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  1. Use one of the locos as the "standard" and change CVs 2, 5 & 6 on the second, although to get a good match across all speed steps you may find you need to switch to using the complex speed curve. Given both your decoders are sound enabled, the acceleration (CV3) and deceleration (CV4) rates may also need to be modified. Steven B
  2. DIY transfers is probably the best option. Available from the likes of Crafty Computer Paper you'd be able to print your own routes and registration plates. Don't forget to vary any adverts on the sides of the buses too. Steven B.
  3. Opps, second attempt - short prototypical rakes of HHA: Four behind a class 66: https://flic.kr/p/2m3gFwy Five behind class 70: https://flic.kr/p/2mbnWjX Eight behind a class 66: https://flic.kr/p/acr5Xu I do agree with the suggestions above about being able to reduce the length of a train if you can't see the whole length. For a passenger train I think you need to take a bit more care to ensure the formation looks right. For example if only three coaches of an HST can be seen then I'd probably end up with: TF TF Buffet TS TS TGS so that the TGS and buffet can't be see at the same time - a big give away of the train length being reduced. Steven B.
  4. It's perfectly possible to be prototypical and have a short rake of HAA. Wagons returning from repair would be tripped back to yards in much smaller numbers than a "standard full" length rake. Have a look in the "Prototype for everything" thread, and that dedicated to Accurascale's HAA - there are plenty of prototypical short rakes of wagons. E.g. 12 HAA, 1 HEA and a TTA: or thirteen HAA and three class 37: Triple Headed 37s by Stephen Dance, on Flickr Steven B
  5. My understanding was their use on the Ashbury's trains happened before and after the 1984/85 strike. There are photos on Flickr of the class on the train before March '84 and after '85 - enough to suggest (to me at least!) that it was a regular diagram for the class. There's no doubting the strike took the class to a much wider range of locations with a more diverse set of trains. Steven B.
  6. Whilst the use of class 58's on trains other than MGR wasn't common, one exception was the Ashbury's to Toton Speedlink service which usually brought a member of the class to Greater Manchester each day (SX). However, the inclusion of a class 45 in the train wasn't common: (John Turner on Flickr)
  7. Define cheap? There are usually several on eBay - there are eight Peco and a couple of Farish ones at the moment. The Peco ones usually go for £20-60 depending on condition. You can double those prices for the Farish version. Steven B.
  8. I think I'm in love.... D9502 in the Forest of Dean (1965) D9502 in the Forest of Dean by geoff7918, on Flickr
  9. Dapol have never made a Jubilee in N. Do you mean the Farish or Peco model? The source of either is likely to be eBay or other retailer of second hand models and come with a body attached... Steven B
  10. The bogie wheelbase dimensions are shared on the class 40, 44, 45 & 46 (8'-8'-5'6") with the same wheel size (3'9" and 3'), but the distance between the bogies was longer on the class 40 (34' 3" vs 32' 8"). At best you could copy and paste the CAD for the functioning bits of the chassis, and chop 4mm from the main chassis block. Steven B.
  11. Bought your Class 222 as "spares and repairs" from eBay but haven't repainted it yet? Not a problem: 222103 - 60193, Destined for East Midlands Trains by Kyle Baldwin, on Flickr Nose forward Class 20 working on its own with an RTC Test car and a 75t crane (running slip brake tests on the crane): 20097 with RTC Test Train including TC2 and 76t Crane - Crewe - 28 11 1987 by Dave Bower, on Flickr Haven't quite finished your HST repaint in time for the exhibition: Steven B.
  12. Didn't Woodham's also have a huge quantity of 16t minerals and other wagons to cut up? These pushed the steam locos back in the queue to meet the cutters torch allowing more time to save them. Steven B.
  13. Double sided PCB board is available in 1.2mm, 0.8mm, 0.6mm and 0.4mm thicknesses (approx 100x120mm sheets) from Hobby Holidays: https://www.hobbyholidays.co.uk/products.php?cat=106 Steven B
  14. With Firefox's Privacy/tracking protection set to "Standard" I get an advert in the blank space on the home & Unread Since last visit pages. On other pages I just the blank space on any other pages/threads (such as this one). Switching to "Strict" (my default setting) then the advert disappears from the home/unread page but the empty space remains. I can understand the blank space being there if an advert has been removed, but if there are no ads on the actual forum thread pages once I'm logged in then I'd expect the space reserved for them to go too. Steven B
  15. I've recently bought six of Rails Connect Next18 decoders to fit in the dummy half of Dapol class 142 (bought in bulk they work out £5 less per decoder than an equivalent Zimo - not to be sniffed at when all I'm doing it turning the lights on and off). The decoder reports Manufacturer (CV8) - 36 - DCC Concepts, but with an unknown version (CV7) of 21. Has anyone found a matching decoder type in JMRI. I'm using 4.22 and whilst there are several DCC Concepts decoders listed I'm not sure if any are a good match for the rebranded ones they've produced for Rails. I want to make use of some of the features in the manual referring to function remapping and adjusting the brightness and it'd be easier done through JMRI rather than editing individual CVs - if there isn't an equivalent I'm going to look at creating the decoder file for JMRI myself. EDIT: After a quick comparison of the manuals it would appear that the RoS decoders use the CV settings as the DCC Concepts Zen Blue decoders (or a Zen Black minus the ABC functionality). Steven B.
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