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  1. Photos of the north bound trains suggest loco+GUV+Mk3s+DVT: https://flic.kr/p/fUSJCY https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/50134806986/ https://flic.kr/p/65hauv https://flic.kr/p/hdSbrV http://www.gensheet.co.uk/photopage2-EL.htm http://www.leightonlogs.org/Locals290111.htm I did find a DVT + Mk2 rake with the motorail GUVs positioned behind the DVT at the end of the train: https://flic.kr/p/fFP1XS Steven B
  2. Look at the reviews for the Revolution Trains Pendolino, TEA tanks & KFA wagons all which were produced by Rapido. The Class 92 due soon(ish) is also a Rapido product. The only negative comments I'd heard about Rapido's UK products is that their UK service agent wasn't as proactive as he might have been. Hopefully now there's a UK based Rapido office that should be less of a problem. Steven B.
  3. Sonic already have a model in the shops - the VEA van, done in three liveries and multiple running numbers. In Revolution Train's Facebook Live from earlier this week, Ben Ando said that Sonic have their second N Gauge model planned - another steam engine due to be announced once the 56xx arrives in the shops. They've also got a OO Gauge model to announce at the same time. Steven B.
  4. Over the years they've been hauled by class 60, 66 and 70s from EWS/DBS, GBRF & Colas. I can't find any DRS or Frieghtliner hauled trains. I wonder if Farish will be sorting out the livery diagrams for 60066 which carries Drax livery following this announcement. Steven B.
  5. Ben, next time you're chatting to Draw could you ask why they went for a hopper rather than a tippler? Ever since these were first built I've wondered why they opted for hopper wagons rather than tipplers like those used for iron-ore traffic. They clearly had the infrastructure for working with hoppers but given the scale of the investment I'd have thought money saved by building a wagon based on a basic box with no hopper operating mechanism could have gone some way to paying for a tippler unloader. There'd then be a few more cubic feet of load space available too.
  6. It's perfectly possible to glue a white metal & brass kit together. The problem is the choice of glue - you need to look further than the epoxies and superglues available at the local DIY shed. If the correct adhesive is good enough for the aerospace industry (including the space shuttle) I'm sure it'll be OK for a 4mm scale loco. Steven B.
  7. So not a class 28, 87 or 90 then! The Mk2 and class 31 shaped dents in my wallet leave me half hoping it's a "nothing here for me" announcement! That said, with a 63' MU chassis to borrow from the 128 it's obviously going to be a class 304! I'm hoping there will be news on when the order book will open on the class 128. Steven B.
  8. Can I suggest getting hold of a copy of the "Point Rodding" book produced by the 2mm Scale Association. Like the previous "Track - How it works and how to model it", and "Train lamps and headcodes" it's available to non-Association members and has more than enough information to be of interest to modellers in larger scales. Steven B.
  9. Finetrax will work with any reasonably new models (i.e. less than 15 years old). You may struggle with the pizza cutter wheels of pre-Bachmann Farish models (i.e. anything with silver wheel rims). Likewise older Lima and Minitrix will be running on the sleepers. Duncan makes a fair point about the Finetrax points. Whilst there's no doubt they look better than Peco's ready to use range they're still fixed geometry which the real things rarely are/were. Steven B.
  10. South North bound the trains were DVT, Mk3s, Loco, GUV. North South bound I believe the GUVs were behind the loco, in front of the Mk3s. There are plenty of images of Mk2 and Mk3 sets with DVTs being hauled by class 47. The DVT was retained as a brake van when used in this way and would spend half the time directly behind the loco. Steven B
  11. Are they going to sell that many class 800s to their home market? I'd imaging the bulk would end up in the UK. There will be economies of scale regarding motors and gears but it does still make you question how they can do it for the price give the RRPs of their UK competition. Do Kato have their own factories? Steven B.
  12. June 1982 running out of Craigentinny depot: http://www.traintesting.com/Highspeed_pan.htm BR were considering proposals for an electric version of the HST at the time and were concerned about running two raised pantographs either end of a 8 coach train (roof mounted bus bars being frowned upon at the time). Steven B.
  13. "Interesting" is one word to describe the pricing: Farish two car class 170 for £149 Dapol HST + 2x Mk2 for £169 Kato five car class 800 for £178 (all RoS prices) Dapol five car class 222 for £191 Five Farish Mk2f for £195 Farish six car blue Pullman £299 Farish four car class 220 for £339 I can only assume Kato are going to make a million of them to keep the unit cost down! If it runs anything like the Eurostar it'll me mechanically better than anything Farish or Dapol produce too. "Interesting" times ahead! St
  14. I suspect most of the RTC fleet didn't get as far as Scotland - too far from Derby for trials works. Some test cars did: Two pantograph testing with HST: http://www.traintesting.com/Highspeed_pan.htm Class 150 commissioning: http://www.traintesting.com/Class150.htm More common would have been the for-runners of the yellow Network Rail test trains: Ultrasonic Test Unit Structure Gauging Train Radio Survey It's probably also worth searching for test trains relating to the introduction of RETB (radio electronic token block)
  15. I was thinking along the likes of Peco GR-535. Some of the blurry catalogue images I've found look more Talyllyn than Beer. Steven B
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