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  1. Canada? No-one over here available to do it Steve?
  2. Tell me about it! I used to do all my browsing, RMWeb and WT updating at work between trains!
  3. And I even rotated the picture and it still rotated it back! Back to the computer for updates. Too much hassle on the phone!
  4. With the gantry now back to sub assembly stage, I ran a wiring main for the LEDs, fitted railings, ladder and dummy weight bars (yes, I know. It's mechanically complicated enough already thanks!) and started the painting process. I think the primers just about the right colour for the grey the were painted but we'll see when the black bits go on! More soon JF
  5. Got some BR Blue on the Bogie B but I'm a little short on the transfers. I've used up all the useful stuff on my HMRS sheet and I'm not sure if anyone does transfers for these vehicles. Drawn a blank with Fox and Railtec so far.. ☹️
  6. Thanks Rich! I've prepared the dolls now and made a start on the dreaded linkages. All my plans and sketches planning out the route of the linkages were, of course, wrong so I went back to the usual method of "try a bit and see if it fits, make everything else fit round it" I have a rough idea that it will all work now so I progressed with the servo mountings which all have to be at one end due to the gantry's planned location. It now needs a special stand so I can carry on with construction! The dolls are still loosely fitted hence the tweezers stopping the tall one rotating. At least I can now fit the landings, handrails and main ladders. I think its really starting to get that look now! Another thing I've had etched up is a BR(W) bracket structure for a commission. The MSE one available couldn't be easily altered to fit the bill so I did what needed to be done. Aside from being etched on too thick material (entirely my mistake) I think it looks the part and may consider getting a few more done if anyone wants some! More soon JF
  7. A rather nice sheet of etched bits arrived in the post a few days ago. Good news..most of it looks ok. Bad news..I chose too thick a material (0.5mm) so some of ot will be a bit heavy to work with. One or two bits haven't etched properly but the mistakes are all mine. Excellent service from PPD though; from paying up to receiving the etch, 4 days! The missing brackets from the gantry are now ready to fit.. Now looking much more like an LMS gantry! The dolls are in preparation but I haven't photographed them yet! This is my take on an LMS corrugated arm. A bit of a cheat as theres none on the back but version 2 should be better (and thinner and nickel silver, not brass!) More soon. JF
  8. Scale signal Supply are OK for GW signal bits. The 3D printed GW finials and lamp cases from Modelu are superb too. MSE Parts are OK but the arms are a little over scale and starting to look a bit old style now.
  9. I think that's broadly how it will come out. Just had the go ahead from PPD so should be with me in about 5 days. Didn't see the wave though!
  10. Looks superb as usual Steve. Those Midland signals always seem a bit strange with the fixed axle and bearing in the signal arm itself.. JF
  11. Not yet! Have enough trouble keeping this one and the rolling stock thread anywhere near up to date
  12. Greetings all!, Time for a quick catch up again. I had a major disaster with the first go on this LMS gantry as I got the measurements wrong as I built it ! This is the second attempt and is still in need of a lot of cleaning up and scraping. Strangely when I had the bits to make this etched, I forgot the little curved brackets from post to cross members so I'm in the process of getting those organised. Seen here posed on the startings of my garden layout... These are the brackets I'll be getting etched. No idea why I forgot them! More soon JF
  13. Lovely work Steve, I do like a standard LMS tubular post bracket signal!
  14. Ooh I think that's covered by Scale Signal Supply isn't it?. I think my next etches will be LMS corrugated arms, the later GW pressed steel blades and an improved version of the GW spec plates I've just done to remove the mistakes I made first time! JF
  15. It was probably cost at the time plus I'm still feeling my way round Draftsight. Wasn't sure if the results were going to be any good!
  16. So, where was I up to? Recent developments include getting a few GW bits etched, building an Australian signal and scratchbuilding a banner repeater. Here's the Australian one. I worked from photos on this one and a Stevens pattern arm fitted the bill. I've used an MSE arm and a BorgRail etched post. It's servo operated and LED lit and currently on its way to Auz. A GWR wooden post stop signal with a rather rusty sightboard. SSS arm, Borg rail post, Modelu finial and lamp. Servo operated and LED lit. Another externally illuminated BR(W) banner repeater, totally scratchbuilt this time And a very rusty BR(W) bracket from a photgraph of one surviving on private land at Barry. Mostly SSS parts! Here's some etched parts I've had done in an attempt to keep a good supply to hand. Also trying to "improve the breed" as it were. Not quite as succesful as I hoped but you know, learning curve and all that! The course at Missenden Abbey is slowly paying off. I'll do some LMS ones next! More soon, including an LMS gantry! JF
  17. That looks annoyingly fantastic Brian. Think I'll throw away the Scorpio kit I'm building!!
  18. Looking fantastic Dave! Think I might even have got the signals just about the right height too! JF
  19. Can't beat a bit of natural light for pics! JF
  20. Looks brilliant and loads better than the MSE offering. The whitemetal casting is a bit too fragile. JF
  21. Superb. Nice to see an LMS corrugated arm. Very much on my "to etch" list now! JF
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