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  1. Thanks, I'll give them a try.
  2. This is a very impressive layout Simon. Can I ask what the Tortoise connectors are and where you got them from? The ones I got from C&L are pretty flimsy and have had to be replaced a couple of times, whereas the ones pictured seem to be a lot better.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that. I very much enjoyed the articles he wrote and as well as some superb modelling, he had a very engaging writing style imo. I'm glad to hear his buildings are getting a new lease of life. I think his was the first article I read about forced perspective. Thanx
  4. Thanks Paul. I figured that was the reason, but it feels like they have gone too far the otherway! I think I'll hunt out some foam too ...
  5. Yes, quite a character. My dad got to know him when he was stationed at Longleat Camp doing his survey training with the Royal Engineers. Lord Bath was certainly eccentric, even back then!! RIP.
  6. I have been a big fan of Neil Herd's 'Helford Creek' layouts ... first the OO one, then the O gauge version. Not quite sure what it was about them, but there was a subtle effectiveness to the buildings and the design. Pics in the Railway Modeller and the GOG Gazette, but I haven't seen anything online, or whether he has built anything else.
  7. My 14xx was a birthday present, so I have only just had an opportunity to play with it. What a superb model, but what a frustrating method of storage. 5 screws to get at the model! All OK, except my stock normally only comes out once every 2-3 months. I normally store locos in their original boxes, so what to do with this one? Bit of a pain. Anyone come up with any storage solutions, or do you all just take them out of the box and leave them out?
  8. Oh pants, I'm a snowflake??? And there was me thinking I was too old ... ;) I've been down there several times on the motorbike and believe me, those rails are very treacherous on two wheels in the wet! Motorcycle or bicycle it can be quite dangerous. Unlike a level crossing where you mostly cross at an angle, it is descepively easy to get caught out on these. It is made more dangerous by the almost unique nature of the tramway ... there is so little street running in the south of England that they really can catch out the unwary (I know there are several cities with trams, but they are all north of the M25)! I'd like to see them used again, but a friend who works for SWT said they were surveyed in the early noughties and were beyond repair way back then. Right, I'm going to sit in the fridge before I start melting again ...
  9. Are the Hornby blanking plugs easy to crack open to wire the chip in?
  10. Thanks, it's not a case of not being bothered, I just prefer plug in decoders as being a neater solution - plus if anything happens to the decoder it is easier to swap it out. Hard wired decoders are more of a phaff. Hornby must have been getting these 4 pin plugs and sockets from somewhere and I find it hard to believe they would have been bespoke to them. Why on earth they couldn't put 6 pin NEM sockets in is beyond me.
  11. When I purchased my original peckett and sentinel I managed to get hold of some new Hornby style 4 pin plugs from DCC Supplies. I fitted these to Lenz Silver decoders and just plugged them into the locos. Does anyone know if these are still available from anywhere? DCC Supplies said they didn't have any last time I enquired. I could hardwire the next pecket, but feel that a plug in would be more elogant.
  12. Another really enjoyable show in Canterbury. There were some extremely good layouts this year, and I think the show went really well. Thanks everyone! A couple of pics off the camera ... Portwen ... which confused me, because we also had the excellent Portway of this parish!! The Yard ... wow, so much gadgetry in such a small space!! RC lorries with working brake lights ... mad! Gordon and Maggie's Arun Quay ... I spent a lot of time in front of this one, totally captivating. Unfortunately as it got dark yesterday afternoon the light wasn't great in places, but this is my favourite corner of James St.
  13. Jack

    03 & 05 in O gauge

    DJH do batch produce RTR examples, but they are not cheep, as one would expect from something which I guess is a hand built kit. Interesting comment about eh body work quality.
  14. Jack

    03 & 05 in O gauge

    You pays yer money ... there is a big difference in price between DJH and Heljan!!
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