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  1. How many coats?

    1. NGT6 1315

      NGT6 1315

      ...must a man put on before you call him a man?

  2. Brick by brick...…… and I had vowed never again.

  3. Kirkby Thore, Low House Crossing.
  4. This seems to have resolved itself as I am now listening to music as I browse RMweb. if it is something that Mr York has done, i am most grateful. If Mr York was not involved I'm still grateful for all he has done and continues to do. It wasn't anything I did as I still refuse to spend silly amounts on new hardware.
  5. Thanks for the replies so far. I have checked the voltages of my two transformers under no load. The original 45VA gives a reading of 16.8V and the 150VA a reading of 16.0V. It's not the most expensive meter mind you. That seems to go against the theory as explained earlier unless there is some regulation going on. Both transformer's stated voltage is 15V. I'm assuming they are standard transformers as the labels talk about primary and secondary voltages and they weigh a ton. The 45VA is a LENZ product. The second was designed for (or rebadged for) one of the DCC suppliers in this country. Neither mention regulation but both are sold with DCC in mind.
  6. I have a basic knowledge of volts, amps and things but it is only basic - hence the following, probably daft question. Background: I am using the Lenz LZV100 combined command station/power unit. The instructions say the output current is limited to 5A. I have a Lenz 45VA transformer which, I understand, can supply approx. 3A. As I needed slightly more than this I was looking to buy the next transformer up which supplies about 5A. The dealer didn't have one of these but sold me one of his own as suitable. The rating of this transformer is 150VA. which I believe can supply about 10 Amps. I have no concerns about the safety of the transformer just its suitability. My question, which clearly shows that I only have a basic understanding, is this. Will the command station only 'draw' the current it needs or will the transformer 'push out' the full 10Amps and possibly damage the command station. I apologise for the terms 'draw' and 'push out' and hope you understand my meaning. Can I safely use this transformer or have I been sold a pup? A secondary question. If I can use the transformer, will I then need to take steps to ensure I don't overload the Lenz LZV100 or does it have its own protection/cut out.
  7. I bet not much modelling was done tonight. What a great second half for your lot.
  8. I'm back with iOS 9. something or other as I'm too tight fisted to keep renewing my expensive equipment just because Mr Apple decides to make it redundant. May well be the issue but as I said it is only this new forum that does this.
  9. I'm have a minor, in the grand scheme of things, problem at this end. When I'm browsing on my IPad, which is the device I use most, the new version of RMweb mutes any music I have playing in the background. Other Apps or websites only do this when they are actually playing media and the old versions of RMweb never did this. Like I said, a very minor issue compared to all else but an irritation non the less.
  10. Does anyone produce a golden spike in 4mm scale?

    1. adb968008


      Will a brass track pin do ?

    2. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      Does you wife happen to have any jewellery - that often contains thin section of gold which might be suitable.

    3. adb968008


      The spike of a drawing pin I my follow up suggestion.

      (i'm from the north, we think cheap).

  11. Fit a sound decoder that has just arrived or continue track laying?  Decisions, decisions.

    1. gordon s

      gordon s

      Get something running first and then sort out your sound decoder. The pleasure of seeing something running on your own layout is immeasurable.


      I never believed those that said the same either....:D

  12. Overnight frost? Well it is winter.
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