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  1. Looks like the railway is holding the fence up Rod!
  2. Didn't some of the kits end up being sold by Welcome Wagons or EMKDE or something like that? JF
  3. Excellent, thanks for that Steve. I'll certainly take your advice on that and badger peco for some of them. To also enter the contentious weight bar colour debate, I thought the BR(S) fittings, including weight bars, back blinds, spec plates etc were all mid grey..(runs for cover) Cheers JF
  4. Hi Steve, any luck in finding out what's happening with the supply of "gaslight" LEDS that used to be available from Helmsman? JF
  5. TBH, I can't see me doing that Steve. It would need to be changed completely as it would be way too fine and fiddly reduced to 4mm! JF
  6. This chap is an LMS "running line to loop" signal. Once common over the LM network (and on others but less so). Most parts visible are from my etches, including the arms and will be available as a partial kit early next year. It will include etched parts for the bracket, staging, linkages and a shunt arm. Cheers JF
  7. I was on duty as well! That was my reliant parked opposite the box
  8. That looks superb, the view through the end window looks just wonderful. JF
  9. A lovely job there especially the LNW style levers in the frame. . Little suggestion, as the station is at the end of a single line, a token or staff instrument may be appropriate in the box, probably near the door. Other than that. superb!
  10. The etches for the Radstock bracket signal came out quite well although I'm not entirely sure of their dimensional accuracy! Its a huge structure (by my standards anyway!) but the geometry of the main lattice post worked ok. I had to fold it in the usual 2 halves but insert all the separate bracing plates within the structure. These hung uot of the sides and the 1.5mm brass angle was soldered to them, all the way up one side and as far as the bracket on the other. The bracket was a fold up job and had rivets to punch out as well. It's not represented exactly as the real thing as the
  11. I'm surprised you didn't get them etched Jamie! Those overheads and parts for the greyhound bridge turned out superb! Jon F
  12. I think the best genuine tapered wooden posts are available from Scale Signal Supply. If you are good with folding brass up, Borg Rail do some nice fold up brass posts which I can recommend. I also used to use the sticks off firework rockets and planed them up but it is a bit of a imprecise science.
  13. There's more.. For those of you out there who wish to add a bit of variety to your GW signal bracketry, I'm sorting out a "1942" pattern bracket for tubular post construction. There will be two sizes, of which this is the smaller one for 2 dolls. The first folded and rivet punched test example is being built up in 0.4mm nickel silver..
  14. A little side project is slowly coming to fruition now. For those who like modelling their signalbox interiors and aren't satisfied with the usual generic GW style lever frames that seem to be the only option, here's a 7mm scale BR or REC/MR lever frame. Levers and plates are etched nickel silver with laser cut MDF frame sections. It still needs a bit of development but I think it looks the part. Assembly is ummm, fun but as the levers run on a 1mm rod, each lever can be moved to your chosen position even when assembled! JF
  15. Always did and always will! I gave in eventually and changed LEDs to better ones. Job done. JF
  16. Well, I still use MSE's packs of coloured lens material but my stocks are fairly old. I would use a green lens for a pure white LED, but personally , I wouldn't use pure white for LEDs. Warm white, calmed with a 1k ohm resistor or better still, the "gaslamp" colour LEDs available from Helmsman controls are best. Cheers JF
  17. I think they're known as "portable" engines by the traction engine fraternity. Just as you described it anyway! JF
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