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  1. Evening all! The 4 doll plate and angle signal is just about finished buildwise. There's about an hours stripping, scraping , burnishing and washing to do on it and then the paint shop beckons. Anyway, the etches from PPD for the BR(W) lower quadrant arms have now been corrected (my bad) and I've done a quick test on most of the major bits. All seem OK so once I've come up with some basic instructions, the frets will be for sale for £20 each. There's enough to make 8 arms including 2 distants and one goods line arm. Etched in 0.3mm nickle silver they incorporate inbuilt arm stops, th
  2. Thank you! Glad to be of help. Hope to see some progress as you go along. Any questions feel free to ask JF
  3. Some more progress on the P&A bracket. All the bracketry assembled (found some little etched bits to brace the joints) and also fitted the staging bearers. Weightbars prepared ready as well... More soon JF
  4. Hi Steve, I wish it was as easy as that! Artwork is always best designed with a specific scale in mind. Many kits have fallen by the wayside for the simple reason that artwork rarely scales properly, up or down. If I just scaled it down, holes wouldn't etch properly, fold lines would be too small, witness marks for rivets would disappear and the designed in flanges at the edge of the blades wouldn't be big enough to fold and things like weightbars and backblinders would be too thin and weak. To do a proper job I'd really have to entirely re draw the artwork to get a good result. As I'm all abo
  5. And here's a little taster of something soon to be for sale once the artwork's been re-jigged if anyone's interested. 7mm scale only of course..
  6. Making a start on the P&A bracket signal. It's that long since I did one, I've had to refer to earlier pages in the thread to remember how I did it Anyway, shamelessly using the information from Mick Nicholson's excellent book I soon got back into it. Once everything was off the jig it was trimmed up and mounted on a base. This time, I've even managed a rather wonky attempt at the angled drip strip near the base... Work then started on the trimmers and fittings Trimmers fitted up to the main post with the d
  7. , Well, I'm back on one of these again. It'll make a nice change from all the GWR ones I've been stuck on!! JF
  8. Lovely stuff Stephen. Does the route indicator operate? They are on my list of "got to get those etched"! JF
  9. Absolutely stunning work Steve. The gantry is an engineering masterpiece! JF
  10. Anyone for a bit of CIE/IR signal? The arm and balance weight are Tyrconnel Models to which I've added the distinctive V profile to the blade. Not sure about the fluorescent colour, I think it starts off red then fades to orange eventually.. LED lit and servo operated. The LED is powered by the +/- 5V feed to the servo with a 330ohm resistor in circuit.. More Soon JF
  11. Lovely work on the big bracket Stephen. Did the same myself but only in 7mm scale.. JF
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