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  1. Very sad news indeed. I'll continue crossing everything for him. His wife must be beside herself with worry.
  2. Must be doing a rail tour. I looked up while cashing in at work and saw her. Great spot, Driver!
  3. @GWR-fanI bought a T9 second hand with this problem. The Suburban Commuter 1938 pack. On getting it apart the mazak had literally disintegrated. I sent it to Hornby who fixed it free of charge. I have a spare Peters Spares part somewhere. Not sure where, could be at storage. I'll have a look and get back to you if I find it.
  4. Good luck Gordon and get well soon! So pleased to hear he's out of ICU. One step at a time.
  5. Four rings on a bus was emergency stop. Southern had a list, it's almost morse code. there's one that is 3-3-3, things like set back or not release the doors etc
  6. Heh yeah I have very few locos chipped at the moment but hopefully once things unlock again and my partner can get a job I should be able to start DCC-ing stuff. Then it'll be a case of what would be heard from that distance. i know. I drive buses and the problem is the same but with much bigger wipers I hear you on the gear changes. I would imagine BR drivers used to slam through the gears but as you say preservation drivers want to drive more, how shall I put it. defensively? But I can understand that as gearboxes are not as plentiful as they once were. Again, it's the same with a semi-automatic bus, not pausing for two seconds in Neutral will eventually cook the gearbox.
  7. Ok so this is somethinf that's been rattling around in my skull for a while now, and that is whether the guards buzzer sound on DCC, especially powere doored multiple units is really necessary. I would say not. The logic behind this is that where the eyeball is in relation to the train is some distance, the equivalent of on the second floor of a building overlooking the station modelled location. Would you really be able to hear it from there? Very unlikely, unless it's a buzzer so loud that the crew ought to be defecting it. It's just something that amuses me, I mean it's one of those things that is nice to have, but... What are people's thoughts on this?
  8. Excellent news! I will need six of them for a small BLT I am planning plus two for a potential extension (It's in the planning stage at the moment but will be built once priorities allow)
  9. I loved the car chase at the beginning. And the boxes. Those were essential in 70s shows like the Sweeney and The Professionals hehe I could almost see Bodie and Doyle in the Capri with the Police not actually chasing them but after the same villains. Maybe they commandeered the officers under their CI5 powers...
  10. That is looking fantastic it has to be said, Captures the look of these units brilliantly
  11. Is it me or does the man on the stretcher look a lot like Charlie Sheen?
  12. Maybe we can mark the second half. I already wrote off as a dead loss so maybe this can be the year where the world gets its act together again. Otherwise we could have a show where you have to look at the layouts through binoculars
  13. Such a common problem. I just refer to My partner as' The Household Authorities'
  14. Ah thanks I'll check that out. I'll keep looking in rummage boxes at shows too. I still insist on completely unstarted kits though otherwise it's like eating grub that someone's had a nibble of lol
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