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  1. Well, that was a waste of time replying! Not even a thank you.
  2. I used the original Bachmann coupling/connecting rods, and using Exactoscale bushes in the oversize holes. There is a slight discrepancy between the centres, but this can be accommodated by jiggling the bushes. A very smooth running 45XX is the result.
  3. I saw on your other thread you were using a type 27 box, here is a picture of the interior at the Coleford Museum. A round stove.
  4. From your location you can't be far from Bronwydd Arms, that has an interesting signal box.
  5. That box at Haverfordwest was renewed in the late 30s, so would have been painted in light and dark stone - as standard. Colour pictures from the 80s are not a guide to paint schemes from earlier periods.
  6. Colour pictures from the 1930s, that's rare! Can you post a link to these?
  7. I don't have the Parkhouse books to hand - are there any sheep visible in those pictures?
  8. I have checked my 80s and 70s pictures, not a single sheep visible, though the grass is quite short, so maybe they were around?
  9. I think those are franchises ...
  10. I heard Lulsgate doesn't make any money from landing fees, but makes all its profit out of car parking/transport fees. Back to Filton, the land was worth more as housing land. No one has commented on the post office sorting centre that looks just like a departure lounge!
  11. Galen Rowell would say "F8 and be there" - I was lucky enough to get to places and use my camera. Some pictures were OK, a lot were indifferent, but all these years later they are of some use. The Captain and I would go to places - I remember lending him a spare camera for our first trip to the WSR (October 1975) - he didn't have one!
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