML getting a lot of focus. If anyone can help me pass this collection on to someone who would appreciate it, I would be so grateful. It is way too large to post, so would need collecting from Peterborough.
  7. Apologies for the delay in posting. For some reason RMWeb does not let me retail my account password and I have to reset it each time. The OO "Classic" overlays, like my others, are printed on clear backed vinyl. This allows the clear sheet to stretch over the window openings and gives instant flush glazing, along with any window labels where appropriate. I have also been working on the Hornby Mk1 RMB and Lima Mk2s with some interesting releases planned for the New Year. I have attached a shot of a Lima Mk2B TSO that has been Electra-fied. The bodyside has been smoothen down and the inside of the window frames painted black to hide the mounding depth. A full range of Mk2Bs, including the Royal Generator Cars, will be available in the New Year when I re-open for orders. I will also have a full range of DRS coaches in OO and N along with the finished EuroPhoenix 91
  8. Andy has very kindly allowed me a quick post to provide an update on Electra Rail. Since losing my "day job" with Thomas Cook a month ago, I have been enhancing the range and creating a lot of new products in both N and OO scales. The new website has been a great success since going live a year ago, though I am still finding things to add. A core aim for Electra is to bring down the cost of modelling by producing overlays for older coaches, such as the Lima Mark 1 or Hornby Mark 2A, which not only upgrade the finish but also provide flush-glazing. With some new coaches costing over £50.00, the vinyls give new life to coaches that can be found in bargain bins for under a tenner! You can find the Mk2As HERE Though the vast majority of my work is for coaches and multiple units, the occasional locomotive project appears which is too good to resist! The EuroPhoenix Class 91 will soon be available in OO and N. The only downside has been some delays with receiving the finished vinyls from the printers, which has caused delays to some recent orders. I really apologise for this There are many new releases drawn up and ready to roll before the end of the year. Once all outstanding orders have been dealt with, these will appear on the website.
  9. I would like to look at other DMU / DEMU types. The new IR units look quite similar in profile to the 170 bodyshells and the NIR Class 80s are very tempting.
  10. I'm pleased to announce that my enforced current lack of a day job has meant that I have been able to spend time updating the Electra Website and re-introducing my Irish Rail sets. Starting with N Gauge, I now have the current sets available to order: Mark 4 + DVT + 201 Mark 3 + 201 Mark 2D Class 2700 Arrow DMU (Converts the Farish 158) 4mm to follow. If there is anything you particularly would like to see, please let me know.
  11. Looks an interesting project for some Electra overlays, Might have to invest in a set to play with.
  12. Many thanks for the mention, Clive. These vinyls listed on eBay are considerably different from Electra vinyls. Mine are professionally printed on clear-backed self-adhesive vinyl with see-throuigh windows. Depending on the base model, it is sometimes recommended to smooth down the bodysides to give the best finish. The clear film over the windows can be trimmed out with a sharp knife if required, though it does give a great flush-glazed effect on older coaches, such as the Lima Mk1/2/3 or Hornby Mk2a. I am developing a new range called "Electra Classic", specifically designed to spruce up older RTR vehicles. Details at www.electrarail.co.uk
  13. I am very tempted to go for a set of the TransPennine Mk5s. Can we lean on Dapol to release a matching 68 with the correct colour metallic blue on the nose?
  14. You would need to look at the tooling costs for the different sorts of bodyshells used, particularly for the sleepers. This would likely make it an expensive proposal given the relatively low potential sales. I thin crowdfunding might be the way forward to finance these if the major manufacturers don't wish to take it on.
  15. The first built class 800s for GWR were delivered in plain white and have been revinyled in green, giving a very matt finish. Die driver's door is a giveaway, with the white visible around the handrails and handles. From the sample I saw at a show last year, I would say Hornby have got this spot-on. The more recent units and the new Class 802s have a green paint job and a much glossier finish, with no white bits visible. Whatever one feels about the real thing, this is a stunning model and I'm not alone in hoping that an N Gauge version appears in due course.
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