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  1. Fully agree with this thread. I went in there and came out with an ICI 16 tonner. Apparently they're hard to come by around here as they sell fast, mainly due to the proximity of the old GCR apparently. Looks like I might have to turn to kitbuilding to get my rake of them. When I went there I went the wrong side of the building and had to back out, painfully aware of the canal next to me hehe.
  2. That gave me an idea for a shed layout based on multiple 'Thomas'es showing his arrival on Sodor in Southern or BR colours, and stages of his repaint into the now familiar blue. Basically with various locos shuttling between sheds and being swapped within so they look like they're coming out in the next stage of painting.
  3. I just watched the film. Great stuff.
  4. And every night, when the moon gives light, the ghost of the miller is seen As he walks the track with a sack on his back, down to the Black Borheen And the mill wheels turn though the night is still, and the elf lights flash from the ruined mill He haunts the station, he haunts the hill and the land that lies between!
  5. I built a pair of Scalescenes test platforms, one out of corrugated card and one out of cereal packets. I found that I could layer the papers up and glue them straight onto the textures rather than backing them onto any templates. In 4mm scale it doesn't make all that much difference although maybe a guillotine might help to get the cuts straight. They were surprisingly solid. The short one is the cardboard one and is a lot chunkier, the other one is cereal packets layered together. Have a look.
  6. That's the script for telling the household authorities, anyway.
  7. Looks amazing. Much better than the Hornby front and it' looks even better painted up. I just can't believe Hornby made such a fundamental mis-step with it given that some parts were really good and some others were either the wrong size or the wrong way round. Not mentioning the axles either.
  8. Ah that's a shame. When you did yours I saw you cut them at the bottom of the gangway door to make a buffer plate, did you use filler to build up the gap at the bottom? I have a set of these white metal ones and I was wondering how to do it. Also are the VEP cab ends moulded in or are they a separately applied piece?
  9. I mean they're probably watching everyone who gets off a train so not getting their attention would be difficult. I do hope you lodged an official complaint with their superiors.
  10. How not to draw attention to yourself? Don't go to Blackpool North by train. Ever.
  11. Didn't the Great Central drivers find that they made pretty good express passenger engines? Until it was officially frowned upon by the management (I do believe the GCR was under the Midland Region when the real rundown started) and speed was restricted.
  12. Paperwork? Begone foul beast!

  13. class 419 MLV Replica Railways body moulding and motorised chassis
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