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  1. As you suggest, I don't have a clear enough picture to see if any of the aspects were reduced on the subs. Customers specified all lower quadrants too. The main mast on the bracket signal seems have additional vertical bracing and a series of internal square plates which quite frankly are going to be a right royal PITA to fit but as I'm getting some etches done for it and the brackets, I should be able to sort something out! JF
  2. Hahaha, slot gear! If I fit it I doubt it would be working! I'd have to check my notes for the correct names for the signals but I suspect you are right with each one. The one with a stop arm and shunt underneath was shortened, possibly during the BR period and lost its shunt arm. I'm working to photos only with these ones so heights are somewhat guesstimated but the layout in question is set in the 1930s. And most of it is in a garden! Cheers JF
  3. Time for a quick update! Still on a sort of SR theme..sort of! I have 3 S&DJR era signals to build of a Stevens/SR design for a model of Radstock (not mine I hasten to add!) The arms are the MSE super 7 version. The main lattice post is 30ft but extended rather roughly to 34ft on the first one and 40ft (!) on the second one using offcuts from other etches. The 3rd signal will be a very lofty bracket signal that will require me to design a few etches... More soon JF
  4. Got some paint on the big ex LSWR bracket now. All the mechanical linkages from base to weight bars are now done, so all the difficult stuff is done. Not far to go to finishing it now!
  5. The main structure of the bracket signal is now ready for painting. I've left off the front handrail until all is painted and assembled as it's easier to link up all the mechanical connections without it! Sorry about the dodgy focus on the pic. I dropped my phone and all the accumulated dust inside has now found its way to between the lens and its cover....
  6. I've now got an ex LSWR 4 doll platform mounted bracket signal on the go. For this I got some large brackets etched along with staging framework and SR style weightbars/brackets. This is the etch in 0.375 NIcklesilver (including some mistakes I made!) I've already punched out the rivet detail. The weightbar brackets ready for forming. The brackets turned out to be a little wide for this particular job so were shortened by 1 section at the ends. With the main post reduced in height the structure was assembled in its basic form. Next up was the dolls,
  7. I've revived an old signal and re purposed it for it's new owner. A former 2 arm shunt signal it became a stop signal with a shunt underneath it. In the process it gained new lamp cases, arms, backblinds, ladders, staging and weight bars. It also had a two segment stencil route indicator fitted!. Trigger would have been proud of me! Next off the bench was a BR(W) 3 doll stop signal. This one features the first use of my own etched GWR pressed steel signal arms. These are the earlier pattern with the front corrugated edges rather than the later folded edge type. The back blinders and
  8. There's a bit of a story behind these 3 signals that you may or may not be aware of. I built them for a customers scale7 layout of Bath Green Park loco shed and its environs but sadly the chap passed away before he took delivery. I've recently had permission to sell them on so if anyone out there wishes to buy any or all of them, please PM me for further details. The largest of them features a custom etched main bracket. All of them are servo fitted and LED lit. JF
  9. Fantastic work Steve! I struggle to get my cranks and links that neat in 7mm never mind 4mm scale.. JF
  10. Lovely! I may not be a great fan of the GW but they turned out some fine looking signals!
  11. Here we go... Next up is a GW style banner repeater... All servo operated and LED lit! JF
  12. The "Ilfracombe" bracket is now all finished and ready for delivery... More to come! I'll have to start resizing pics again... JF
  13. Hi Nigel, is that the St Petersburgh collection model of the Bristol L? Cheers Jon F
  14. I contacted Helmsman a few days ago to buy some of the LEDs as they won't be at Bristol O gauge show on Sunday. I've just received my order today. Very quick and fuss free service. JF
  15. Some more progress on the "Ilfracombe" bracket signal. Dolls soldered in place and 2 of the LEDs fitted. I've run out of the "gaslamp" LEDs from Helmsman so I'm hoping to restock at Bristol next weekend. It's turning out a little wider than I expected but only because I'm using modified etches rather than scratchbuilt. I think it's captured the spirit of the real one though! More soon JF
  16. Excellent bit of work Stephen. You possibly need to post a photo of the signal next to something that shows how small it is! JF
  17. A little Christmas project before I start on the signals again! An Ian Kirk LMS P3 brake 3rd non-corridor. I'm trying to keep this a "cheap as chips" project as I had the wheels in stock and made the buffers from scratch. A kind friend also made me a dimmable lighting board with a separate constant feed for a tail lamp. This is how far I got before signal building broke out again... More soon JF
  18. Back to it on the signal bench now! Seems like I've got a bit of a Southern thing going at the moment. This is very similar to a previous signal I've built but I'm quite pleased with it anyway. A 2 doll ex LSWR structure fitted with U/Q arms and 2 standard SR ground signals bracketed off it. This one is an SR built 4 doll bracket based on one from Ilfracome. The construction of the real thing looks to be 3 H girders braced together. I've used 3 pieces of box section with "flanges" soldered on to represent the girders so I can use the space inside to hide wires etc. More so
  19. Hope I can help! There are a few "signature" fittings and structures that wil identify the plain tubular post signals as being from the ER such as the lampmans's staging and handrails. Bracket signals on the ER tended to be of the Plate and Angle types rather than just from tubes. Feel free to take anything you need from my thread, it's exactly what its there for! JF
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