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  1. I'd love to see proof of the numerous comments that Hornby have deliberately "spoilt" Cavalex's class 91. The Cavalex project was anounced in March 2019. Given that Hornby are currently listing a December 2020 release date I would imagine that Hornby had their new model planned before Cavalex's was anounced. Steven B.
  2. Who's to say that the next Sonic steam loco (assuming there is one!) will be another GWR design? The lessons learnt from the 56xx 0-6-2 could give us an LNER N2 or N7 (would be lovely with some Quad arts), a LNWR/LMS Coal tank or a LB&SCR E3/E4/E5/E6 for SR fans.
  3. A lot of rolling stock (i.e. wagons and coaches) on eBay is virtually new. I've not had any problems with models I've bought 2nd hand from eBay. Just read the description and look at the photos. If the model sounds and looks like it's in good condition then it'll probably work just as well as a new one from a shop. Do watch out though, you can often find brand-new models in shops for less than you can get them 2nd hand from eBay. Steven B.
  4. Steven B

    Hornby APT 2020

    Most (if not all) two car DMUs need two decoders to control the motor and lighting. A 14 vehicle train will be over £700 and folk so if spending £80 for four decoders really a deal breaker? I guess it will for some. Steven B.
  5. This is one of my all-time favourite N Gauge layouts. The video is great but does show some of the short-comings of N Gauge. 1. The Rapido coupling really does need removing if at all possible - the class 108 would look so much better with pipe fitted. 2. Red tail lamps switched on look worse than leaving the lights off whilst hauling a train; The same's true for the head-lights on the rear most class 20. Next 18 sockets help a lot but it's not too tricky to modify a standard Farish loco to separate the red lights onto additional function outputs on the current Zimo decoders. Keep up the good work; I can feel trips to Scarborough and Wigan coming later this year... Steven B.
  6. I've got plenty on my shopping list that's been in the catalogue for several years, even before any new releases. Unfortunately like the Mk2Fs many of the reliveries of locos and rolling stock appear to get pushed further and further back. I suspect Bachmann getting the UK rights to Thomas and expanding the range into N Gauge has something to do with it. Whilst I don't like it I can't blame them as they'll probably sell many more N Gauge Thomas and Percy locos than they ever will a freight grey class 47. Steven B.
  7. I've seen N Gauge "layouts" on a 3" CD, which like the one above are simple circles of track. They don't appeal to me at all. Building a model of a model would work better - making it look like a circle of tin-plate track on the carpet for example. Much more interesting is to forget about continuous runs and use a sector plate - see the Squarefoot Estate Railway for a wonderfull example of what can be done in a very small space. Steven B.
  8. Neil Harvey's excelent Diesels in the Upper Calder Valley collection on Flickr shows there's plenty of other choice of motive power: Rail freight 37 899 BR Blue 47 334 Large logo blue 56 118 Coal Sector 56 119 Triple grey (no sector markings) 56 115 Steven B.
  9. My trio of STS liveried wagons also arrived yesterday (order number 620-something). They're simply stunning, and apparently without the livery issues of the Castle Cement versions. One minor issue @arran, @charliepetty, mine were delivered to the invoice address rather than the delivery address. Fortunately someone was home... Rolling stock model of the year will be interesting next Dec/Jan with these up against the Revolution KFA and Sturgeons... Steven B.
  10. Surely the first ever accurate description of the Pug chassis though: Steven B
  11. Send it back for replacement. Steven B.
  12. Why is RevolutioN Trains not listed as an option for N Gauge Manufacturer of the year or Rolling stock model of the year? They released their KFA models just before christmas so should be included automatically,
  13. The British Transport Film "Farmer Moving South" shows pigs & piglets being loaded. The cattle wagon in question was also sheeted to keep some of the cold weather out. Steven B
  14. Notepad++ is a great, free, text editor which is much better than the standard Windows Notepad. Being able to swap decoders without deleting or manually editing files is one of the biggest missing features in JMRI. Steven B
  15. Looks like a very interesting take on the Minories track plan! Using a traverser you're going to have to man-handle your locos from one end of the train to the other; you don't have the room for a head-shunt at the none-layout end of the fiddle yard to allow locos to run around. Using two cassettes for each train, one for the loco, the other for the coaches would allow you to turn the loco whilst changing ends without having to risk damage to the loco itself. Steven B.
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