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  1. I have done this on a few wagons, by motorising the wagon correct loose shunting can be performed. The only difficulty is moving the loco and wagons at the same time - needs an extra operator! It was shown at a few exhibitions in the past. In the case of your description of the coach, it would probably be easier, as when the coach is gravitating back, the loco would be stationary. You could have on-board uncouplers as well - a real 'hands-off' experience. A motor in the coach could replicate the mass of the coach, it would need to move at about walking pace. When in the train with the loco, it would run as a consist.
  2. A couple more of Broad Street in 1984. And from the then Nat West Tower.
  3. I'm still waiting for a book I once saw the cover of 'The convenience of the Somerset & Dorset' - a photographic survey of the toilets down the line.
  4. Snailbeach District Railways, @Andy Y covered this nicely in another thread. Seen here in 1974, didn't look much different when Andy went there.
  5. Mid Wales Railway - Moat Lane down to Three Cocks - stunning scenery. The bit beyond to Newport isn't bad either!
  6. I'm not from Portishead, but here are the docks and abandoned rails in 1980!
  7. Desborough North Summit, closed and fired. 1981. Haltwhistle 1987. Consall 2017.
  8. I sprayed the sides after ballasting. Masked using ordinary masking tape. The overspray onto the ballast (under the rail) mimics the rust/dirt that falls onto the ballast.
  9. The sheer scale of the place - this photo of mine 1/1/1976.
  10. Brings back happy memories, I visited the line in 1971, just after it closed. Away from the crowds at the castle, I had the whole place to myself.
  11. Kidwelly 1997. Lime Kiln Crossing 1982 Llandaff 1982 Llandeilo 1980.
  12. Clarbeston Road 1980 GWR. East Usk Junction 1997 BRWR. Ferryside 1997 GWR. Ffairfach 1980 GWR.
  13. Forgot to say, my picture of Madeley dates from 1996. Cosford from 1998. Codsall 1998.
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