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  1. had the same thing when trying to renew membership, now the website offline for maintenance
  2. Loco drive and dcc ready
  3. I have sent emails to KR Models and not had replies. my logon to the website no longer works either.
  4. I've be burned on indegogo and kickstarter. Now this. Bang goes my deposit for the full length APT. the only saving grace is I hadn't started at massive layout to accommodate it
  5. Just a thought, will the 9002 / 55002 models be static like the real thing?
  6. I feel sorry for the young lady who joined the design team. By now her social media would be set to private so non of us sad old gits can bother her
  7. There was an update by email on 28/12/18 "I am still hoping to have a 3D print of the first 4 cars on display at the Stafford Show at the Start of February."
  8. Has anyone else received an invoice for full payment? I paid the deposit straight after ordering
  9. oh go on then . I just placed an order for the 054 - A Class Locomotive
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