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  1. Hi Phill,

    The remnants of Talacre are re-appearing as the Saltney Railway now, so we'll do our best to keep the spirit going. Struggling for space a bit though....!


  2. "doesn't feel right well really"..wish I was at home instead of stuck in here on a 12 hour day shift. Yed and belly warch..

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    2. beast66606


      Plenty of water Jon.

    3. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      and paracetamol and a belly warch pill. Got gut cramps too. Ozone layer about to be destroyed.....again...

    4. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      Now feeling a little better. Meds kicking in!!

  3. "Essential engineering works" at home means no modelling for the past 4 days with more to come....no modelling....things to build....soldering iron cold.....got the shakes ....can't cope....AAAArgh!

    1. MarkC


      Steady, lad. It'll soon be over...

    2. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      I know, I know but after a shift at work I come home to do a bit of modelling and I have to walk past my bench while plastering/painting/fitting new radiators/fittng new curtain rails etc...my bench seems to whisper as I go past "leave that and sitdown here instead, you know you want to....:(

  4. "Lining"..."transfers".....two words that I no longer think should be seen in the same sentence..now where's me lining pen? Could't possibly look any worse, even if it's me that's working it....

    1. Gallows Close

      Gallows Close

      Orange cantrail stripes are up there with the very worst.

    2. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      I'll see your cantrail lining and raise you Fox's two part BR mixed traffic lining...

  5. (Cheese nacho) Baby!

  6. 10001 views....and its only an average thread....

  7. 104 unit on the llangollen railway today. Raspy!

  8. 12 hour nights and a bad sinus kicking cold...nice...:\

    1. RedgateModels


      I should have put some Vic's in with the MSE bits ...


    2. big jim

      big jim

      i'll be seeing you later when i pass on the baglan logs then

    3. beast66606


      You might even get greens Jim - oh, sorry, it's Chester !

      Hope you feel better soon Jon

  9. 12 hour nights... just not enough hours in a day!

    1. NGT6 1315

      NGT6 1315

      I wonder if we'd be saying the same thing if an Earth day had the same length as one on Venus! oO

  10. 1800hrs..1 hour to go at the PSB then off for 9 days. The soldering iron will need a rest at the end of it!!

    1. beast66606


      7-5-5 sent to Mickle / Beeston / Wrexham / Rockcliffe and Sandhills


    2. RedgateModels


      I'll reply to your pm tomorrow :)

  11. 2 weeks annual leave? Where the 'eck did THEY just go? Starting back on a 12 hour sunday shift doesn't help either...

  12. 3 line blockages and 2 T3s on a monday night...more like a saturday night! Interrupting me modelling time. 12 hour Night shifts....tsk...

  13. 4 days in with the Statins break. Less muscle/joint pains, sleeping better, less lifeless. Even feeling a bit stronger. They can't be that bad surely?

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    2. Mallard60022


      Yea, go herbal and watch the diet mate, but keep an eye on the levels, Statins are not the silver bullet!

    3. Ref44


      Got tendonitis whilst on Simvastatin. GP swiched me to Atorvastaton (much more expensive to NHS) and no problems since

    4. Danemouth


      My GP also switched me to Atorvastaton as I had the same problems as you.

  14. 4 Heljan class B tankers numbered...just got to summon up the courage to weather them now.!

    1. steve fay

      steve fay

      You'll do just fine

  15. 4 year old RTV101 silicon rubber....will it work?

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    2. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      Some of the masters I'm using are quite small. If it doesn't set.... I may never see them again!


    3. skipepsi


      use a collander!

    4. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      Well....they're in. Will check them when I get home after nite shift.

  16. 45231 about to park up outside my 'box to take coal..should have been Tangmere I think but I wouldn't have risked a s***c** in the tamper siding!

    1. 81C


      you have not missed much then !!.

    2. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      Just cabbed it too...very nice.

  17. 47727 on the Baglan-Chirk logs tonight..47s on freight...vaguely remember that...

  18. 56094 on the "logs" to Chirk this evening. Jeez I'd forgotten what they sound like. Lovely.

    1. newbryford


      Same here - passed me on a 1 in 120ish gradient.

  19. 56113 failed on Gresford Bank on 6M54. Poor driver has to tie it down, get a taxi from Gresford to Crewe, get a spare loco, drive it to Wrexham via Salop and go and rescue his own train. Not what you come to work for really! At least he knows where his detonator protection is.....

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    2. ian b

      ian b

      That truly is ridiculous!

    3. coachmann


      Ah well, let's all have a cuppa tea....It's called British disease....

    4. big jim

      big jim

      At least it wasnt me!!

  20. 6V7.....5 ooops!

    1. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      wagons that made a bid for freedom now re-captured

    2. beast66606


      Split ?

      Between Wrexham and Shrewsbury ?

    3. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      Cefn Viaduct. All sorted now.

  21. 7mm Co-bo..3 days in and already swearing too much...

  22. A coal train to Ironbridge. On a Sunday. Diverted via Chester. Good luck to it getting up Gresford Bank. Didn't even think Ironbridge line was still open.....

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    2. gridwatcher


      Good thread lads. Lights going out this Autumn then? All around the UK Is suspect!!


    3. Michael Delamar

      Michael Delamar

      Its only running on half capacity now

    4. beast66606


      66701 and 66750 on the trains today

  23. A proper loco just about to arrive at Chester....

  24. a quick change of anorak today. Beer and buses weekend on theIOW. DingDing!

  25. Aciiiiiid!...8.... going to see if the stuffs any good tonight. Got 3 bachybrass coaches to prime.

    1. coachmann


      I sware by it. But dont put it on TOP of celulose. It also wrinkles some forms of plastic but not styrene.

    2. ozzyo


      Clean, it then clean it and then clean it some more.

    3. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      FG brushed, dusted,wiped with celly spirit, sprayed. Looking ok so far and won't scratch off. must have summat right.

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