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  1. 16 hours ago, keefer said:

    Not seeing any extra pipes, but does seem to have lost the (air) brake cock and pipe (red fitting remains above the steam pipe though) - does it run as vacuum brake only?

    From under the left buffer you have:

    control air pipe, main reservoir, control jumper socket, vacuum brake, steam heat, jumper cable, main reservoir, control air.

    Even in the '50s a lot of the diesels had main reservoir pipes even though they were vac. brake only. I think they were used when in multiple along with the control air pipes. When hauling a train, only the vacuum bag would be used.


    22 minutes ago, balders said:

    She is and always was vacuum only. I've not seen photos of '106 in service or otherwise with train air pipe fitted above her steam pipe. Wouldn't a bogie swap with an air braked sister at some time in her life leave the cast fitting visible?.....although obviously redundant.





    Thanks for the clarification gents.... we are missing one pipe either side on our models then! 

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  2. Had a great day Yesterday with D1015 and 40106 .... and @Downendian, other rmwebbers also spotted ... @AlexRaybouldand his Dad. @D1051 supposed to be there but unfortunately hors de combat since last weekend. Get well soon Mike! 


    D1015 only on the one engine but running got better as day went on and 40106 was providing steam heat as well as northbound traction 


    Don’t think 40s had this boiler water filler arrangement in BR days? 



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  3. And no longer out of stock on web site.


    Waiting for ours to arrive. I contacted @cctransuk on Tuesday for transfers, including customisation of “Return to” instructions... Chepstow and Coleford for us. Unbelievably  they arrived yesterday..... brilliant service! Many thanks John


    Have also ordered white metal buffers from Lanarkshire Models .... have had plenty of others from @davefrk, another provider of great service.


    Just waiting for kits to arrive - no connection with any supplier mentioned other than happy previous customer.

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  4. On 06/04/2019 at 21:42, jools1959 said:


    The 710 series of engines are just a long line of successful GM products but you have to remember, they are just a further development 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s power units where fuel was almost at give away prices and nobody cared about emissions.


    They are simple 2-stroke, lightweight, easy to maintain and virtually indestructible power units but with all the disadvantages of a 2-stroke engine.  If you remember the Japanese 2-stroke motorbikes (I do as I had a Kawasaki 400cc S3A), the amount of blue smoke emanating from the exhaust and hoping and praying you have enough fuel to last till the next petrol station.  Now times that many, many times!


    To sum it up, the 710 is reliable, simple to maintain, fairly lightweight but thirsty and not very emissions friendly.  The GE “GEVO” 4-stroke engine is more fuel efficient, loads of low down grunt but it’s a big lump, needs a lot of cooling, no such thing as a “quick fix” and prone to blowing turbos.  But before you jump all over me, I got that information from my cousin who is a shop mechanic for Union Pacific at North Platte, NB.

    As an ex Suzuki GT380 owner I too love the smell of two stroke in the morning.  But the  comparison with the 710 isn’t really comparing like with like as the bike engines are air cooled, dry sump and aspirate at normal air pressure via carburettors and cylinder ports whereas the 710 is water cooled, wet sump, pressure aspirated and fuel injected with tappet valves.

    The dry sump system means that the fuel charge has to pass through the crankcase en route to the cylinders so can’t be wet sump....oil is total loss hence the blue smoke, although at least there was an oil pump feeding oil directly rather the crude 20:1 in the fuel tank. A wet sump engine needs to be pressure charged to scavenge the exhaust gases prior to the inlet cycle but has Less complex phases in the cycle .... and with injection and water cooling on the 710 combustion can be far more carefully controlled, so excessive smoke ought to be due to either lubricating oil passing worn piston rings or fuel mixture issues.


    Thank goodness we don’t have railway locos with 1970s Japanese two stroke engines. They would go like hell but blank out the countryside and just carry straight on when they came to the first corner!

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  5. Those etched brass ones are looking good!


    But beyond my patience - etched brass signals are bad enough. So for those who have been craving a Herring fix I have it on good authority that it is worth keeping an eye on the Cambrian web site at https://www.cambrianmodelrail.co.uk/store/GWR-&-Cambrian-c25374904 for forthcoming availability.


    Rumours that a shoal are heading for Abbotwood Junction has nothing to do with https://www.worldfishmigrationday.com/ on 24th October.....!!!

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  6. 25 minutes ago, rob D2 said:

    Do you like dull cote ? I’ve got three cans of it.....used it once...it’s literally too dull and flat 

    That one predates use Of Dull Cote Rob .... Was Humbrol Matt varnish which I won’t now use having had so many problems with it! At least dull cote is predictable.... 


    Completely Matt finish can be too flat for recently shopped locos but locos long due a repaint certainly got that way! Prefer some streaking over the top to lift it a bit.....

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  7. And coir matting in passenger doorways now fitted too - used brown felt for that. Have added door bump stops of 0.20" plastic rod and reassembled vehicle - all is good. Just waiting for Frogmore hinges before it goes to the paint shop.


    Also got Mousa etched sides for a Diagram 24 but have just realised that is what Hornby are about to deliver so will go for a Diagram 25 RKB from Comet instead - no seating to worry about in that one, just a pole in bar area. Can use sacrificed RU sides roof and floor and rebuild catering areas on CK interior....


    More bashing fun!

  8. On 10/10/2020 at 10:34, SP Steve said:

    Hi Phil,


    if you have a local florists near by then try and tap them up for some ribbon.


    Until she passed away my mother-in-law was an avid crafter and at one time had got involved with silk flowers. Among her materials were bundles of ribbon that looked promising for curtains so I have a few colours which might be useful, including orange.


    The good thing about it is that the ribbons are already quite stiff so cutting out a shape to represent the curtains being held back by ties and then attaching with double sided tape above and below the glazing should be fairly simple.


    I also have quite a bit of small patterned materials which might be useful for carpets - what colour are you after?






    On 10/10/2020 at 11:21, Taz said:

    For curtains I just paint some plain paper, cut it out and glue in place. Example of orange curtains below




    Many thanks both ... some things to try there! Carpet now fitted, decided plasticard was best floor for staff areas.


  9. 4 minutes ago, John Tomlinson said:



    This is looking very good, although I don't envy you painting the BR Blue/ Grey scheme. And good luck with the curtain material!


    A word to the wise. If you're intending to make a habit of rolling brass, you could do a lot worse than invest in a set of G.W. models 10'' rollers, which will set you back something like £75 inc. postage. For years I struggled with rolling pins and other cylindrical objects on telephone directories, and these make it so, so much easier.


    Just a thought.



    Thanks John useful gen! Certainly looking at a couple more MK1s but not sure I can justify £75 for those... 


    As for painting will be leaving that to son James who Is a whizz with spray gun. Have fox transfers for the white line so hopefully we can cut a mask that corresponds to that to make life easier.


    Think he sees this one as a dry run for another little project with 3 coaches which require blue/grey....


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  10. 15 minutes ago, AJCT said:

    Following this with much interest as I have a Mk.1 dia.17 RF under construction, using Comet sides on an old Mainline RB bodyshell.  I suspect the Mainline RB roof profile isn't quite right but I got the body years ago as a spare for just such a project....



    Glad to hear you are finding this useful Alasdair... I did contemplate using an old Mainline body but having a Bachmann one to hand gives me the advantages of close coupling mechanism and also that the sides can easily be removed to be spray painted. So went down that route, it had already had a roof swap any way so I could have an accurate blue/grey WR RU

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