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  1. Finally got my Royal Republic CD back from daughter. Was on the way to work playing it way too loud in the car!. Had to hit the pause button as there was a TVR in front I had to listen to. Music inside/music outside...nice..

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    2. LNERGE


      It seemed to go ok but there was acute lack of space for recovered signalling equipment. Not the ideal vehicle for me.

    3. Jintyman


      I had a 4.3 Chimera as a toy a few years back. had a few small electrical issues and flogged it on for an E39 540, which was just as quick!!! I never had any mechanical issues with it but the Rover/Buick engine was a belting unit if built right!!! Had to Google Royal Republic, Sorry John!!!!! ;)

    4. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      Ah, 'twas a chimera I was following.

      Royal Republic; an even camper version of The Hives. (she's not your) Baby is my fave track of the latest album!



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