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  1. The 40th Hull Show is now well on its way to being finally sorted. Full details of the Show can be found on the Hull MRS website Again being held at the new venue of Walton Street Leisure Centre. Hope to see you there. Peter
  2. Andrew, make sure that you check with the Show organisers that it is OK to take videos at the show. Some venues will not allow it! Also make sure that you have the layouts owner permission as well. Best of luck Peter
  3. peterl

    York Show 2020

    A gentle reminder that the advance ticket office opens tomorrow. Pretty well set up here and we do try to get tickets in the post the day following receipt of the order. Only please note there is no post collection or delivery here on a Sunday! Peter
  4. Simon Just had a look at the 2010 and 2009 Warley Show Guides and nothing I can fine matches your description. So not much help really. Peter
  5. 0ops! hadn't thought of that! Peter
  6. Can confirm that Barrow Fleet is not 'EM'. Track on the standard gauge is 16.5mm. I know I helped lay it!!! Peter
  7. But worth remembering that RM Web is not the only model railway forum! Peter
  8. I'll have to see if I can get a certain Mr K Gibbons to give me a lift! Peter
  9. I really ought to get over the River Humber to have a look this year. Peter
  10. peterl

    York Show 2020

    Have alerted the Show Manager to this. Peter
  11. Seems like a good idea but! Hull MRS has in excess of 20 layouts available for Model Railway Shows. Do you really want all of them listed here individually or would it make more sense to just put a link to our layouts page? Peter
  12. Looks like a good line up Chris. Hopefully I will be able to make it. Peter
  13. Mike, if you go to 'Narrow Gauge Railway Modellers on line' you can PM Roger Chivers who will, I'm sure, be glad to help. Peter
  14. Cressington Light Railway set up, as are a number of other layouts. The Show opens at 10.30am tomorrow. Peter
  15. Only just over 2 weeks to this Show. Details of parking and public transport shown on the website. Hope to see you there. Peter
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