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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check my Java version and see what error messages I get. I'm just surprised that it will control a loco and identify the decoder but won't open the Programming window within DecoderPro. I'd have thought it would be all or nothing. Steven B.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Nigel. I'll double check the preferences. The laptop does just about everything else I need it to except for running JMRI reliably. A Pi based system is tempting but lacks the convenience of a laptop. For the price of a Pi-Top I could get Windows 10 running on the current laptop. A Pi-Sprog is temping but currently out of stock - I assume I'd be able to use with the Zephyr Xtra or a Locobuffer connected via USB is required? Steven B.
  3. Interesting but time consuming! The ferry single vans (Hbfis) on the Ford traffic rarely carried Cargowagon branding. Most carried Ford logos. It wasn't uncommon to have one VGA running with two-four Hbfis so I'll stretch reality and run my Cartics with four or five VGA. Warrington Arpley has appeared on previous Revolution threads. Here's one I've found with a class 25, HAA, pair of Cartic-4 and a brake van: n85-81s by john catterson, on Flickr The brake van has side lamps so I'm guessing the train is running at least partially unbraked and consists of wagon
  4. A year or two ago breathed new life into an old Windows laptop by fitting an SSD and Linux Mint. I've never been able to get JMRI work reliably on it though. Last night I tried with both a Sprog 2 and Digitrax Zephyr Xtra (DCS52) but with only limited success. Using either hardware I can drive a loco and "identify" a decoder. However, I can't reliably program decoders as most of the time clicking on the "Program" button does not open the programming window. The software just sits there apparently doing nothing. I've tried multiple restarts of JMRI and the laptop. Instal
  5. Anyone wishing the NGS had offered this?: Hunslet 0-6-0 no5 Loco seen at Fords Dagenham 23-2-82. I Cuthbertson collection by Ian Cuthbertson, on Flickr The following are also worth typing into Flickr's search bar: 6L42 6M37 (Dagenham to Garston Speke & return) What are the blue ended vans used for the Ford traffic? They're very similar to VGA but with ferry fittings. Are they they single version of the Cargowagon Twins already released by Revolution? For some reason searching for "Ford van" doesn't list many railway wagons... St
  6. One of them looks to be marked "L2" on the PCB which makes them inductors. The other should have a "L1" marking somewhere nearby. I'd be tempted to remove the inductors and solder the decoder wires to the pad that are left behind. Steven B.
  7. Steven B

    Dapol 142

    Had there been a better alternative I'd have bought it. As it is, if you want a 142 in N you've got the choice of the Dapol model, the Worsley Works scratch building aid or a complete scratch build. I model the Greater Manchester in late BR period so guess what option I went for... (as well as crossing my fingers that we one day get a more accurate one, but I suspect that will be unlikely) Steven B.
  8. Steven B

    Dapol 142

    The windows aren't tall enough - the tops of them are in roughly the right place but they don't come far enough down the body sides. Having grown up with them I've really wanted a GMPTE orange/brown class 142 since starting modelling in N some twenty years ago. I think I've going to have to buy the Realtrack one in OO gauge and sit further away from it... I do wonder why Dapol don't just send Railmatch or Phoenix paint samples to the factories and ask them to colour match. Steven B.
  9. An excellent choice! Fortunately, only one's needed for a train! Clagging On Cartics. by Neil Harvey 156, on Flickr They ran with what looks like ferry-twins & KFA on the 6M37 Dagenham-Garston Ford trains. Steven B.
  10. As you're releasing the Brecknell Willis pantograph as a spare, could you do the same for the Stone Faiveley pantograph fitted to these units? Steven B.
  11. Would a few layers of satin or gloss varnish help hide the build lines on the car windows? Steven B.
  12. Not forgetting that a DCC ready Dapol loco + Zimo decoder is less expensive than a Dapol DCC fitted loco. Steven B.
  13. https://www.derbysulzers.com/rhyl.html has 25059 coming to the rescue of 47481 in January 1986 on a Holyhead bound train. On the same site: https://www.derbysulzers.com/97250.html In 1987 handled the last passenger working of a Class 25, rescuing a recently outshopped but ailing 47424 on the 1V05 07.09 Holyhead - Cardiff at Chester. 25035 took the service to Crewe where both machines were replaced Steven B.
  14. RNA runner - cut down from HEA HEA coal hopper CAR brake van STVA Autic car transporter (https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/stvamatautic) The coal sector class 31s were used for Nuclear fuel traffic. The RNA/HEA/CAR combination is missing one or more FNA flask wagons. Oldbury (closed 2012) and Berkeley (close 1989) power stations weren't far away. Steven B.
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