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  1. Hi all, A friend of mine has organised another model railway exhibition in aid of Aurora, a charity which helps local people in Worksop living with cancer. More details below - it's a great cause, so hopefully will see a good turnout.
  2. Rightio, it's about time I brought things to a close as the layout has now sold. It attended Barnsley & Sheffield shows in 2014 and had a booking for Scunthorpe Modern Image show this year (2015). However, I'm moving to Manchester for a new job, so I offered the layout for sale to Scunthorpe Modern Image Group and they have bought it. I'm hoping to go and see it at their show in May, although only for 1 day! Here are 2 last pictures of it: Am hoping to build a new layout in a year or 2, so watch this space!
  3. OT slightly, but the 158 is improved massively by fixing the front valances/air dams onto the bodies and using close coupling of your choice. I'd like to see an 85 and a 2-EPB shrunk down from OO, but that is probably wishful thinking.
  4. Rightio, I've just pledged for a £30 2 car add on as well. As I've said before, I've no interest in running a layout with a Pendolino on, but as a committed N gauger I think this is a fantastic opportunity to drive the gauge forward. Pledging for the 2 car add on set is a great way, in my opinion, of having the excitement of the production process by pledging for some stock and also showing a reasonable amount of support for the project. If I can sell it late on in 2016 for a profit, then so be it, if I decide to at the time. Really hope this gets over the line! I reckon Rapido would make the development & production phase a lot of fun for everyone.
  5. Hello chaps, I didn't realise that you could pledge to support the project but not the full amount for a Pendolino - I'll definitely support it, in that case, I'll give some thought as to how much. As an N gauge modeller, this really is very exciting and I hope it reaches the target. I model the 70s and 80s, so can't justify running a Pendolino (and have little interest in them) but I can't help thinking that £255 for a nine coach Pendolino is just staggeringly good value for money. Oh, how I wish you'd done APT-P! Well done to all concerned for driving the gauge forward.
  6. Just to prove it still exists! The layout went out to a charity event on Sunday and ran very well, which was good as it has been out of commission for about a year. It is currently booked at Sheffield (October 2014), Barnsley (November 2014) & Scunthorpe Modern Image (May 2015), after which point I may well sell it and build something new.
  7. A friend and I went to RMWeb Live yesterday and had a very enjoyable day out - we would normally have been elsewhere, being N gaugers, but I wanted to see Ravensclyffe, having not seen it before (it did not disappoint!) and was also interested in the demonstrations. The appearances of Vale of Oxbury (sure one of the best layouts in the country at the moment) and Kinlet Wharf also played a part in the decision. Managed to get an airbrushing demo, which was brilliant, as I weather my stock using brush painting and powders at the moment. It really was much appreciated and I'm looking forward to starting to use an airbrush at some point. We did note that there seemed to be relatively few people present but, for us, that made the day all the better for being able to easily get to the front of layouts & demos etc. All in all, very enjoyable.
  8. Hi all, A friend of mine has organised a small model railway exhibition in Worksop, in aid of Aurora Wellbeing, a charity which cares for local people living with cancer. Details below, hopefully we'll see a good turn out: Come and Join Us! MODEL RAILWAY EXHIBITION The Old Library Building, Memorial Avenue, Worksop, S80 2BP Sunday 21st September 2014 10am – 3.30pm Suggested donations: £1 Adults, 50p Children Featuring layouts in a variety of gauges (N, OO, EM) With thanks to members of Bassetlaw (North Notts) Railway Society Plus Try your hand at a Shunting Puzzle Layout; shuffle the cards to find out your sequence! Plus a fully working Thomas layout for the children, featuring all your favourite Thomas characters! There will also be trade support from Mad About Trains, Gainsborough Plus a stand about the Bassetlaw Society Plus a FREE film show and a small exhibition on the railways of Worksop and North Notts Also available on the day, as part of our Open Day: *Valerie’s Tea Rooms* *Charity Shop* *Cake Stall* *Beauty Therapy* *Gift Stalls* *Heritage Stand* *Books* *Raffle* *Tombola* - Everyone Welcome! -
  9. Very good. An easy fix which turns the 91 into a very nice model, in my opinion. I'd also recommend a TPM detailing kit.
  10. I'm assuming that this is simply a case of picking up on a model Dapol don't wish to do any more (it no longer appears under the product development section of the Dapol website)? Either way, I'm very interested in the original 1980s liveried example, thanks Dave.
  11. Hi Stuart, Farish produced some earlier Freightliner liveries a few years ago and they can be picked up on eBay from time to time. Check out these links: http://www.ehattons.com/Trade/StockDetail.aspx?SID=11721 http://www.ehattons.com/Trade/StockDetail.aspx?SID=8713 http://www.ehattons.com/Trade/StockDetail.aspx?SID=11720 http://www.ehattons.com/Trade/StockDetail.aspx?SID=8712
  12. Recent new releases with updated tooling will be marked as Blue Riband on the Farish website under the 'Body' column on this page: http://www.grahamfarish.co.uk/prod1.php?prod_selected=farish&prod=1 You can't go far wrong with a 03, 08, 20, 24 (too early?), 37, 47, 55 for your era in terms of performance, although I would possibly avoid the shunters due to short wheelbase and go for a 20 for an inglenook shunting layout. 20192 (371-031) is a superb loco. Edit: I can't comment on it's suitability for a finescale conversion, though.
  13. I'd say brush - while both look excellent, I think the brush looks slightly softer to by eyes and that will focus attention more on the modelling at the front. Superb work by the way, thank you for uploading photos of your progress.
  14. Superb project Jo - looking forward to seeing the end result. FYI an old pair of Xuron cutters makes extremely light work of this job!
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