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  1. Brilliant answers - thanks for your help, fellas
  2. Sorry guys, maybe I wasn't 100% clear. I definitely want scale couplers of some form - not Kadees or tension locks - as I prefer the realism of them, even if it is only an illusion. As for sprung buffers, it's always been my understanding that 3 link / screw / instanter couplers work best with them. I've spent the early half of my modelling life building Australian kits to average quality, so I'm looking to do things "properly" My next question is regarding weights - what weight range should I be aiming for to ensure smooth running? Is there a standard I can defer to?
  3. Jonathan, Thanks very much for the data I'm modelling BR , already ordered the transfers. I'd like to detail these as much as possible, so I guess I'll be tracking down a copy of Geoff Kent's book this week! Cheers
  4. Hi all, I'm building a series of Parkside Dundas ex LNER grain van kits, and would like to fit these with scale couplers and sprung buffers. However, I've got no flipping idea which buffers and couplers would be suitable! I'm hoping that RMWeb's hive mind would be able to recommend the suitable parts in dummy format - ie, manufacturer, product name...would a direct link to the products an online shop be asking too much? For those unfamiliar with the particular van I'm talking about, here's a drawing courtesy of Google Images and Stockton Modeller. Thanks everyone Michael.
  5. has been avoiding the train room. Too much mess.

    1. SRman


      Just shift the mess into your bedroom ... where nobody will notice it!! ;-)

  6. Great photos, Peter. I'll have to come one day and have a shufty Michael.
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