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  1. Aw Steve, those ground signals are absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful work JF
  2. Its all appreciated Stephen. There's quite a lot of the catalogue printed in David Smith's book too... JF
  3. It certainly does look a little skinny. I may have to look into an etch of GWR subsidiary fittings and arms in the future.
  4. I very much see your point on this! I did look at quite a few pictures but I found several showing slightly different positions. The MSE S I used is all I had in stock and looked right at the time.. I think that was the picture I used eventually....
  5. Believe me, I'd really love to but it would require a complete re-jig to get it right. I can't just re-size it as is because it would become too delicate. I'm a bit too loaded up with 7mm work to start going down the 4mm route I'm afraid.....
  6. So.. Time for an update. I've been busy at the bench and the computer so there's a new etch or two to see.. This is the BR(W) version of the 2 doll bracket for tubular WR style signals It differs from the available etches in that the main post is positioned in between the two dolls. It features fold up construction and marks for punching out the rivets. Also provided is the diagonal T section support. A test build.. So what did muggins then go and do? Use it as a GW style bracket for a customer!! I was tasked with copying several o
  7. A link to my usual overlong Youtube videos! This one shows my method of fitting servos to the signals I build... More soon JF
  8. Lovely simple power bogie. Very nice JF
  9. I've produced an etch for the LMS ground signal. I have always struggled with the available cast whitemetal version and this one was designed with buildability, operation and illumination in mind. The open "Lid" at the top will be folded down and soldered once an LED is fitted and working. The test build went rather well, so the production version will be available to buy in about 6 weeks JF
  10. Now these are a blast from the past! 9 years ago, I started this thread with the intention of building 4 of these Alan Gibson LBSCR coaches. I built and finished 2 of them...... Sooo, its about time I got stuck into the other 2 I suppose The chassis' are complete for all four so "all" I have to do is complete the bodies. As supplied, nothing is provided in the kit to represent the guttering so some lengths of 1.5mm x 1.5mm brass angle were used for this job. Door bumpers were added from 0.8mm brass were. Next to be added were al
  11. I'll keep my eye on this one Rod as I have one of his point kits to try. I've never built any form of track before but the kit looks well designed and comes with all sorts of gauges and guides. JF
  12. This is the Parkend signal all done and weathered. All my own etches with Modelu Lamps and Scale Signal Supply Lamp cases. The photos are a bit dull but the weather seems to be unremittingly gloomy down here at the moment... More soon JF
  13. Next up on the bench is an LMS Upper quadrant stop signal. Quite a tall beastie at 35 feet, it features a running line to loop signal bracket and a bonus stop arm for the opposite direction of travel. It will be servo operated and LED lit and uses a lot of my own etchings. The original was at Parkend and fortunately I've been supplied with some useful photographs to assist in the build. Luckily I'd already built the bracket as a demo for instructions and as it's designed to be built as a separate assembly I could just slide it down the main post to its correct position before trappin
  14. Certainly sounds like a well designed and engineered chassis, except for the slight alteration to the rear pony truck.
  15. From my largest signal, down to my smallest recent construction. A GWR double ground signal. This is more or less a straight build of the all cast brass SSS kit. I have added micro servos and a couple of SMD LEDs for illumination. Seems to work fine! More soon JF
  16. About 300 yards away. If it's still there. It's closed at the moment for an upgrade and there was a gang removing old rail yesterday but I think a 5 doll gantry would make a great improvement over the single line at the foot crossing...
  17. Thanks Steve. I'll sort that today. I've done the clips, they just need editing..
  18. Many thanks for that! I had a photo sent to me by John Robinson of 47165 withdrawn at Horwich with what looks like another in front of it and a rebuilt Barton Wright saddle tank behind it which I used as a reference for weathering. Always nice to hear peoples memories of locos in service and I can imagine they did rather waddle about with that short wheelbase and outside cylinders! Cheers JF
  19. Here's the Lockdown Loco with a bit of paint and weathering splashed on. It represents the loco when at Bolton in about 1965. I may have actually seen it when I was taken down to the shed as a 3 year old by my brother whenever he got lumbered with looking after me! It's still a bit of a noisy runner so the motor gearbox will be swapped for a better one when funds permit, but I think it looks the part now. I printed a home made front number and shed plate which will have to do for now. Once I've mastered the etched signal parts production, I'll have to learn how to do numbers and works pla
  20. After much soldering, swearing, burnt fingers and nearly running out of black spray paint, the NER Iron signal bridge is finally ready for sending to its new home. All LED lit and and servo'd up, tests are complete and it actually works! I've lightly weathered it with a thin wash of neutral shades to tone down the brightness. The staging was was painted from a palette of about 6 colours as it's brass rather than natural wood. I'll do a youtube video of it working if anyone is interested. Lastly, there's another GWR stop signal with scratchbuilt sightbo
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