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  1. You're a braver man than me. I find lining the hardest part and the easiest to get wrong!!!! Bob
  2. That has got to be one of the pretiest engines around. Don't you just love it!!!! Bob
  3. Vippeee the pics have opend. can't you fit a motor in the bonnet and drive one of the front axles via gears, then Delrin chain to the others?
  4. Just got home and read the good news. I bet you still have a smile on your face . For some reason I cant access the pics you have posted but who cares the teddy bear has got wheeels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bob
  5. Hi All. Can anyone tell me if Classic Commercials are still trading. Thanks Bob
  6. I've just found this and it's awsome! My wife has been sugesting I build a layout based in the NE (she was brought up in Seaham) but being a softy Southener I have given it a deaf ear. But this is so good I might just give into her. ( I also love the NE and it's locos) Bob
  7. Hello All this'll teach me to look at the bottom of the page more often. Can I come in and join please I am just dabbling about with industrial and NG at the moment. Bob
  8. It's just a thought, but isn't what he is doing illegal? doesn't it ammount to theft or fraud or something like that. surely there is some thing that can be done to bring this s**m bag to justice. Jordan has made a terrific job of the class 14 and this b**l on the face of humanity has robbed him of the joy of building it, not to mension the chassis.
  9. Thanks again to all those that answered this post. In the end I decided to try Cellulose thinners, for two reasons 1: I had some 2: it is safer to use than Nitromoors. 48 hours in a can of thinners and the loco came apart easily. The strange thing was some of the glue went soft and rubbery, and some went brittle and snapped apart. I can only think the original builder used glue from two different suppliers. Bob
  10. Thanks for that guys. I don't think I'll resort to boiling anything, just to be on the safe side! But I will give Nitromoors a go. Bob
  11. Hi All Can any one tell me how I can dismantle a white metal loco that has been built using epoxy resin? Thanks Bob
  12. I forgot about the fumes. Perhaps that is why the kids seem a lot happier at the end of a lesson when we have been using it! Damit I thought it was my dynamic teaching Bob
  13. Nice work Jim. Have you tried 3M spray mount? I use it quite a lot during graphics projects with the kids I teach, and whilst it is quite expensive a can lasts for ages (as long as I keep a close eye on the kids) and it gives a flat bubble free finish. Bob
  14. Be brave go for the yellow one with wasp stripes. you wont loose it then! Bob
  15. Yes they do but to allow for the narrower chassis the motor is turned to stand on it's edge. This makes the whole thing higher, which in turn encroaches into the engine bay/footplate of the locos. Bob
  16. I need a drive to fit under the Nonneminstre Hudson Hunslet/Muir Hill Fordson so I can run them on O14 track. Bob
  17. Hi All can anyone give me their experience of using these? Thanks Bob
  18. Damn Perhaps I should go up a gauge and hone my scratch building skills. Bob
  19. I loked at the BullAnt units but they all loked too high to fit under the loco. If you can supply one with the same rail to motor hight as the Tenshodo unit I will have at least two. Bob
  20. I would realy like to build these locos, but I want them to run on 14mm. Nonneminstre suggest using the Wrightlines b102 motor bogie but say the locos have to be modified to make it fit. Has anyone built either of these locos to run on 14mm. If so how have they motorised them? Bob
  21. Has anyone tried or thought of re-gauging a Tenshodo motor bogie to 14 mm gauge? Bob
  22. Thanks to all for such a fast and informed response, it sounds like I need to make a few phone calls. Bob
  23. This site has info on the 40hp Simplex locos http://www.bagofbits.com/tinturtle/ and Nigel Lawson does a model of the 20hp Simplex http://www.nigellawton009.com/20HP_WD_Simplex.html good luck. Bob
  24. Does any one know where I can get hold of a kit for a 7mm Ruston Hornsby 48DS loco. A new kit would be great but if any one has a part built/unwanted model that would be ok. Bob
  25. I am going to be following this with a great deal of interest as I love the Co-BO. Good luck with the build. Bob
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