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  1. 5 minutes ago, rab said:

    Having now received the wheelcleaner which started this discussion, I've noticed that the wire brushes themselves are quite dirty.

    does this affect rheir cleaning ability?

    It doesn’t Rab... it’s only the very ends of the brass brush wires that come in to contact and they get polished with use. 

    Used one for years, easiest way to clean Powered wheels for sure. 

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  2. It comes off the metal bogie casting at the rear of the bogie. Use a small flat bladed screwdriver to prise it off, hinge it away and lift clear of the lugs at the front. Reverse the process when refitting; make sure all the axle bushes align and are trapped by the frame when refitting.

    While you have the bogie frame off it’s worth dulling down the visible parts of the brass pick up strips too....

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  3. We were on the first train on the Ecclesbourn Valley from Wirksworth on Saturday. Class 14 plus 3 coaches, very nice. Beautifully restored Stanier design Porthole brake M17001 on show at Wirksworth...And good to see the compact signal box from Oddingley in Worcestershire has found a new lease of life... 




  4. On 26/06/2020 at 13:17, aureol40012 said:

    Have Bachmann redesigned the pick ups on their class 40s?  They are much more visible on this model than any of my other 8 class 40s




    Having sent 233 on a visit to Churchdown works tonight I can see that additional wiper pick ups have been added to two axles. Top marks to Bachmann for listening... thank you 


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  5. 4 hours ago, Markn said:

    TMC are now saying that the 'Empress of England' , their limited edition exclusive of 233 in BR Blue with Indicator Discs is now in stock.  Looks great on pics!

    There is a separate thread .... a few have already been delivered, mine is in the main batch and imminent going by today’s emails :D

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  6. 16 minutes ago, ianmacc said:

    Hi. What is the part number for the metal wheels for the Bachmann mk1 suburbans please? I want to replace the plastic wheels on the older variants in my collection.


    36-033 ... pack of 10 14mm wheels for non close coupled coaches

  7. On 08/07/2020 at 09:00, RBAGE said:

    My latest modification was to try to recreate the official Gloucester photograph, as seen on Paul Bartlett's site. That of LA21 with open solebar.

    The modifications include:

     - Raise the barrel to correct height for Gloucesters

     - Fit correct gusset plate to support raised height.

     - Fit air pipes with kink. Fitted in different position to Met Camms.

     - Replacement axlebox / suspension.

     - Remove solebar reinforcement and replace with Gloucester "box" type reinforcement.

     - Replace hand wheels.

     - Complete new bottom discharge equipment.




    Having had one of Bobs conversions pass through my hands I can confirm the comments on here ..... a stunning model

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  8. 13 hours ago, mikesndbs said:

    OK then lets have a little sum up.

    Milk moved by churns initially 17 gallon wooden ones much like barrels.

    4 wheel tankers until 1937 when these were all converted to 6 wheel types for stability and milk protection. 

    Churns changed to metal and 10 gallons, often picked up and stacked two high in Siphon vans.

    Later changed to farm storage around 1973, road tankers picked up and then 3500 gallon rail tanks filled.

    These loaded tank wagons weighed in the same as a fully loaded coach.

    Train limited by available loco but typical pre-BR day trains included up to 14 tank wagons and a fast brake such as a Queen Mary or passenger brake. 

    BR diesel days up to 15 tank wagons.


    How is that looking?

    A few more than 15 behind 40032 on MIAC..... but full or empties? 


  9. On 12/07/2020 at 22:58, ikcdab said:

    Oven pride is excellent. I stripped a triang 0-4-0 which had painted 40 years ago. Popped it in a plastic bag with couple of table spoons of over pride and all the paint fell off over a few hours.

    Highly recommended.

    Especially good at removing tampo printing off Bachmann models ... Heljan a bit more resistant . 

    Removal of manufacturers paint generally requires Superstrip as above

  10. 22 minutes ago, D1051 said:

    My recent experience , it might not be the motor .But cup attached to the worm drive on top of the bogie. Mine had split & ran exactly as you describe.

    I'm old school & not into DCC.


    I stripped 6 Heljan locos as a precaution & the said cup was split on all.


    After a while the cup becomes loose due to split.


    To me its a poor design . 

    Agreed .... but a very carefully applied touch of superglue will retain cup on shaft and eliminate drive slip ....

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  11. 16 minutes ago, Accurascale Fran said:

    Hi everyone,


    Happy Friday to you all!


    As you know, the HUO was our first model in the British outline market back in 2018. We took a brave pill and manufactured many, many hopper wagons which found favour with modellers. As of today, I can confirm we have completely sold out of our pre TOPS, TOPS and NCB packs! Thank you to everyone who ordered them or bought them via retail outlets and supported us! 





    Success fully deserved Fran! Looking forwards to future releases....

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  12. On 28/11/2019 at 13:06, MJI said:

    Blue 654 for me and I THINK 651 or 652 in Yellow


    I am planning on making a PAD based on Newland but information is scarce. Will be hybred portable and one side of my garage layout.


    So far I have one shunter and one crane. I know that sometimes two PWMs were at the PADs.


    Got lots of Cambrian departmental wagons.


    Got the book.


    As to traction at the WR PADs, were they normally 37 hauled in the 70s and 80s?, Which 08s at Newland?


    I was also very pleased that the Edge loco was PWM650, which was my favourite PWM.

    Traction would be whatever Gloucester could turn out... 25, 31, 37 or type 4 including Westerns until they finished in 77. Haven’t seen any evidence of 08 at Newlands but never say never....


    have you got the IRS PWM book? 

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