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  1. A couple more pieces of the jigsaw ready to plant. Or at least I thought they were ready to plant and then the photos showed up all of the faults. Photos can be oh so cruel. The signal box The former paraffin/Lamp shed based on photo here (7th one down)
  2. I would never be so condescending as to say I told you so ….. but …….
  3. Being able to drive and shunt for the first time has held up progress a bit, however, I do enjoy all aspects of modelling so should see more progress soon.
  4. Thanks for that, Mark. I have followed your build of Rannoch Moor from the very early days. Indeed I owe you a thank you for I ordered the etch of West Highland station windows and doors from PH Designs that you and he designed. I saw Rannoch a while back at Model Rail Scotland and thoroughly enjoyed that. I noticed that there is a Rannoch again on the layout list this year. Is that you? It will be at the top of my list of layouts to see. Regards Warren
  5. Thanks. I don’t have that much space and sometimes I wonder if I should have added more compression to allow for a bit more of scenic run. The die is cast now and I am happy enough except perhaps when I see some of the scenic photos on Meanach I do sometimes envy your space too, and the chance to model a greater part of the whole system. It must be nice to be able to tun several trains from location to location and passing place to passing place. I suppose it’s swings and roundabouts and both approaches have their advantages. I’m a bit happier now that the ‘Oban branch’ actually goes somewhere even if it is just to an entirely fictitious lochside location a’la Ian Futters. It does give some feel of being part of a larger system - and gives a bit more play value.
  6. Goodness me. Is it really that long since I have updated this thread. Frankly, since I connected everything up and could actually run trains and do a bit of shunting that's what tended to happen each time I started to do something. However, over the last few weeks I have made a concerted effort to make more buildings, mainly down in the warmth of the study rather than up in the loft. So when I'm finished them all they will all slot together like a jigsaw and the layout will be finished. No, I don't think so either but one can dream. The first building I started on was the shed at Crianlarich. Still quite a bit of tidying up to do but I think it captures the flavour of it fairly well. A later picture of the actual shed Hopefully it will look better when planted and the scenery and all the 'clutter ' is in place.
  7. And how many years is that? Seriously though it's a nice moment. The only problem is that once you can run things further construction gets put on the back burner. Ask me how I know.
  8. What is the Valentine’s Day equivalent of Bah! Humbug?

    1. skipepsi


      I don't want to buy the garden just the flowers!

    2. beast66606


      I have a headache

  9. Another driver who doesn’t know where his indicators are.
  10. Whatever happened to real modelling? Scratch build your own iceberg - or at least buy one in kit form.
  11. Thanks, I was thinking the same about their looks myself. I will watch the rest of your layout develop with interest. I am sure it will be superb. Edit: I’ve just had a quick browse and see what you mean about ‘an expensive choice’. Still, if they look the part......
  12. Still enjoying your work very much. Can I ask about the platform lights at Crianlarich? Did you purchase them or are they home made?
  13. Did it not say no new countries reporting cases. There were over 3000 new cases. https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/situation-reports/20200204-sitrep-15-ncov.pdf?sfvrsn=88fe8ad6_2
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