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  1. So what needs doing on the front ends? Well, thanks to @BrushVeteran for the use of his superb photos back in the day we can see whats needed... 1. Doors. The later batch did away with the bifold arrangement and had two solid doors. Hoping that with careful use of filler and file I can preserve the original moulded outline and dividing line. 2. Top handrails. Horizontal on early batch - angled on later batch. Remove and replace.... 3. Headcode boxes. This is the piggy job! On the model they need to be about 1mm lower - there has to be room for an OHLE flash above them at their outer limit and on the model as it stands there just aint room. Cut around, file subsequent aperture lower and refit. One done, 3 to go! And still got all 10 digits... 4. Lamp irons. Lower ones are in a different location - and a different pattern! Also add top one on doors... 5. Blanking plates - remove and replace 6. Lower handrails - easiest job of the lot! They dont exist on the later batch so just for removal... So plenty to do....
  2. Perhaps there was a pressing need to explore ways to make them more reliable!
  3. Started off with one of those Clive - got a couple of shots of Sulzer Type 2s at Aberystwyth with it but when it came to Deltics at speed at Great Wymondley or even traffic at Abbotswood it met its limitations! Was thinking of you earlier - had to get the plasticard out when relocating headcode boxes .....
  4. Definitely! Might look a bit better when finished...but not much!!!! https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6260769900/in/photolist-256Bvtg-gkFj87-22JC3Fv-axf5LC-cqqLJj-c6tWD7-ruo7Ja-Y3vqp8-gkFjE9-yzPrVY-RxxQDR-udHbG9-nXeTuC-PDtzkW-TFpGS3-THaAUs Good job folks like Brush Veteran were around to take cracking photos....
  5. Havent seen anything on here about conversion of a Dapol Class 22 to the late production series so thought I'd start a thread on a current project. Am aware others have similar thoughts, had been hoping Dapol would oblige but that has been kicked in to touch. There is much to do on the front ends and that is where initial focus will be. Starting point was a headcode GSYP loco - a complete respray is required as the intention is to produce D6336 and D6342, both in BFYE. 30 mins in Superstrip - https://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/products/125pq18 - got me to a bare shell... Hoping to be back to work in a few weeks so time is limited....
  6. Yes I always wondered that too - not just a case of beefing up the prime mover.
  7. Ah great - was only checking up on that yesterday
  8. Surely the 1660 hp machines were tyoe 3s and D5835 was a type 4 - the only BR type 4 with only 4 traction motors? Asking a lot of electrical systems .... and the antithesis to the explanation behind the OP's original question! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_British_Rail_power_classifications
  9. Fantastic and historic photo of Hanborough Nidge... many thanks for sharing.
  10. D5835 was visually distinctive - had an extra set of grilles which it retained even once re-engined. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6245788959
  11. Phil Bullock

    Dapol Class 22

    Internal headcodes with the thinnest possible glazing will always look the biz.... and train crew help too as @Enterprisingwestern once pointed out to us!
  12. Cotswold lines always had brake 3rd vehicle in 7/8 coach rake on down journey - front 3 continued to Hereford. Wagon kits? Add Red Panda
  13. Have done 660 of the little blighters! Work on a tray with a lip to avoid losses....tried the thread on to wire method but found very fine point forceps better. Found the best tactic was to get them in place and then apply a tiny drop of superglue from the inside. And as Andy Y says much easier than the Dapol ones....
  14. Yes that one usually does the trick!!!!
  15. Have returned failed decoders to ESU a couple of times. In both cases a replacement decoder was sent - cost to me around £35, and excellent service too! Phil
  16. See you and raise you the Vinegar Branch
  17. Is there anywhere on the GW/WR Manors did not work?
  18. Here you go https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2510407
  19. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:82010_-_Exmouth_Junction_-_1962.jpg Thought I had seen evidence of Class 3 - how about this one assuming caption is correct? But OP has corrected now to ask for Class 2s
  20. Thanks John that might reduce the fiddle factor a bit!!! Will get some in These are what we want to do...not very clear, essentially 3 elements - flat bracket and flat extension piece are no problem as they are in the same plane - its the accursed upright which is rotated through 90 degrees thats causing the issues. Cheers
  21. Is that to prevent overtilt of the bogie when the loco is lifted?
  22. Cheers Nick. The only WR ones I have seen so far are the Extreme etchings WR cowhorns as fitted to 37s and Westerns Will check those out though....
  23. Hi Mark Those do look good. The problem is that for the cussed WR the upright is at 90 degrees.....
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