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  1. Why not? Rowden Mill had point discs in a picture dated 1937-40, but they had gone by 1958 (after closure) track was still there. Barbers Bridge had them in the 1950s. I hold the three pictures, but of course, cannot put them on here.
  2. Just found this picture - taken at Westbury in 1978!
  3. It is, An historical survey of selected Great western stations, layouts and illustrations volume 2. (OPC 1979) A plan scale 106' to the inch.
  4. Amazon at £57 for a book with a cover price of 5/- (25p for those that don't know what that is). Good luck in your quest, I gave up looking any years ago, I have a photocopy of the book only. However, these days with so many book collections coming on the market, it's always possible one may turn up.
  5. Wouldn't normally need a FPL on a goods loop, but maybe some railways were a bit different ...
  6. I was modelling in 009 with Minitrains stuff in Singapore at the time, but in 1969 on my way back to the UK, I visited a model shop in Sydney and saw the Eggarbahn stuff for the first time in the flesh
  7. Very good, now you need the detection slides by the point that this signal reads through.
  8. Went there with a certain Captain Kernow of this parish in 1975. If you look carefully you can see him doing a ministry of funny walks. I thought the goods shed picture might be of some use.
  9. As you mention it, I heavily scribe the back of those Will's type stone sheets to bend them.
  10. I forgot to say in my recommendation, that scribing plasticard can result in curling the sheet. That was my comment about stability, the Evergreen stuff stays flat. I will concede it may not come in all flavours of width, but the OP doesn't mention wagons ...
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