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  1. Evening Clive and welcome to this chat. Would be nice if it were that simple .Peaks had OHLE flashes when built see https://www.derbysulzers.com/45122.html - but they probably did acquire a few more. Any 45/46 was likely to work under the wires from 67 onwards when Birmingham New Street was electrified - but prior to that there was Woodhead of course.... Take a look at the attached database for details of the locos we have modelled - BFYE livery no certainty and even getting air brakes was no guarantee that the bodyside footsteps would be plated - see 78. Makes for interesting modelling! Cheers Loco details.xlsx
  2. This looks like chapter and verse on the Lickey bankers... http://lickeyincline.blogspot.com/2011/03/large-engines-on-lickey-incline-1956.html
  3. And massive thanks to you and the team for all the work that made it work so smoothly Andy
  4. And postie delivered this to Churchdown (No not Churchward!) yesterday Can only echo what @BoD has said.....
  5. Ha ha I dont think so Mike although these O gauge models are d*mn impressive! SWMBO isnt ruling out something in the garden so we will have to see when patio gets done after lockdown
  6. You'll have fun with that ! Did you go for the fuel tank speaker installation?
  7. Have just acquired one of these - with no paperwork! There are a couple of loose bits in the box - wonder if someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction please? Initial thoughts were storm sheet supports.... Many thanks
  8. Glad to hear that worked for you! Accurascale 37 on order here too So if you are prepared to consider the price tag the SLW Class 24 is the Rolls Royce....if you want something to tinker with a 26 or 27 from Heljan - look at installing the DC KIts speaker tanks for cracking results.. https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=427&search=class+27+fuel+tank Second loco in video New Bachmann 24/1 is good but benefits from speaker being changed - 25 a bit old in tooth, they and Heljan are releasing new ones so possibly worth waiting for that if you want a 25 Cheers
  9. Phil Bullock

    Dapol Class 22

    So back on topic .... I mentioned back up the thread that we were looking at creating D6336 and D6342 from the later batch D6336 first - heres progress to date, am happy that the basic furniture is now OK.. Headcode boxes and all existing furniture removed - all detail sanded down. New boxes sited lower are extreme etchings Class 37 filed down to make the frames thinner and mounted on microstrip. New doors fabricated from plasticard. Time to move on to other furniture....
  10. Strange isnt it Rob - I would say the same about Humbrol. If I had a fiver for every can that I have only managed to use once and which has then clogged and gone in the bin I would be a rich man! Thats with me clearing the nozzle after use, shaking until my hand falls off, standing in a bowl of hot water, mumbling incantations etc I havent mastered air brushing yet but my son James has - no doubt that is the most controllable and least wasteful.
  11. Thanks both - that makes sense! You have to wonder if the logic was documented as it did seem to get forgotten... https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3256128268
  12. But surely the point is - with the exception of Saltley's stoker fitted locos that were a bit of a special stud for Carlisle duties - that the other regions didnt get the double chimney locos. It might have been interesting to see them on the GC runners or the GN ..... two operations that required predictable and consistent loco performances.
  13. So that meant 30000 for Southern and LMS starting at 40000 - but the LMS had already tried to address duplicate numbers on locos inherited from other Companies at the Grouping by adding 10000 so it made sense to use the 50000 series for them - although not consistently, as ex LNWR Claughtons were allocated the 459xx - 460xx series but were all withdrawn before new numbers were applied - likewise ex LNWR 0-8-0s which ended up in the high 48xxx - 49xxx series. Perhaps because their numbers did not duplicate other LMS built locos?
  14. Was it an attempt to reduce the number of turns on which bankers were needed up Ebbw Vale? I know the Consett turns were banked - how about Brymbo?
  15. The issue with Humbrol varnish described here is not uncommon. I used it for years with mixed results but now smear by Testors. Much more controllable and subtle, and the can doesnt clog and become unusable after a single use. Its certainly possible to get very good results as Rob describes with care .... heres the last one I have done, individual Fox transfers digits finished with Testors Give it a go, best way to get a unique loco.
  16. Bit of a clue here https://www.national-preservation.com/threads/locomotive-front-end-designs.722354/page-2 Suspect those mods would have increased air flow through the grate, improving combustion
  17. And back in the good days when there was steam on the Cambrian in preservation - SVR sent a Manor and 75069 over to run one summer. 75069 failed so another loco was needed - 46443 was sent so a Class 4 replaced with a Class 2, rather to the trepidation of loco crews. They need not have worried - 46443 acquitted itself well on 6 coach trains. Rather more onerous than the two coach workings on the 3 Cocks to Moat Lane workings although the gradients on that line were fierce in places. Erevry time I am fluff chucking on the Wy south of Builth I imagine an Ivatt hooter sounding up the valley....
  18. Nice research and good plan! There are etched footstep covers on the Brassmasters class 25 etch that do a neat job if you need them.
  19. Plastic drive cups in brass flywheels issues are not unique to Heljan as several of our fleet of Bachmann 43s suffered .... you could hear the motor running but no traction, the plastic insert was spinning freely in the brass flywheel. Soulution was to get in there, ensure cup is pushed home and very carefully touch a couple of drops of superglue on to the join between plastic and brass. No further trouble....
  20. Hmm is it size? I know the Ivatts had a dreadful reputation - Doodlebugs on the S&D. But the Southern men liked their double chimney 4MT 75xxx IIRC and saw them as CLass 5s....
  21. I saw what I suspect were the last 3 Standard Class 3 2-6-2ts on the Western Region - and in Wales - in Newport, Easter 1968. 82003/31/34 Looked like you could put the rods back on, light a fire and drive them away. 82031 had come home to die - she was originally a Barry engine - and 82034 started off at Newton Abbot. Dont believe the scrapping dates on Brdatabase - it was Easter 68 when I saw them IIRC and theres plenty of photos on Flikr to confirm they were not cut until Autumn that year. Remember feeling moved when we saw them - 82045 will be well worth seeing when she steams.
  22. IIRC 92233 performed at one stage .... was it that one?
  23. Theres some rather interesting comments from a WR fireman on the 82045 thread this month.... http://www.82045.org.uk/news/82045_news-apr20.html
  24. The white star 8Fs - as per both in my link - had improved balancing expressly for that purpose.
  25. Birmingham area sheds had some... http://www.miac.org.uk/wilcox2.html#lmsr48410 Handy for off region workings across the northern frontier I guess... Phii
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