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  1. Thanks Peter the formula is realy handy I can now use 4mm drawings and scale them up Bob
  2. I have used 3M spray mount to do this sort of thing, it is expensive but works brilliantly, plus if you are careful you can re-position things. Bob
  3. Hi All can any one tell me where I can get 7mm scale (or HO) building drawings online. I want to build a warehouse and some arches for my layout, I have access to a Laser cutter which means I can cut the shells out of 3mm MDF/Ply but I need the sizes. Bob
  4. Hi All and thanks for the info so far, the next question is where can I find info on the full size locos such as year of manufacture etc, I am thinking 1950-1960 era. Thanks Bob
  5. Hi All I seem to remember seeing a posting on an 7mm etched brass class 02 loco somewhere. the problem is I can't remember where. So, does any one know where it is/was, and who makes the kit? or was it a figment of my imagination . Bob
  6. Hi all. I've been watching this thread with some interest, can one of you knowledgable "Darksiders" tell me where I can get O gauge US outline locos, stock etc from in the uk> Thanks Bob
  7. Thanks Garry. I had heard similar about them. Bob
  8. Gary I love the Ruston! what chassis did you use? Bob
  9. They have got to be the ugliest loco in the world I hate them they are horrible
  10. Impressive layout but I watched it for 15 mins on saturday and never saw any thing move.
  11. I loved the pictures in BRM and I have also visited your wesite. the 10RB is brilliant! I have many, many questions but the first is where did you get the figures on Fen end from? I noted in the write up you said the availibility of the figures was one of the reasons you chose the scale. Bob
  12. Looks good I will have to visit the Smallbrook website and spend some money
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