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  1. Don't believe everything you see on TV!
  2. Was regularly getting this error, I'm on Virgin fibre (120mb), working currently.
  3. Here in my area we have http://www.kypwest.org.uk/ a fantastic resource, complete with slider. Maps from tithe up to date. Maybe you need to think outside the box. For example, if it is your area, your local council/record library may have the maps you want. You might have to travel. Pre internet, this was virtually the only way to get mapping.
  4. https://www.landmark.co.uk/news-insights/blog/changes-to-old-maps-website/ Explains the position.
  5. When routine bites hard and ambitions are low
    And resentment rides high but emotions won't grow

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    2. Hroth


      LWTUAG is all very well, but


      Just for one moment, thought I'd found my way
      Destiny unfolded, I watched it slip away


      Says it all.

    3. Hroth


      That was supposed to be LWTUAA...



      Joy Division Oven Gloves


      That extra-special Xmas gift from JML. At all good stores!


      For some reason, it won't let me edit my previous post...

    4. Barry Ten
  6. What is the problem with any trestle is the enormous amount of room they take up when being transported. I made my own that interlocked for transport - took up about 1/4 space they used to take.
  7. A local preserved railway had a Peppa Pig day, complete with Hog Roast.

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    2. Neil


      What's with the Bullingdon Club's fascination with pigs?

    3. Hroth


      They have a Boars Head at Christmas?


    4. truffy


      Did BoJo attend? He loves Peppa. 

  8. Maespoeth Junction (Corris Railway) 2013, Llanwchllyn (Bala Lake) 1975, 2016, interior 2002.
  9. Yes, all been done before.
  10. A couple from Buckinghamshire. Gerrards Cross. High Wycombe South. Princes Risborough in 1979 and 2006.
  11. Tim V

    Old Mills .

    Not quite a fair comparison. The BN&S shows local traffic, while the S&D includes all the through traffic. Pull out the through traffic (i.e. not originating on the line), and you end up with a very similar timetable. One of the reasons why the S&D closed, it had no sustainable traffic originating on the line.
  12. Tim V

    Old Mills .

    I was a bit disappointed with the Mike Vincent book when it came out, as I had some input into it. You may like the attached, from the 1960 Sectional appendix. The 1948 appendix is pretty similar - but outside your period of interest.
  13. Tim V

    Old Mills .

    Dotted blue actually (source 1961 WTT). Certain 'Red' engines permitted at no more than 20mph throughout. And another minor point, the line closed in 1968 after the storm. Of course the real Old Mills was not a blockpost, so could not pass trains as you are showing, but hey, whose model is it! It certainly looks like Old Mills - which is what counts!
  14. Pooley was the GW contractor, nothing to stop you using that bridge on your 'joint' line.
  15. I remember that day - October 1975, a mere 46 years ago! I thought we couldn't get into the lavatories at Dunster but you did get in the ones at Washford. You found some graffiti - which I still remember (but can't print here!).
  16. That does sound very small. My GW plate measures 78x40mm, but the pack is long gone - could be Smiths. It's quite a good representation of the Pooley bridge (No. 324), but does not include any representation of the surrounding framework. Turning to the one you have, what do you expect to be weighed on it? You could weigh a lorry (in two stages), or individual bags. Pretty unlikely. You might be better off with the Pooley one - and hope no-one picks you up on it being the wrong one ... I am not an expert on Midland weigh bridges ...
  17. Well that's interesting, quite common for the headlamp in that position in the Bristol area (1950s), but no Table V in the Bristol 1960 Sectional Appendix. Also no mention in the 1936 GA ( though I don't have any amendments) nor in the 1948 appendix to the STT.
  18. Take pictures while you can! Here is Bruton in 1977 - taken on my old Rolleiflex.
  19. NR ones, but there are a couple of preserved ones. Cranmore seen here, then West Somerset.
  20. One thing this thread has shown me is the diverse range of current boxes elsewhere in the country - they have practically been eliminated here. Nearest is Yeovil Pen Mill at 43 miles!
  21. Door colour - interesting question. It is not good practice to follow what other modellers have done. I searched through my pictures, here are a couple taken in 1976 of a non restored example. Note that it looks like felt has been applied over the door.
  22. Looks like pairs of standard sleepers placed end to end. Pretty standard for a trolley run-off. An article on the 'Economic system of maintenance' which this is part of is in 'Great western Aspects' by Kevin Robertson, Crecy Publishing, 2015.
  23. California Crossing on the Toddington narrow gauge line. http://www.toddington-narrow-gauge.co.uk/ Pictures from 1992. Dumped nearby was this box top.
  24. A couple from the narrow gauge line at Toddington. Just a ground frame? Inside was this.
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