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  1. I see there's a thread on the MSWJR elsewhere on the forum, here is Savernake in 1977, and Hayes Knoll in 2008.
  2. Your Model Railway in 1985. New Model Railways in 1982.
  3. Williton April 1994. Note the EKT to Blue Anchor has not been commissioned.
  4. Crowcombe (WSR), in April 1994. Prior to being commissioned. Staff and ticket was going to be used (as far as I remember).
  5. A couple from Gloucestershire, Severn Bridge in 1979, and some dumped boxes at Tufts Junction S&WR (site of) in 1994. One of them I believe is the 'rescued' box from Severn Bridge, the Midland box is unknown to me.
  6. Tiverton Junction in 1975, and Stoke Cannon in 1981 both appeared back on page 3 according to the index!
  7. Taunton West close up in 1981, the gantry in 1976, Taunton East in 1981. Silk Mill Crossing in 1979.
  8. Cogload Junction in 1978, box moved to Coleford Museum, seen in 2012
  9. I posted a picture from Butlins a while back. I think it was Butlins Bognor Regis. Quite a trek from home in Bath. Had the parents waited we could have gone to Minehead the following year - 1962.
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