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  1. I have been after a sensibly priced copy of this one for ages. However, after doing some digging I heard that the book rights are jointly owned between the estates of Wilbert and George as co-authors ... and whoever ended up with Georges estate was unhappy with the merchandising deal done with Britt all those years ago, so has vetoed any reprints.
  2. Good to meet you today Tim. I have been playing around with colours and I think Humbrol Matt Grass Green #80 is a good match, is that what Chris suggested? I too have a terrier which maybe about to change colour!
  3. Got there in the end, turned out the 'flattening agent' had seperated. Dashed these secret agents. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be done!
  4. Well done for just cracking on with it instead :)
  5. Excellent news! Looking forward to this. Does "range of similar models" mean will also see some scale opens from the midland et al too ... I know Lionheart/Dapol announced some many moons ago??
  6. Grrrr ... applied some Humbrol Matt Cote to the Solt Van and the silly thing has dried gloss. Right, attempt 2!!!
  7. So, the salt van is all finished and drying nicely. When its safe to handle I'll take some pics. next up are some stock boxes for the wagons, and repairing a Dapol 57xx which I picked up cheap.
  8. Jack

    Dapol 'O' 57XX / 8750

    I picked up a 9659 Pannier off ebay this week ... however, it was cheap for a reason!! I'm not sure what the last owner did to it. One of the connecting rods has been severed in half, all the brake gear has been smashed off and most of the tyres are wonky on the wheels. Most bizarrely though is that one of the middle wheels has obviously been removed and replaced incorrectly. All said though, the body work, motor etc is in very good condition, so I don't think it has been dropped! Most strange, but definitely a bargain if I can get a few issues straightened out. So ... 1) How do I remove and replace a wheel from its axle without damaging it? Its the middle axle, so has all the fake motion on it. 2) Does anyone know where I could get a replacement con rod? I have tried Dapol and DCC Supplies and there are none in stock until the next manufacturing run at the end of this year, or maybe next.
  9. Thanks!!! Mystery solved. The kit I have didn't come with transfer instructions and I found a scanned copy on the internet, which doesn't include the line about keeping the tissue moist during the 15 minutes. I assumed one left it to dry out. I'll acquire some more and see how I get on. :)
  10. So instead of leaving it to dry for 15 mins I keep it moist with the meths solution? I'll order some more transfers and give it a go. Thanks!
  11. Nice! Looking forward to seeing the layout progress.
  12. Nope, it was the green “Manger’s” one. Replacement set of tansfers arrived and the end lettering is still coming apart when i try and remove the tissue. Its not the age of the transfers, so maybe i’m doing something wrong ... i’m fairly sure i’m following the instructions tho.
  13. I’ve had some kits sitting in some boxes for the past 10 years and have finally got round to starting to build them. First up is a Slater’s Salt Van (the green Manger’s one). It went together really well and i managed to fabricate the roof ok, but i’m struggling with the transfers. i’ve followed the instructions .... remove the backing, apply with 3:1 meths/water, leave 15mins, then remove tissue with water ... except that when i do the last bit the transfer keeps coming off too. The numbers are ok to reposition, but the end wording keeps disintergrating because there is so much. At first i thought it was the age of the transfers, so brought some new ones from Slaters, but these have done the same. Has anyone else had this problem? How have you solved it, or am i doing something wrong? Thanks
  14. It is, but this thread was started in the modular cupboard and has just been moved but the mods.
  15. I think your in the wrong place and might get more repsonse in the main 7mm modelling section.
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