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  1. Where did you get that oversized rule (not ruler - that's a monarch)
  2. Disappointing. The same shouty narrator as seen on other programmes - I found intrusive. And how many times did she say 'Steam Packet'? Her script was terrible. Other than those niggles, it did jump around and was entertaining. Will I watch it next week? If I remember ...
  3. I think the West Somerset in the early days (1970s) used to run the token instruments via a GPO line, you had to bell slowly as the response times were long.
  4. Can't believe it, four days of problems, and now it's OK
  5. Currently I cannot get 'Content I posted in' to load, keeps coming back with a time out.
  6. It's all @col.stephens fault, I have swapped the boards over, and have now restarted work on the layout! The cottages are being tried out, with some trees and bushes they 'might' be acceptable. someone pointed out using a hot-glue gun for scenery work - Ill fetch that from the workshop ...
  7. It was to have appeared at Railwells 21, but that got cancelled. I expect it will appear at Railwells 22. As for progress? None, but thanks for asking and your comment! It might inspire me to get my Mojo working again.
  8. Harlech - from the castle 1987. And in 1975, ask Captain Kernow about that Anglia van!
  9. I thought it was following frost damage. The platforms got shortened as it was cheaper than repairing the whole length.
  10. Sorry Captain, I think I have posted all my pictures of that site. You went there with me at least once - should have asked me then!
  11. Ulfstead Road - probably haven't seen that in nearly 50 years. The tape recorded commentary was missing, and I remember he had a stick that stuck out the back so when a train stalled, a wriggle on the stick would set it going. He would do a running session, then in the gap would sell his books (autographed of course).
  12. Picture taken in June.
  13. Here is probably what you saw!
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