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  1. If you have not done so might be worth asking on Narrow Gauge Railways - on line Peter
  2. Just need to find where I parked my car and load the empty cake boxes into it. Maggie and I did the Virtual civic tour yesterday but in reality Sheila and I are eating the cinnamon cake at home. At least I do not have to load and then unload the layout when I get home. Mal has done his usual great job in organising the Show helped by Ken and the rest of the team. Next year we start work on the Show on the 1st April, worrying But we look forward to seeing everybody on the 3rd, 4th and 5th. Take care and as Mal said hopefully the virus crisis will be way behind us by then. Peter
  3. Only one more to go and then back to reality! Peter
  4. So how many did we get through the door? Has Mal finished his coffee yet as we are going out this evening. Well I can dream can't I? Been digging the garden, cutting the grass, And other odd jobs. Must do some modelling at some time but the weather is too nice to be stuck inside. Tried to work out how many York Shows I've been involved with. Must be about 20. Can anybody remember? Peter
  5. Monday is usually the quietest day with Saturday being the busiest. So usually, to miss the crowds don't go on the Saturday. Afternoons also tend to be less crowded as well but that does restrict your time to get around the 3,000 sq. M of the Show across three floors and the two mezzanines. Advance tickets can be used on any one day of the Show and will be available to purchase from October. Provided we are out of the lockdown! Hope that helps Peter
  6. Sorry we can't get the Lemon Drizzle cake onto here. Peter & Sheila
  7. I think that I have contacted all the advance ticket holders that I had email contact details for. If you have not heard from me and wish for a refund please contact me. If you wish to keep the tickets and use them for the 2021 Show then there is no need to get in touch. The tickets are valid. Peter
  8. I have started to send out the emails about the Advanced tickets. Have sent out about 30 so still quite a few to go. Just having a break!!!! Peter
  9. Quick update re advance tickets. If you have purchased advance ticket you may hang onto them and use them for the 2021 York Model Railway Show. They are not dated so there will be no problems. If however you wish to be refunded the purchase price we will be in touch within the next 5 to 7 days. so you will be able to respond then. These details will be posted on the website but not until probably late tomorrow.
  10. Chris you will not be the only one. If you could let me have your contact details and the ticket numbers I will be able to sort. Either PM me or email [email protected] Many thanks Peter
  11. Just to confirm I will be contacting advance ticket holder over the next 5 to 7 days. We will offer a number of options. Just to add if you have not heard from us by the 26th March could you then please contact me either via the secretary or advance ticket link on the website or write to me at the address from which you originally ordered the tickets. Your help and patience is very much appreciated. Peter
  12. Well done Andy. For some reasons my original membership was lost when you switched to a new set up some years ago so. But hope all is well for the future. Peter
  13. Pretty well all sorted now. Keep a watch on the website in case there are any modifications. Peter
  14. peterl

    Baz Ward

    Baz will be missed by all the gang that organise the Show. RIP Baz
  15. Think I would leave that to either the owners or project leader for each layout. The layouts are listed by scale/gauge on the layouts page on the website. Peter
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