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  1. The etches for the Radstock bracket signal came out quite well although I'm not entirely sure of their dimensional accuracy! Its a huge structure (by my standards anyway!) but the geometry of the main lattice post worked ok. I had to fold it in the usual 2 halves but insert all the separate bracing plates within the structure. These hung uot of the sides and the 1.5mm brass angle was soldered to them, all the way up one side and as far as the bracket on the other. The bracket was a fold up job and had rivets to punch out as well. It's not represented exactly as the real thing as there is no vertical strip on the actual signal but I had to have something to solder to the main post! Here is the end result... The main post, associated bracing, the bracket, ladders, staging, weightbars, bellcranks are all my etches. The arms are MSE and the finial and lampcases are Modelu. This will be my last customer signal until my vintage bus is completed although there may be the odd random test build of a signal for my planned range of 7mm etches that will be on sale from 2020. Cheers JF
  2. I'm surprised you didn't get them etched Jamie! Those overheads and parts for the greyhound bridge turned out superb! Jon F
  3. I think the best genuine tapered wooden posts are available from Scale Signal Supply. If you are good with folding brass up, Borg Rail do some nice fold up brass posts which I can recommend. I also used to use the sticks off firework rockets and planed them up but it is a bit of a imprecise science.
  4. There's more.. For those of you out there who wish to add a bit of variety to your GW signal bracketry, I'm sorting out a "1942" pattern bracket for tubular post construction. There will be two sizes, of which this is the smaller one for 2 dolls. The first folded and rivet punched test example is being built up in 0.4mm nickel silver..
  5. A little side project is slowly coming to fruition now. For those who like modelling their signalbox interiors and aren't satisfied with the usual generic GW style lever frames that seem to be the only option, here's a 7mm scale BR or REC/MR lever frame. Levers and plates are etched nickel silver with laser cut MDF frame sections. It still needs a bit of development but I think it looks the part. Assembly is ummm, fun but as the levers run on a 1mm rod, each lever can be moved to your chosen position even when assembled! JF
  6. Always did and always will! I gave in eventually and changed LEDs to better ones. Job done. JF
  7. Well, I still use MSE's packs of coloured lens material but my stocks are fairly old. I would use a green lens for a pure white LED, but personally , I wouldn't use pure white for LEDs. Warm white, calmed with a 1k ohm resistor or better still, the "gaslamp" colour LEDs available from Helmsman controls are best. Cheers JF
  8. I think they're known as "portable" engines by the traction engine fraternity. Just as you described it anyway! JF
  9. Here's some artwork I've prepared for etching. I took out the coloured layers for clarity. Apart from the large bracket and the lattice post which are for a commission, it's all experimental stuff! I'm hopefully going to fill a few gaps in what's available for signal building! JF
  10. Yeah but yours are in 4mm scale! I can only just manage 7mm scale.. JF
  11. Absolutely beautiful Steve. Those groundsignals look the absolute dog's and that LMS bracket is just so characterful. Lovely stuff. JF
  12. Many thanks for the compliment! The main arms I did as metal bladed on which the blade is bolted to the front surface of the spec plate casting. The wooden ones (correct me if I'm wrong) are sandwiched between the casting and a plate at the back and I've done the the subs as"wooden". It was more down to what I had in stock! The colour pic of the bracket was supplied to me by Terry, my customer for the signals
  13. Hi All, Except for the weathering I've now completed 2 of the three Radstock signals. The third one needs me to finish some etch artwork off and get it etched. Hopefully I'll get it right first time! Here's a pic of the third one for illustrative purposes only. No copyright problems intended of course! More soon.. JF
  14. Hi Steve, is that circle marked out for the old turntable you had on RB? Jon F
  15. Right-oh. Simple question; having got the white dot and black ring on the front, I'm not sure what should be on the back. Is it a corresponding black dot or a black stripe? Thanks in anticipation, JF
  16. As you suggest, I don't have a clear enough picture to see if any of the aspects were reduced on the subs. Customers specified all lower quadrants too. The main mast on the bracket signal seems have additional vertical bracing and a series of internal square plates which quite frankly are going to be a right royal PITA to fit but as I'm getting some etches done for it and the brackets, I should be able to sort something out! JF
  17. Hahaha, slot gear! If I fit it I doubt it would be working! I'd have to check my notes for the correct names for the signals but I suspect you are right with each one. The one with a stop arm and shunt underneath was shortened, possibly during the BR period and lost its shunt arm. I'm working to photos only with these ones so heights are somewhat guesstimated but the layout in question is set in the 1930s. And most of it is in a garden! Cheers JF
  18. Time for a quick update! Still on a sort of SR theme..sort of! I have 3 S&DJR era signals to build of a Stevens/SR design for a model of Radstock (not mine I hasten to add!) The arms are the MSE super 7 version. The main lattice post is 30ft but extended rather roughly to 34ft on the first one and 40ft (!) on the second one using offcuts from other etches. The 3rd signal will be a very lofty bracket signal that will require me to design a few etches... More soon JF
  19. Got some paint on the big ex LSWR bracket now. All the mechanical linkages from base to weight bars are now done, so all the difficult stuff is done. Not far to go to finishing it now!
  20. The main structure of the bracket signal is now ready for painting. I've left off the front handrail until all is painted and assembled as it's easier to link up all the mechanical connections without it! Sorry about the dodgy focus on the pic. I dropped my phone and all the accumulated dust inside has now found its way to between the lens and its cover....
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