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  1. Still very much got my stabilisers on regarding CAD! I seem to be fighting with it due to my lack of skills. It sometimes feels like computer hindered rather than aided design! JF
  2. Thanks Jim. Still at the track only stage at the moment but I'll post a few pix up later. Not sure if it'll be on this page as the layout has no signals on it! JF
  3. Finally got my GW 1942 style bracket test etch finished, fitted out and painted today. As previously stated, all that is etched is my own work and if I can persuade Nanocad to actually do what I tell it to and not alter my work as it sees fit, I might actually get these etches into production soon. I hope to produce about 4 different configurations of this style of bracket along with a few other previously unavailable GW bracket styles. More soon JF
  4. You are right I think. Most of my signals are from the BR period where white predominated but the LMS list the doll Ironwork under the "paint it black" instruction! I presume that includes backblinders JF
  5. Still the most handsome passenger tank loco ever designed (my opinion and I won't be swayed!) and your job on the kit has definitely done it justice. JF
  6. The vast majority were painted white as was most of the iron work. I have spotted one or two local variations, especially where maintenance has transferred to a different region. Don't forget, upper quadrants were used across all regions (yes even the Western inherited a few!) and all stamped their personalities on them. SR painted theirs mid grey and I think ER ones were black. Even the LMR in later years started painting bits of signal structures and fittings grey too. JF
  7. Messy? My work doesn't look that good after I've spent ages cleaning it all up! That pipework looks really convincing as well. Beautiful work. JF
  8. Good point. I'll have to investigate that. Maybe, as you suggest, it was a later BR development. It's one of those things where I'm sure I've seen a picture of it but if I go off and look, it simply won't be there... JF
  9. The boards are .8mm ply strips. I stained them with a thinned wash of my usual humbrol 33/62 mix. This then had a hint of Matt green drybrushed sparingly over it. JF
  10. I think the boards get bleached in the sun but get a bit green in the damp. They'll change as the weather changes...
  11. Here are 2 out of a batch of 4 SR ground signals recently completed. They are all from the MSE kit but with my own etched nickel silver disc faces. They are all LED lit and servo operated. More soon JF
  12. Here's the first four signals for 2020. All are LMS upper quadrants and use Scale Signal Supply arms and post caps, Modelu lamp cases and some of my own etches and castings. (Ladders, bolting plates, weight bars, smoke deflector and No5 bracket). The lattice post is an extended MSE super7 etch. All are LED lit and servo operated. A rare burst of sunshine provided some nice natural lighting (it was raining 5 minutes later) More soon JF
  13. Looks like the railway is holding the fence up Rod!
  14. Didn't some of the kits end up being sold by Welcome Wagons or EMKDE or something like that? JF
  15. Excellent, thanks for that Steve. I'll certainly take your advice on that and badger peco for some of them. To also enter the contentious weight bar colour debate, I thought the BR(S) fittings, including weight bars, back blinds, spec plates etc were all mid grey..(runs for cover) Cheers JF
  16. Hi Steve, any luck in finding out what's happening with the supply of "gaslight" LEDS that used to be available from Helmsman? JF
  17. TBH, I can't see me doing that Steve. It would need to be changed completely as it would be way too fine and fiddly reduced to 4mm! JF
  18. This chap is an LMS "running line to loop" signal. Once common over the LM network (and on others but less so). Most parts visible are from my etches, including the arms and will be available as a partial kit early next year. It will include etched parts for the bracket, staging, linkages and a shunt arm. Cheers JF
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