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  1. Swindon in later life https://rcts.zenfolio.com/steam-gwr/2-6-2t/hA0F7C0B2 Hence I shant be committing any crime having one on a well wagon heading north through Abbotswood.....
  2. An Inverurie shopped loco working on the LMR with GWR signals? You cant run that, it would never happen! What a fantastic photo from Brush Veteran.... Aberystwyth 1969, she was 64B 1966 - 68
  3. We love these locos . always a favorite and Abbotswood allocation needs a couple of Lickey bankers to appear - either running light down to Gloucester or assisting a southbound train following a loco failure in the Bromsgrove area. So D7022/3 currently in works.... As per @tarifa's original post - etched fan grille and relocated air tank - plus those horns are a bit spindly, we replace with Markits turned brass jobbies - https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/324072729006?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=324072729006&targetid=879157198036&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9045574&poi=&campaignid=9437867024&mkgroupid=104303480548&rlsatarget=aud-629407027425:pla-879157198036&abcId=1140486&merchantid=7262894&gclid=Cj0KCQjwsYb0BRCOARIsAHbLPhGB_ngsSc1d8wBjVceotPiEgF8Zok9R2vDmdSgk19HgUsnjZKLPZI8aAun-EALw_wcB Etched numbers too from Shawplan, and headboard clips removed from early locos but for locos in later life theres one thing missing from the Heljan model - the retro-fitted lower drivers door grab handles. See below - another excellent Brush Veteran photo So have tried several ways to emulate this - heres latest attempt which I reckon is as good as I can get it, 2mm square hollow brass with a thin strip from a grille etching soldered on prior to installation....
  4. Use of XX suffix continued in official documents in to diesel era...
  5. Pour encourager les autres.... heres some Red Panda kits recently completed - lowfits bashed in to twin bolsters, the kit is designed for this but needs extra Parkside Dundas parts.... If I can do it anyone can - believe me! Biggest issue with these was transfers - both sourcing them, but sorted thanks to twiggy1969 of this parish, and applying them in to the titchy spaces available on the wagons
  6. Cheers Brian When you say billets do you mean the 4" bar or something else?
  7. Thanks Porky theres more photos of that incident here... https://www.derbysulzers.com/25003.html Good photos of roof details on locos are not that common are they!
  8. Here’s today’s efforts .... the Red Panda lowfits converted to twin bolsters.... with Parkside Dundas bolsters - but pins changed to some better looking Hornby ones from spares box, buffers from Lanarkshire Models, lamp brackets from Silver Tay and additional brake rigging and safety loops from NS wire. Just need final weathering now .... Thanks to @br2975for kicking these off in my head - and to @Fat Controller for encouragement - and also to @twiggy1969 for the transfers. Sorry @hmrspaul but have left the bolsters rigid.....
  9. Didnt put it on the scales but there are certainly no haulage issues.... Walked away with 25 milk tanks .... as does SLW 24 and Bachmann 25
  10. Sounds much better .... can I ask what you did with the speaker please Richard?
  11. Tried running the 20 wagon rake on the Kato track on kitchen floor this afternoon - using the solid bars as supplied by Dapol. Not good! Too rigid - although the bogies have plenty of float in them the bar coupling holds them rigid vertically - a surefire recipe for derailments. So time to think again .... needs to be more flexible vertically. For fist go might just try slimming down body of bar coupling where it goes in to the NEM pocket. Failing that something more radical will be required.
  12. Yes thats the master phot for 25/0 roof detail! Has 2 tone warning panel too..... https://www.derbysulzers.com/25003.html for those who might not have seen it - scroll down the page
  13. Cheers Clive - hope all is good with you and yours... Cant rail water fillers - most certainly fitted to 25/1s.... D5181 - 5232 .... but 25/0s were perverse! Why would they need them - no boiler - and as built not apparent. But later on in life . and often with access footsteps plated over - lo and behold there they are! Must have been faired over initially and had the fairings removed..... Some good photos on Derby Sulzer
  14. Have been asked about converting this model to a 25/0 Looks to me as if boiler associated fittings are the main difference. On investigation it does look like the water tanks are a seperate moulding that might come away without further damage - has anyone tried this? Would then be the boiler compartment roof that required work - anything else I have missed? Phil
  15. SWMBO and I went out to join the Churchdown clapping. She is a med sec - not immediately front line but currently having to deal with removing all elective patients from clinics to free up front end staff for Covid care. I am a Biomedical Scientist - currently redundant after 45 years as the NHS decided to centralise my viral testing screening service to 8 sites - wont go in to politics of that here, but currently applying for other jobs.... The turn out here both on the street and on the on line local community app was pretty amazing - a privilege to be part of it although plainly would rather not. And then ITV2 screened the film "Contagion"!
  16. Like the anti pigeon provision - need to do something similar on mine!
  17. If rumble is missing then SWMBO says she is withholding millionaires shortbread rations - empty stomachs should then provide the missing decibels!
  18. LTTs are very social birds and form larger family groups - any evidence of others doing the same?
  19. Teri and I went out for our single exercise this evening - a two mile walk around Churchdown. Never seen or heard so many robins - think every garden has one.....
  20. Absolutely Mike....yet to hear a hydraulic sound file with that feature, although we do have the wonderful dip in engine note as the converters fill on our Westerns.....
  21. Blue tits keep looking at our nest box but dont want to take the plunge.....
  22. Whilst I dont disagree with the basis of what you say how many locos never even see a layout? Stored in boxes or display cases as part of a collection.
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