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  1. Hi folks!!!! I have decided to sell Long Lane WRD as I feel the need for a new challenge. So here we go: For sale: 1 x exhibition layout. Dimensions: 16 feet long x 2 feet wide. 3 x scenic boards with 1 x Fiddle Yard. All Peco code 100 track Fully operational, complete with yard lights, signalbox with internal lighting, station lighting and buffer stop lighting. Eckon Berko signalling installed, not yet wired. Fully lit and detailed portacabins. Internally lit shed trees, static grass etc Signals and ground s
  2. Hi Jules, Thanks I wasnt sure how the Lowmac would turn out but I think its fair. The BDA went a bit better! Thank you I need it!! haha! no problem!! Thanks for dropping by! Trev
  3. Thanks Adrian, much appreciated. I was after a bleached look, not sure if I achieved that!! Cheers Trev
  4. I have a few Loadhaul and RF Bachmann BDA's that Im adding dirt to. A few weeks back I added stanchions from **** gauge wire, superglued into place and painted a nice rusty shade of red. I can't be bothered with renumbering each wagon to provide sequential numbering as life is too short and the weathering will probably obscure some detail, so Im plumping for making dirty only. I did at least four different deck washes and removals in different amounts and also used the weathering powders and hairspray. I still have air pipes to fit, do the buff
  5. Hi Adrian, Not sure where the PCA would have been?! I'm sure one of the kit manufacturers probably do/did a kit? Im sure someone will know! If you don't ask, you don't get mate! Trev
  6. Hi mate The first one is a pressurised TTA - I'd suggest Chlorine, but perhaps C02 and the second one appears to be a PCA - cement maybe? Hope that helps Trev
  7. Hi Adrian, Just catching up after my sabbatical! Your layouts come along a treat. I love the infrastructure. The cable troughing and P-Way is very neat! I really like the roadworks and the trench! Very original. Keep up the good work mate Cheers Trev
  8. It still a bit parky outside so the heaters were on for a good few hours prior to going in the garage yesterday. Yesterdays objective was twofold: Vacuum the layout, and to clean the rails Weather a Lowmac and to add vac bags. So carefully, (avoiding the ground signals), I vacuumed the layout in its entirety, went over each section with a track rubber, then went round afterwards with a non fibre-shedding cloth soaked in Isopropyl alcohol. That was fun. I must invest in one of those CMX tank wagons with the cloth pad........ So onto the Lowmac - it w
  9. Thank you pal, much appreciated
  10. Hi Adrian, Yes mate things are very tough at the moment... They are stunning models - can't wait for the TEA with the Schleiren bogies! drool Trev
  11. I've not done a great deal to the layout over the winter period, and its been sheeted over in the garage. I suppose that's one of the disadvantages of having the layout in there that you're governed by the cold as to how much work you can do and when.... I've had a couple of new purchases arrive namely: Dapol JNA's - maybe a bit modern for my time frame, still I might weather them add a load and sell them Cavalex PGA's - Stunning models, by far the best RTR model ive seen - I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to weather them...more to be purchased as I want
  12. Cheers matey Lots to do still! Trev
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