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  1. Narrow gauge? You mean plateway!
  2. I'm not sure this qualifies! It controls trains. It's a good day out. Bekonscot 2013! And interior!
  3. South Wales. Barry (Barry R) 1986 Barry Island 1986.
  4. South Wales, Johnston (GW) 1980, Haverfordwest (GW) 1980, Carmarthen (BRWR) 1997, Aberthaw (Barry Rly) 1996.
  5. Haha, this bit is level! However, how did this Ffestiniog slate wagon get to this location at the bottom of the incline? 1987
  6. It certainly is an odd sort of place, but well worth the effort of getting up there. No abandoned rails in this picture, but sleepers! On the trackbed between the top of the Rhosydd incline and the mine. Vapour trails in this - it was 2009!
  7. The shunting that was done at wayside stations - loose wagons, shunters with sticks/sprags/poles cannot be done these days. The people with the experience have passed on. H&S would have a fit! I've seen plenty of shunting in preserved locations, but it was always done with the vehicles coupled to the loco. The wagons would be placed at their location. Like on a model railway. Only on videos can you see shunting how it was done.
  8. Bedwyn 1977, Lavington 1978, Bradford Junction 1978 (interior on page 3), all GW.
  9. A lot of buildings on minor lines were never repainted from GWR days. The colour pictures I've seen of Fairford and Lechlade (1961/2) clearly show light & dark stone.
  10. Yeovil Junction 1978, Yeovil (Pen Mill) (GW) 1976, 1992 and 2008. Yeovil South Junction (GW) 1976.
  11. I visited Carterton once in 1976.
  12. Actually, there was a box at East Somerset - closed 3/5/1965 (by the level crossing), but there is no Z in the title ...
  13. You have got a lot of information there. You can scale off the OS map. You can count bricks to confirm the OS figures. The height is determined by the canopy - which 'may' be to the load gauge. Don't forget to add the height of the track. I would make a card mock-up with the dimensions, before committing to anything more permanent. If it passes the visual test, leave it for a few days and check it again.
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