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  1. Surely setting up a GoFundMe type page to ask for donations to help you build your layout is little different to going to your Club's committee asking for funds to build a new club layout, but with the cash coming from friends, family and well wishers rather than other club members. Some folk on here may find it surprising that some members of society do hand over money to people asking for donations for various personal project. Whether or not you think its philanthropic or a fool and his money being easily parted is open to debate but there's no doubting it's helped people comple
  2. Haven't got a picture to hand - will see if I can take one over the next day or two. I used Phoenix Railfreight Grey P182. RailMatch 226 or 2226 Railfreight Grey should be the same colour. It's the same grey used on Large-logo grey locomotives and Speedlink red/grey coloured wagons. Steven B,
  3. I used Railfreight Grey on my Royal rake. Steven B.
  4. That'll be the Mk4 coaches that required changes to dampers and springs as the suspension was quite "lively" within a year of being built? Railway history is littered with problems and faults: Bulleid Pacifics chain driven valve gear wasn't a great success 71000 Duke of Gloucester was poor at steaming despite 100+ years of steam loco development! First generation diesels - lets not go there. Class 56 - Romanian built examples suffered from poor build quality. Class 155 - problems with doors. Class 158 - as well as the build issues mentioned else where
  5. Thanks for the heads up - I've been checking regularly, but obviously not regularly enough! Only five left in stock now.... Steven B.
  6. My latest order arrived within 24 hours of placing it - thank-you Railtec & Royal Mail. @railtec-models are you taking on any custom work at all? I emailed about transfers for the Police liveried class 37 in N and a pack for Motorail branded I/C Mk1s but have yet to have a reply. Steven B.
  7. Tramfabriek may have something suitable - they sell a range of coreless motors and adaptor kits. However, I'd look at what you already have first. I'm guessing this is the older Poole era based model rather than the newer DCC ready one. Did it run well on DC before you fitted a decoder? Does the gear train run smoothly without the motor? Ditto the outside motion? Are the wheels clean? Are the electrical pick-ups clean and working properly? Has is had any oil? Do the motor bearings need replacing? Have you tried playing with the BEMF settings on the decoder?
  8. Here's an interesting one: https://flic.kr/p/4vGc4v The picture shows from the right a GUV, BSK, All blue BG and then another BSK or SK (probably a SK). This looks like the return working of the early morning Manchester to Cleethorpes/Grimsby working which ran with a couple of passenger coaches and a selection of parcels/newspaper vans. I'd have thought you'd be able to model something similar without needing the 10+ vehicles often found on the empty newspaper trains such as Heaton to Red Bank. Steven B.
  9. Here's one of the NSE BGs on a parcels train in Newcastle in 1989: https://flic.kr/p/2kP5xAx Plain blue BG were common on parcels trains. I'm sure I've seen Newspaper branded ones on parcels trains but can't find any pictures at the moment! Steven B
  10. If locos should be preserved in the location they're named after then perhaps 4468 should be next to a duck-pond in Doncaster? Steven B.
  11. You can use either a DC or AC supply according to Digitrax's website: https://www.digitrax.com/tsd/KB513/zephyr-non-usa-power-supply/ I use a laptop power supply which has a 18V DC output for my DB150. Steven B.
  12. Surviving Mk1 Pullmans: Hadrian Bar - 1 of 1 PSP - 7 of 7 PFP - 7 of 8 PSK - 3 of 15 PFK - 8 of 13 Many are mainline certified and running with the likes of West Coast Railways and Belmond Group's Royal Scotsman train-set. Some have been converted to sleeping cars. Steven B.
  13. I've got a 47 running with five powered axles having removed a split gear. I don't think the problem's anywhere as bad as it used to be. Still room for improvement. Interestingly, I've only had one steam loco suffer from a split gear - Poole era pannier tank that spent a week in a car in spring time with freezing temperatures over night and +10C during the day time. Steven B.
  14. If you can draw the circuit then you're well on your way. Find yourself some PCB CAD software such as Autodesk Eagle or DesignSpark and convert your design into CAD. Once you've drawn up the circuit you should be a few clicks away from a designed PCB. Personally I wouldn't bother with DIY etching of PCBs. Ferric Chloride isn't a nice chemical to work with. Much easier to send your designs off to one of the many Chinese based PCB fabricators and have boards returned within a couple of weeks - for what you have planned the postage will probably cost more than the circuit bo
  15. I can recommend Snowdon - the summit's only a short walk from the nearest station! Steven B.
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