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  1. For information: Clutton 5-52 Pensford 4-52 Brislington 4-52 Midsomer Norton 4-52 Notice a pattern?
  2. What colour? Well, quite often, a painting date would be on the woodwork on the building. Usually on the canopy. I've had a look at pictures of Cheddar, but can't see one, but Winscombe has a date 4-51. You can clearly see it here.
  3. Sector plate/sliding table type of staging roads?
  4. Thanks for your comments Rich. Would the little layout be 'satisfactory'? You said you like big engines - which Burbage would give (and small ones as well). I know I have considered shoe-box layouts before, but ultimately, they are two-a-penny at shows. Looking like clones. I am not denigrating them, it's just they are very common, and don't tick my boxes. Whereas Burbage would stand out at a show - a goods only site. Plenty of trains going by.
  5. I have seen a lot of unconvincing layouts. The curved front, following the line of the track. Yes, extra depth would help a lot, but by the time you started putting the buildings along the back, it might have taken away the narrowness of the layout. Did you plan for the mental hospital, or was that going to be on the backscene?
  6. Unusually convincing station in the landscape, plus a model that I instantly recognised for what it was.
  7. I did like that layout - took a couple of pictures of it. If you were thinking of disposing of it ...
  8. 100 best TV shows of the 21st Century in the Guardian. I haven't seen any of them ...

    1. Hroth


      Whats worrying is not thet the shows are so niche, but that we're not even a fifth of the way into the 21st century.  Perhaps the Guardian is worrying that we won't even get to the half-way mark!

  9. Both the signals at Pwllheli and Buckfastleigh have been destroyed, but this signal at Bewdley is there for inspection.
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