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  1. Facebook? Wastebook more like. Resisted the temptation to join for years then stupidly gave in 4 days ago. 4 days later and I've got my password wrong and I'm locked out and they want my life story emailed to them to log back in. Not happening. I should have stayed away from it!

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    2. bgman


      Absolute waste of valued time-life IMHO, tis a modern plague!

    3. Blue Max

      Blue Max

      Joined and regretted it eversince

    4. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      so many things seem to default to a facebook page nowadays. 4 days in, loads of people from my past have said hello etc, and it all started to get complicated and before I learnt my way round it, it all went T/U. Life's too short methinks!

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