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  1. I'm told this was the signal box from Dainton Summit, now repurposed as a sailing club at Westbury. And Fairwood Junction in 1978 under some magnificent trees.
  2. How about the Devon Railway Centre https://devonrailwaycentre.co.uk/model-railways/ It did have Chiltern Green as one of its models.
  3. Aynho 1981, and Appleford Crossing on a very hot day in 1976. The bobby was not enjoying the heat!
  4. Of course, there was the ticket office in the pub, At Farrington Gurney! There was a Pathe newsreel of it - can I find it now? Found it! https://www.britishpathe.com/video/booking-office-in-pub-aka-booking-office-in-inn-or/query/office+pub
  5. Another now you don't see it, now you do! Winchcombe in 1980, and 1992. But I haven't scanned any outside pictures of Winchcombe yet, so the interior will have to do!
  6. Radstock West at Radstock 1975, and then at Didcot 1978 and 1998.
  7. I waited 53 years to watch this (I bought that RM), no "come up and see my model railway" at all ...
  8. Same box, different locations, Dunster 1975 and Minehead 1978 and 2012.
  9. Something a bit different, the before picture with no box, and the replica box. Bodmin 1978 & 2012
  10. Lightmoor Junction 1976, line to Horsehay was still in. By 1995 the Horsehay line had been removed.
  11. A couple from around Cheltenham in 1980. Two pictures of Lansdown Road.
  12. Isn't there some connection between Newbridge and Erwood box?
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