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  1. Once Bangor and Caernarfon are connected, there is a rail link North to South, albeit via a change of gauge!
  2. Like it! The steps angle looks slightly wrong. Squeezed by the gates?
  3. I appear to have a set of three axles - with wheels, but no gear wheel.
  4. Why not turn the aluminium strips upside down, then you could extend out slightly and put embankment sides on it?
  5. Instructions for working trains over the Severn Bridge from 1909.
  6. As I have said before, on my regular rides on the railway, it was noticeable that almost ALL the stations were manned with staff. The exception was Washford, which was like Doniford, unmanned. This is by observation over several years. Perhaps the WSR would like to have a station that is cared for and manned.
  7. Good spot on Chudleigh Knighton, the new bridge carrying the A38. Looking at the old maps of the area, a number of improvements were made to the A38. I remember travelling down that way pre motorway/expressway, Plymouth was a long way from Bath (where I lived in the 60s).
  8. It isn't necessarily the speed of the loco, or train - more to do with missing out stops. The GW did this a lot - miss a few stops out and put express code on it.
  9. OK, I'm going to bid the Guinness locos that could be dropped into a converter truck to work standard gauge! http://www.narrowgaugerailwaymuseum.org.uk/collections/industrial-railways/guinness-brewery-railway/
  10. I remember there being some fascinating older wagons at Kilmersdon (than 1923 RCH), including grease bearings, even rounded ends. After closure, the best of the wagons were cherry picked for by preservationists, some going to Radstock (eventually Washford, where they disintegrated) and some to Cranmore ( none left there last time I looked).
  11. 10 years earlier was this scene at Merehead
  12. The J4s we had were both petrol and diesel - both were rubbish! Change that diesel spill into a wash of petrol, petrol was a lot less than £1, even 50p a gallon in the 70s. Although when the rationing cards were sent out (but not used), we all became more aware of our petrol use. Even today I still tap the nozzle to get the last drips out - a legacy from those days.
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