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  1. I remember the Cawoods train from South Wales. (Pantyffynon/Abercomboi) to Ellesemere Port starting up in the May 1987 timetable, although I think a few trains ran before that date. In fact the train starting resulted in me getting made up to a driver at Hereford because of the extra work they brought to the depot. I and some of my friends took a few photos of the train over the years, and they can now be found in a dedicated album on my Flickr site, which will grow as i find and scan more photos. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmLX96XM Paul J.
  2. It may well be a different wagon, as it caught me by surprise whilst sitting waiting to depart Bounds Green, and I was really after the Shark behind it. It was only after I posted it up on my Flickr site and a comment was made about the Pilchard being in the photo that I spotted it for what it was. Shame I never caught the number. Still the ultimate short engineering train for modelers. Two Sharks and a Pilchard. Paul J.
  3. I only ever saw one Pilchard in my railway career, and that was YCO, DB990073 which I noted in Kings Cross Goods Yard in the summer of 1983. The photo below is an enlargement of what may well be my only photo of it, snapped in a passing train. I leave you to decide what livery it is in. Paul J.
  4. If you do a 37/9 in its early years, the only thing you heard was the fan going round. It wasn't until the silences were removed from them that they made any racket at all. Paul J.
  5. At Hereford in the late 1980's we had a turn down to Llanwern and Cardiff Tidal with a train from Trafford Park which carried baled scrap as part of its load, among other things. I took a few photos of the train and some of its wagons whilst working the train one week in November 1988. Below are photos of SPA's carrying scrap that often appeared in the train consist, which are awaiting uploading onto my Flickr site. Loaded with bailed scrap, SPA 460516 sits on the service line in Llanwern Steelworks. 2nd November 1988. Loaded with bailed scrap, SHA 461038 sits on
  6. A look through this album (Brunswick 1969) on Edgehillsignalmans Flickr site has some shots of D2852 actually doing some work, as well as some colour shots of a MD&HB Hudswell Clarke in action. https://flic.kr/s/aHsjwwYh3N Paul J.
  7. A few of them got about. I have photos of them at Newton Heath, Oldham (Lees) shed, Reddish, Lostock Hall, Preston, Blackpool North, and a little further afield under repair at Derby Works, and in the roundhouse at Burton, D2859 was allocated there from 31/12/60 until 10/64. D2859 then spent a shot spell up at Newton Heath MPD before transferring to Goole shed (50D) in 07/67, along with D2865 where it stayed until withdrawn 03/70. So scope for them to appear in a few other places than around the Liverpool area. They got even further afield in industrial service, and if my memory is
  8. The only other disc 24 one I've found with miniature ploughs is D5077. There are a couple of photos of it. The best is on the "Derby-Sulzer" website, (a veritable mine of information on anything Sulzer), There is also a shot on David Fords Flickr site. Paul J.
  9. This company appears to be the same as the one on eBay, and sells other stuff as well as figures. Well worth a browse. https://allscales.co.uk/shop/ Paul J.
  10. Very sad to here the news about Track Shack. I had only used them a couple of times, and there service was second to none. My condolences to the family, and best wishes to all those involved with Track Shack. Paul J.
  11. I'm so glad that your gamble paid off. Everyone was a winner. Yourselves and us modelers. How's about some 25t iron ore hoppers, such as these to compliment them. Paul J.
  12. One factor that wasn't usually appreciated that had an effect on fuel consumption was the steam heat boiler, as its fuel supply was taken from the main tank. the boiler could drink a fair amount of fuel in heating 12 coach sleeper train, especially if the train wasn't particularly steam tight. Paul J.
  13. For the early air braking trials, a number of 12t vans, mostly the planked body with ply doors or all ply bodies examples, along with some Palvans and steel opens were fitted with air brakes and new suspension as on the later VEA's. Paul Bartlett's site has photos of many of them, mainly when they went into departmental use. I managed to capture one of them in departmental use at Bescot in 1986, and it can be seen here on my Flickr site. Paul J.
  14. Towards the end of their working lives, which is when I worked on them, although they had a lot of diagrammed work on ETH stock during the day, all of the overnight trains on the ECML were steam heated, so as Deltics would still be fueled and watered just in case they ended up being diagrammed on one of the overnight services. Paul J.
  15. I did send you, a long while ago mind you, the measurements and style of Numbers we found on D2578 when we restored it. I would be happy to resend them if they you are thinking of doing them as a transfer, including photos. Paul J.
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