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  1. I hear that! Network Rail's the same with anything to do with videos or picture sites . Cheers anyway, I'll check the link out.
  2. Right... Does anyone do a 7mm scale kit of an LBSCR/SR 5 plank wagon as used by the hundred on the IOW until the end of steam in 1966? I think it was Diag1369. I think Cambrian do one in 4mm scale. Cheers Jon F.
  3. Many thanks to those who answered on this thread. Here's the finished brake van c/w guard and the lights are just visible. Lights are switched on/off by prodding the stove's chimney. JF
  4. Dont forget the Southern Region selection of 1-Co-Co-1's!
  5. 10000/10001 get my votes. Might as well have them both! I think the bogies were broadly the same as the EM2s so maybe there's a few spares in Holland. Add a couple of spare 16csvt's and all you have to build would be the bodyshell. Seemples!
  6. I'd be happy with an IOW 02 in OO gauge. I'd have 5 or 6. I've built a 7mm scale one but couln't afford the time or money to build any more!
  7. Many thanks for all the replies chaps, it's certainly given me food for thought. As I'm all DC I can't chip anything although the control methods of the lights you've suggested sounds superb. I was thinking something along the lines of a reed switch on the wagon and a magnet at each end of a loop line. I've tried the LED's on the 4.5v of 3AAA batteries but it isn't enough to change the Red/White LEDs to a proper white (more orange!) so more experimentation is required. I'm also having trouble with the wagon itself! I had some ball bearing races in stock but the I/D was 1.5mm so I used some Hay
  8. I've fitted working side and tail lamps to a 7mm scale Slaters LMS brake van. (Battery powered, will switch on and off by pressing the stove chimney when finished). The side lamps are red/white LEDs so in theory, with a bit of complicated switchery I could have whites on the sides. The question is, when were the side reds altered to white during the trains journey? Cheers Jon F.
  9. Never thought I'd hear myself saying this about C/L signals, but..... love the signals! And thats from a confirmed semaphore-o-file! Excellent work fellas JF
  10. Mine also has the semi auto box and 169, with a full front and the same g.box is waiting restoration with the Bolton Bus Group. JF
  11. Larry, You're right, it's Bolton Corpy, No 122 a Leyland PD3/5 with East Lancs H74R Body. I've owned it for about 10 years and I'm (very) slowly re-building it. It certainly hasn't been on the road while I've owned it as the bodywork was in such poor condition it would probably have collapsed at the first pothole!. The little photo was taken near Moses Gate just outside Bolton (not sure by whom) and is around the 1970 mark. Still in later Bolton livery, it carries it's SELNEC fleet no. 6622. This is the era I will be restoring it to, and I may just paint one wheel orange to upset the purists!
  12. Better check mine out too. Took me long enough to find again it in me computer! One day my bus will look like that again.
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