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  1. Yep. The batch of 10 from which mine comes were supposedly for replacement of an SLT trolley bus service between Bolton and Leigh for which Bolton Transport actually owned the vehicles. I suppose the 2 pedal option was to help the ex trolleybus drivers to adapt. In reality, Lancashire United took over the ex trolley bus route in the end! The redundant trolley buses were returned to Bolton Transport for disposal.. JF
  2. Slow but steady progress on the larger LMS bracket signal.... With the arms in position ready for the linkages... More Soon if the linkages don't drive me mad JF
  3. Greetings all. Now those who know me, know I have another hobby or two and this is one of them. It's the thing that keeps me at the bench building signals for people... I've owned it and almost finished restoring it over the last 23 years (). Last Week I unfortunately had to move it from where it's been stored to another location which I'm hoping will still be as safe and sound, but needs must. I performed an oil and filter change and other maintenance checks before the 30 mile trip. This was it's first serious run out since I got it and a first on busy roads for me too. Happily, all was accomplished safely with kind assistance from a good friend.. The oil change was definitely needed. Black sludge and a blocked filter.. Ready to leave... The journey and arrival! Back to the signals next JF
  4. Jeez that looks complex! I had enough trouble getting my triple one to work in 7mm scale. I absolutely couldn't do it in 4mm scale. Fantastic work, I bow to you oh Master!!! JF
  5. They're lovely aren't they? Modelu's finest 3D printed ones. Hollow to allow them to be plonked on a 3mm warm white LED. JF
  6. More progress on the LMS tubular post bracket signals. The 3 doll version seems OK but there will be a few tweeks to the etch design necessary before they get produced. This one is being produced as a 2 doll with c/o arms as a platform starter. More Soon JF
  7. Ah, the old cast whitemetal arms. Since superseded by new etched nickel silver ones. I'll change them both I think.... JF
  8. Another GWR cash register signal done and once again, I've cheated and used a return spring. This method meant a little more leverage is necessary to move the individual flags but it all works. The main lamp and finial are Modelu, The backlight is scratch, The cash register bit is heavily modified MSE and the arms and mechanical bits are Boltons Bits. There's 3 flags, MAIN, SHED and Carr Sdgs., each one with its own servo. It's also the first I've ever done with a backlight to the flags which meant they were printed on OHP. I've tried to photograph the illumination but although it looked ok in the flesh, my camera phone just couldn't cope and it bleached out so these are of the unlit signal. More Soon JF
  9. Now these have been a long time coming and they're still not quite right yet. The LMS design tubular post bracket signals were once incredibly common across the railway network but are disappearing fast as renewals are either done looking like a scaffolders store yard or simply done away with in favour of Lego-esque colour light signals. As a test etch, I had both a 2 doll and 3 doll balanced bracket done and a 2 doll offset one. All include parts for cross shafting and the supports for the lampmans staging. Here's the 2 doll balanced structure which I'll be finishing off shortly. All should be capable of taking 2 different diameters of main post which varied depending on the loading above the bracket. This is a completed offset bracket for a customer which also was requested with a 2 disc ground signal at the base. Again, quite proud of this as all etched items are my own products, even if a couple of mistakes had to be sorted out during the build! These will obviously be altered in the production etches and are of course what test etches are for This next one was basically an updated copy of one I'd done about 10 years ago for Rod Morgan's West Kirby layout using my newer etched arms with a scratchbuilt theatre style route indicator. My most recent ones were two of these GER wooden posted signals with remote arm and spec plate. Both proper wood posts with MSE arms and lamps with Modelu finials and my own etched ladders. Both were lit and servo operated. More soon honest, even if its back to GWR stuff again..... JF
  10. Ummm, I've done it again haven't I? All summer without an update. Anyway here's a signal based update montage.... April's output was LNWR based. These 2 were constructed from Scale Signal Supply kits and were servo operated but unlit. I altered the brackets a little to make a narrower version for a tighter location. May and June's output was the usual GWR or BRW signals. Still the most popular railway's signals The GWR cash register signal was a strange one. It arrived as box of bits from the customer with some exquisitely assembled scratchbuilt bits included which had all been assembled with superglue! I had to carefully pick them all apart and try to reassemble them with solder which wasn't easy. It was necessary though as further soldered construction round them would have made them fall apart. The signal uses an SSS arm, Modelu lamps/finial and the rest is scratchbuilt. The elevated ground signal was mostly scratchbuilt with a few of my own etched bits and a modelu lamp The BR(W) 2 doll and 3 doll brackets I'm quite proud of as all the etched parts are my own products plus the usual Modelu Finials and lamps. All lit and servo operated with superb laser cut ply planks done for me by the wonderful Nikki Wilkes. More in a mo.... JF
  11. That's superb Steve. I have to remind myself sometimes how small these 4mm scale signals are in real life! JF
  12. Stunning work! A beautiful bit of scratchbuilding and they really look "right". JF
  13. Aw Steve, those ground signals are absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful work JF
  14. Its all appreciated Stephen. There's quite a lot of the catalogue printed in David Smith's book too... JF
  15. It certainly does look a little skinny. I may have to look into an etch of GWR subsidiary fittings and arms in the future.
  16. I very much see your point on this! I did look at quite a few pictures but I found several showing slightly different positions. The MSE S I used is all I had in stock and looked right at the time.. I think that was the picture I used eventually....
  17. Believe me, I'd really love to but it would require a complete re-jig to get it right. I can't just re-size it as is because it would become too delicate. I'm a bit too loaded up with 7mm work to start going down the 4mm route I'm afraid.....
  18. So.. Time for an update. I've been busy at the bench and the computer so there's a new etch or two to see.. This is the BR(W) version of the 2 doll bracket for tubular WR style signals It differs from the available etches in that the main post is positioned in between the two dolls. It features fold up construction and marks for punching out the rivets. Also provided is the diagonal T section support. A test build.. So what did muggins then go and do? Use it as a GW style bracket for a customer!! I was tasked with copying several of my previous builds so this centre pivoted one was chosen. I had to scratchbuild the two arms..The basic shapes Then making the bearing bosses.. Adding to the structure Fitting out the structure with LEDs, and Modelu lamp cases and finials. Now here's a little tip for using these LEDs. (Unless I've already mentioned it!!) The latest batch of these warm white 3mm LEDs were very focussed on the tip and gave off almost zero side illumination unlike the previous lot. To make them shine sideways I filed a chamfer on what became both the front and back faces of the LED and lo and behold, the light was deflected perfectly to give a nice diffused light front and back! The finished article out in the sunshine. The decking boards were laser cut for me from .9mm ply by a local friend, Nikki Wilkes.. Next up was a wooden post GWR stop signal with lower shunt arm using scale signal supply arms and a Borg-Rail fold up brass post. Now, this one isn't the same signal as a previous entry but a correction to it. I made a cracking job of getting the previous one wrong. This entailed getting a new Right Handed etch done of the LMS running line to loop bracket as it couldn't just be fitted the other way round and is also 6inches wider than the Left Hand version. That'll teach me to read the customers instructions... My most recent job was another copy of the Severn Tunnel East bracket I originally did for Steve Fay. The main difference on this one is I've used Borg-Rail fold up posts this time instead of actual wood on the first one. Much easier as everything can be soldered rather than glued and the posts are of course hollow so it's easier to conceal wiring. There may be an interesting banner repeater coming up next...(if a banner repeater can be interesting More soon JF
  19. A link to my usual overlong Youtube videos! This one shows my method of fitting servos to the signals I build... More soon JF
  20. Lovely simple power bogie. Very nice JF
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