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  1. A quick update! Everything still seems GWR or more correctly, BR(W)!:blink:

    This is a GWR 30ft distant. It uses a Borg-Rail Etched post, Scale Signal supply arm, Modelu lamp and Finial and Southwark Bridge built up ladders. Theres a few of my own etches there and the little cabinet is scratchbuilt.




    These 2 are a couple based on structures at Park Jc in South Wales. They use MSE brackets, Modelu lamps and finials, a scratchbuilt ground signal and my own etched arms, weight bars and ladders and a few scratchbuilt odds and sods. The staging is 0.8 ply,  and the whole is weathered with enamels. If the handrails look 'orrible, its because they represent the signals in recent years fitted with modern replacements.


    More soon...


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  2. On 11/05/2020 at 17:30, Dmudriver said:


    Hi Jon.


    It's only the platform 2  LED that's not working, platform 1 is OK.  It used to be a bit temperamental then it stopped working altogether: I suspect a joint has come unsoldered.   


    It's ballasted in so taking it out to repair could be a bit of a b***-ache!!   But, as I'm likely to be having to shield for a few more weeks yet, I might just get round to fixing it.  Any advice?





    PS  Thanks for the comment about the video.

    Advice? work carefully around the LED! Check your switch first! If you can expose the connections on the back of the LEDs, with a meter,  check continuity back down to the resistors and also the earthing to the structure. If all  else fails, I'll check it next time I come up to Freckleton...whenever that will be!


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  3. I've downloaded and installed DoubleCad XT5 thanks Stephen, so I'll give it a go over the next few days. It all looks familiar on the interface so I should be able to stumble my way round it. Hopefully it'll open some of my previously done drawings and prove possible to work on them without starting from scratch again...

    Anyway, I've finished the first of a batch of early pattern GW wooden post signals..


    No lamps on these but they'll be servo operated and all fitted with built up ladders. I must be mad. I blame the lockdown!:blink:


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  4. I was very happy with Draftsight when it was free and I was happy to pay for it once that ended. Since then it simply either hasn't worked or or has moments when it works for a while then crashes. Nanocad is broadly similar so I found it very familiar. There are functions on it which I can never rely on working properly, mainly the fill function which is very fussy and random regardless of any settings I alter. It also randomly unfills areas during moving and copying stuff. These same areas then won't refill until I pick them apart and redo them. Even when they filled perfectly before. Don't even get me started on the line extend/trim functions. Fine in the old Draftsight but not very effective in Nanocad. It just makes everything such hard work. Anyway, as all the etchers have suspended operations, I'm concentrating on building rather than designing stuff. Its quite frustrating as I have a huge list of signal related etches I'd like to produce (35 and counting in the planning stage!)


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  5. I know there are a few of you out there who can construct these "built up" ladders with etched stiles and wire rungs. Using the supplied jigs and methods they just breeze together and look really good when finished. 

    Me? Nope. My efforts have usually resembled badly laid narrow gauge WW1 temporary track that's been run over by an early tank. Then hit by heavy artillery. During these strange times of personal confinement my befuddled mind rashly agreed to fit a few signals with them for a customer so I've had to "get back on the horse" and have another go.

    My main problem with them is keeping the stiles at something approaching parallel during the soldering process. I've now come up with the "Laddermatic 2020 mk1" to hold them under tension which actually sort of works. Hopefully the pictures explain my idea but feel free to question both the method and my sanity!:blink:


    I have used Southwark Bridge etched ladders for this project which needed far more preparation than they should. The main problem is that the holes in the stiles were mostly not fully etched and needed drilling out which caused a little distortion which didn't help. The sliding spring loaded fitting did it's best to hold them straight and would have worked better if the etches were straighter in the first place!

    I think the end result is a lot better than any of my previous attempts so, every cloud etc:wacko:

    More soon


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  6. 12 hours ago, mike hughes said:

    I heard from my etcher yesterday and they said that they're closed whilst the lockdown is in place. A few people might be waiting longer and some might have a shorter wait.



    Ooh, who's the etchers? I'm just about to fire some artwork off to PPD...:unsure:


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  7. Finally got my GW 1942 style bracket test etch finished, fitted out and painted today.


    As previously stated, all that is etched is my own work and if I can persuade Nanocad to actually do what I tell it to and not alter my work as it sees fit, I might actually get these etches into production soon. I hope to produce about 4 different configurations of this style of bracket along with a few other previously unavailable GW bracket styles.

    More soon


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  8. On 21/03/2020 at 16:17, Stephen Freeman said:

    A lot depends not only location but also period. If you are modelling LMS you can probably safely leave them black (ground signals apart). At least that is my understanding from Mr Warburtons book.

    You are right I think. Most of my signals are from the BR period where white predominated but the LMS list the doll Ironwork under the "paint it black" instruction! I presume that includes backblinders:blink:


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