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  1. There was a second hand shop on St Johns road in Tunbridge Wells as well ... opposite the pet shop with the monkey running around!! Happy days.
  2. It was surprising. I think there is one out on the industrial park now isn’t there? Not as competitive as the Hobby Shop in Faversham, and quite hard to find.
  3. My take on clergy and trains ... ... firstly, I loved trains of all kinds long before ordination. ... secondly, working for the church can mean working some unsociable hours. In my last parishes (7 of) I was often out at work 4-5 evenings every week, not to mention most of Sunday. Whilst I made time for friends and family, it made a mess of other hobbies. Meanwhile, model trains, mostly a solo hobby, can be fitted in easily, especially when working from a generous sized home. Not sure about the comments about control ... for me its pure nostalgia and escapi
  4. Thanks John. My layout folds in half and an end plate is secured for transit and storage. I'm just not sure if I need to take the extra precaution.
  5. I have used them, but only for 1 purchase which was out of stock everywhere else.
  6. Just in the process of planning the scennery for this. However, I noted in the Railway Modeller's December issue, in the article about getting started in O Gauge, it suggests using screws to anchor track at board joints (p939). What are everyones thoughts on this? I have previously done so in OO and N, but the track is much more fragile in the smaller scales. I hadn't put screws in Nell's Bridge because a) it is a folding layout and b) the track is so much bigger and stronger ... However, should I retro fit them before going further?
  7. In the Platinum Plus edition he is fully dressed as well
  8. So, we already have RMWeb GOLD which is a subscription service which gives ad free content plus all the extras (such as the extra digital content etc). So how about RMWeb SILVER - which is ad free, but doesn't have any of the extras of Gold - this is run on a suggested annual donation of whatever the user feels they want to pay (but perhaps with a low minimum amount). This may also appeal to those who are happy to contribute committing to an annual subscription - they just have to make a variable donation once every 12 months. You can then have RMWeb BRONZE which is th
  9. Yup, this idea turned into a bit of a Norweigan Blue!! Even the Guild modular concept died a bit of a death. I still have my module, but I think that is about it. I'm still working on it, albeit very slowly. The idea of the original spec was to keep everything as open as possible ... single track, no constraints on widths and joined by bridging pieces ... that way people only had to make sure their module was the right height (6") above table top. It wasn't supposed to be like Freemo etc where modules are more seemless. Sadly, I doubt it is going anywhere
  10. If you already have some good quality foam then use that. I went for the wood option because I didn't have any foam to hand and the person who came up with the idea had used wood. The 2mm hobby foam, plus a piece of kitchen roll, seems to protect the stock very well. By using wood it has meant I have been able to attached the label holders to each compartment. When you look down on a full box of stock you can't always tell whats in each tray.
  11. Here is a pic of the wood inserts from Tim Horn, they simply slot into the plastic box (although the bottom outer corners needed a bit of sanding as the box bottom is slightly rounded.
  12. I have needed some stock boxes for a while for my 7mm stock, not least because some of the kits I have built won't go back in their original boxes, and I have a cquired a few second hand purchases which came unboxed. perhaps more importantly, I got bored of the packing and unpacking every time I had a running session ... fine for a couple of locos, but the wagons were quite tedious ... ... so, here is my solution (copied form someone I saw at Tonbridge show a few years ago. A 24 Litre Really Useful Box (the hardened type). A laser cut ply frame from Tim Horn. Varnish
  13. This is a very impressive layout Simon. Can I ask what the Tortoise connectors are and where you got them from? The ones I got from C&L are pretty flimsy and have had to be replaced a couple of times, whereas the ones pictured seem to be a lot better.
  14. I'm sorry to hear that. I very much enjoyed the articles he wrote and as well as some superb modelling, he had a very engaging writing style imo. I'm glad to hear his buildings are getting a new lease of life. I think his was the first article I read about forced perspective. Thanx
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