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    There is a posting on the Guild website that the company have gone into voluntary liquidation. If true then it's sad news Steve
  2. Brian, congratulations on your retirement but as for ' more time for modelling' you'll be the first to achieve that. I've been retired five years and I've never been so busy! The old adage ' I don't know how I found time to go to work' seems to apply in most cases, so good luck! Steve
  3. KS laser designs do a kit with aluminium mesh which may be of interest Steve
  4. 55012

    Dapol 08

    Giles I think these wipers will be very popular and if there's any space in your production run could I have two sets please
  5. It's still a lamentable show by the venue. I wonder what, if any, recourse is available as it's quite possible traders and others have booked non refundable hotel accommodation etc and costs will have been incurred. I'm not after who gets what but just wondered what happens in this type of situation as its not the first time I've heard of this happening.
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    A really good show with lots of good layouts but somehow we came back to Emsworth several times and enjoyed each visit. Thanks for chatting and I'm sure you will get the hang of the Kadees soon!
  7. 2016 could be an expensive year for me, a 25, a 37 large logo and a prairie!
  8. A good first show, I enjoyed it. Small, well set out and good layouts. Looking forward to the next one. Well done to all concerned
  9. 55012

    Dapol "O" gauge Terrier.

    Understand the Southern version is already 'sold out' at Dapol so lots of people must be waiting patient
  10. Rod Thanks for the info, will now spend some time perusing the Internet Steve
  11. Rod Just a quick question re your German wagons. I'm looking to buy one for a friend who's helped me out a lot but I'm struggling to find a UK dealer. Would you be so kind as to tell me who supplied yours? Steve
  12. Can someone who actually has the model tell me if the axle boxes and the wheels align properly because on the picture on the Tower web site it seems that the wheel centre can be seen lower than the axle box which would mean the body is riding too high. Or it may just be the way the photo is taken or a pre production model. Just interested.
  13. Thanks for the PDF. It really is a useful guide and I've enjoyed constructing a diagram this afternoon. Highly recommended
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