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  1. What I am looking for at the moment is the height from solebar to cantrail, taking into account the tumblehome and not having £50 for a copy of Keith Parkin's book spare due to a toddler being present Does anyone have the dimensions for these plus the roof curve radii? It's not like I can go out and measure one at a heritage line at the moment, although once It's safe to go out I might have that opportunity.
  2. Looking good. Heavy work, this 12" to the foot scale... Good exercise though lol
  3. You'd need some serious track pins. Or an epic tube of glue.
  4. To me, as someone who supports any new railway (and therefore I fully BML2, I don't trust East Sussex County Council though) I reckon Ardingly would make sense in the same way as the GCR's Mountsorrel branch makes sense in that it is seen as a separate attraction, an industrial line as opposed to the main line passenger railway. The Lavender line would need a new home, is about the right length and a lot of it is laid in flat bottom rail on concrete sleepers, as is most of the Spa Valley railway iirc. An Ardingly to HK shuttle could work as a separate line linking the two railways. plus i
  5. My former company took over the 473 Kingscote to East Grinstead vintage bus using the ex Metrobus RML, painted into a weird Thomas Tilling-esque livery. That was great fun as we did a 472 from Brighton to EG via Uckfield and then the connecting 473 bus link between there and KC and then back from EG to Brighton as a 472 again. A good day out, a great chat and cup of tea with the BRPS chairman at KC station and the chance to add Routemasters to my vehicle type knowledge.
  6. The WSR is, although that's almost the whole line so it's the complete package.
  7. Of course running and terminating at Ardingly and having trains run SP-EG-A-EG-SP would actually be less mileage since SP is further from HK than A is. It would mean that the first train from Ardingly would be much later than the first one from SP unless you ran it SP-HK-A of course. This is all theoretical, obviously as the track doesn't go as far as A yet. Of course that also means plenty of time to work out everything/ In the meantime once the bridge goes back in there's enough scope to put in low grade track as needed to make much needed siding space until such a time that the board decide
  8. Ah ok. I read somewhere there are two such tips between Sheffield Park and Lewes
  9. Shame you can't stick it in a train and send it off to Newhaven
  10. He probably knows a friend of mine who drives there then. Ask him if he knows Jim.
  11. That'll be awesome I really do want to get to see it Thanks for the rundown on that, I think keeping the BH in station limits but FB elsewhere is wise, as it's been said earlier it's heritage in itself. I used to commute through Lewes when the bay was removed, in fact I was driving the rail replacement bus that weekend! (I did the Kingscote to EG 473 one lucky Sunday too, ended up chatting with Roy Watts when he was still chairman) and when I came through it had been taken out and the turnout plain lined with wooden sleepers, chairs and FB rail.
  12. That'll make a good Ardingly station when the time comes. Maybe the thing to do would be to measure the platform components and use them as patterns, the railway could have an endless supply of prefabricated platform parts. Wasn't there a plan to build EG station in the Southern Railway prefab style at one point?
  13. I was lucky enough to see it at Lovers Walk at the Brighton 150 event in 1991
  14. I still haven't made it to the Bluebell myself (I did a rail replacement job to EG from Purley not long before I left Brighton and Hove Buses and I came and had a look while there) so I have yet to try out the 'new' bit. Regarding Bullhead I remember at Lewes there was an old cripple/engineering spur behind platform 1 that at the time had been relaid with new Bullhead rail, so some sod is still making it. It had that orange rust colour that new rail has, and fresh ballast. About 6 months later they came and took it up.
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