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  1. Hi Nigel, is that the St Petersburgh collection model of the Bristol L? Cheers Jon F
  2. I contacted Helmsman a few days ago to buy some of the LEDs as they won't be at Bristol O gauge show on Sunday. I've just received my order today. Very quick and fuss free service. JF
  3. Some more progress on the "Ilfracombe" bracket signal. Dolls soldered in place and 2 of the LEDs fitted. I've run out of the "gaslamp" LEDs from Helmsman so I'm hoping to restock at Bristol next weekend. It's turning out a little wider than I expected but only because I'm using modified etches rather than scratchbuilt. I think it's captured the spirit of the real one though! More soon JF
  4. Excellent bit of work Stephen. You possibly need to post a photo of the signal next to something that shows how small it is! JF
  5. A little Christmas project before I start on the signals again! An Ian Kirk LMS P3 brake 3rd non-corridor. I'm trying to keep this a "cheap as chips" project as I had the wheels in stock and made the buffers from scratch. A kind friend also made me a dimmable lighting board with a separate constant feed for a tail lamp. This is how far I got before signal building broke out again... More soon JF
  6. Back to it on the signal bench now! Seems like I've got a bit of a Southern thing going at the moment. This is very similar to a previous signal I've built but I'm quite pleased with it anyway. A 2 doll ex LSWR structure fitted with U/Q arms and 2 standard SR ground signals bracketed off it. This one is an SR built 4 doll bracket based on one from Ilfracome. The construction of the real thing looks to be 3 H girders braced together. I've used 3 pieces of box section with "flanges" soldered on to represent the girders so I can use the space inside to hide wires etc. More so
  7. Hope I can help! There are a few "signature" fittings and structures that wil identify the plain tubular post signals as being from the ER such as the lampmans's staging and handrails. Bracket signals on the ER tended to be of the Plate and Angle types rather than just from tubes. Feel free to take anything you need from my thread, it's exactly what its there for! JF
  8. Thank you Mick! Let me know if there's anything else needed! Cheers JF
  9. Have a word with Modelu and see if his signal lamps are "printable" at 16mm scale too.
  10. Cor! 16mm scale, that's almost heavy engineering for me! Eastern region isn't my specialist subject really but by the mid to late 50s there weren't many ex GCR signals left. Your assumption that most would be upper quadrant isn't far wrong. The tubular posts that replaced most of the old wooden or lattice posts would probably be of a similar height to the older structures as for the most part, the same sighting would be required until colour light signals were used. Ground signals were mostly ex LNER standard disc type. Always difficult to give "standard" sizes as most signals were, as you s
  11. There's still plenty of signals in the to do pile! When I get round to the mogul, I'll be looking at your build rather than showing mine!
  12. I've still quite a bit of signal work to do so hopefully I'll keep updating here. Not sure here is the right place for bus pics though!! JF
  13. Time for an update methinks... As the end of our first full year on the island approaches, it's probably time to take stock of where I'm up to. Happy as I am on the Isle of Wight, a certain element of frustration has oozed into my life. I now have a bigger backlog of jobs since I retired and am trying to enjoy one or three other distractions (building my O gauge garden railway, volunteering at both the Bus Museum and Steam Railway!) I also still have to finish my own bus restoration and revitalise an old motorcycle too! All problems of my own making of course but I think the model signal
  14. Calling Michael Bingham, on here as msb12! Can you or anyone who knows him, message me please!

  15. Calling Michael Bingham, on here as msb12! Can you or anyone who knows him, message me please!

  16. Good luck with the operating! I think your signals on Lime Street will be a good demonstration of your unsurpassed skills! JF (Glasshopper!)
  17. Very nice work Stephen. Especially as its 2mm scale! I'd struggle to see the bits, never mind pick them up and assemble them. JF
  18. And my mechanical linkages just don't seem to get any better either. Tried quite a few different methods but they still end up clunky.
  19. Yes, lots to learn about thickness and hole sizes and fold lines. And layers!
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