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  1. Another really enjoyable show in Canterbury. There were some extremely good layouts this year, and I think the show went really well. Thanks everyone! A couple of pics off the camera ... Portwen ... which confused me, because we also had the excellent Portway of this parish!! The Yard ... wow, so much gadgetry in such a small space!! RC lorries with working brake lights ... mad! Gordon and Maggie's Arun Quay ... I spent a lot of time in front of this one, totally captivating. Unfortunately as it got dark yesterday afternoon the light wasn't great in places, but this is my favourite corner of James St.
  2. Jack

    03 & 05 in O gauge

    DJH do batch produce RTR examples, but they are not cheep, as one would expect from something which I guess is a hand built kit. Interesting comment about eh body work quality.
  3. Jack

    03 & 05 in O gauge

    You pays yer money ... there is a big difference in price between DJH and Heljan!!
  4. These should be in the 'Prototype For Everything' section - peco O gauge setrack eat yer heart out!!!
  5. Looking forward to seeing you all ... if I can tear myself away from the layouts :) Looks like I'll need my winter undies for the carpark duty on Saturday morning, but atleast it should be dry!
  6. until
  7. A list of layouts and traders can be found here : http://www.ccmrs.co.uk/exhibition.html
  8. Well, its not a re-issue, it's a different identity. I'm happy with that since I was going to change it to '583' anyway. The upward trend of rrp has been discussed in various places before and is a sad fact of our new global reality. However, when you look on Bachmann's website I think it is shocking that the lined green one is a full £100 more than a black one when, as others have said, Hornby and Hattons didn't charge such a variance. nNeither is there such a variance on *any* other model which is offered in lined and unlined liveries. Still, at the end of the day, it is a hobby, and if we paid a kit builder to do such things then it would cost more. Before the SECR became so popular with rtr manufacturers I know someone who kit built a D then paid a professional to paint it ... that really wasn't cheap by the time he'd brought the kit, the wheels, the gearbox, the motor, spent time building it, then paid the pro to finish it off.
  9. Wow. I seem to recall it changed hands a few years ago fo several thousand pounds. Very tempting!!
  10. On reflection I thin I might try a key type coupling rod first, before I start modding stock. Whilst I'm quite happy with Kadees in OO, there is something satisfying about having realistic coupling in O. I'd be interested to know about the "imprecise jacksons"? Ta
  11. "Suggestions for Dating a GWR Pannier to 1955" I reckon wine and flowers are good for most eras ... sorry, hat, coat etc.
  12. Fine if you're building Minories, bit limiting in a lot of other respects. Still, it's been an interesting learning experience ...
  13. The crossovers have been replaced with Peco 6' streamline points. It reduces the size of the headshunt by a few inches, but everything still works in terms of operation. No buffer locking and everything is good to go for some scenery, once I've returned to a few rolling stock projects. I left the point covers on the two points which are effectively the 'mainline', but removed them from the two sidings, filling the holes with some black milliput. Having closed the track centres by over 0.6 inches there is a bit more room for the low-relief buildings at the back.
  14. The crossovers are nearly removed and replaced with standard 6' streamline points. Putting them next to the set track points it became clear the reverse curve with the latter was causing the buffer locking on pretty much everything that wasn't a 4 wheel wagon or pecket. Piccies to follow once I have realigned the narrow gauge feeder and finished the wiring ...
  15. Nope, no need for insulation as this is all done around the frog and the power is transfered to the correct rails using thin wire underneath. Just use metal fish plates all around. I have now removed 4 out of the 6 from Gough's Yard. Basically the 2 crossovers have had to go as I was getting buffer locking on anything other than a Peckett and 4-wheelers. The buffer locking seemes to be caused by the fact the diverging line continues on a curve through the frog, unlike on the streamline points where the diverging line straightens out before the frog. 2 pairs of bog standard 6' points just about fit ... should have used threm from the start!! The set track points are still fine for the sidings because they don't form a reverse curve.
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