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  1. I believe it to be do with the different flash points of oils being carried. One is for light oils and the other for heavier oils although there is, I’m sure, more to it than that because you have the hazard panels too and the regulations were relaxed at some point too.
  2. Do they say what speaker it was fitted with?
  3. I use and like Rocrail because it does all of the things I need it to... and it’s free, although you can donate if you want to. Indeed there are some features unavailable if you don’t. I don’t need those so it’s not an issue. Computer control was not something that was essential but was something I wanted to try and enjoyed getting to grips with. As I said though, I’m more than happy with it because it allows me to operate in ‘manual’ mode only, using the computer to operate turnouts and signals, or various automatic modes where I can just sit with a coffee and watch trains passing
  4. Actually, having got used to it, I quite miss it.
  5. It's either, I have tried both. Now I just click consent for speed.
  6. Mine seems a lot more random than that. Sometimes it happens every page, sometimes occasionally and at other times I can go a while without it appearing at all. In that case it always waits until I think that the issue has been resolved before appearing again, the little git. There probably is some logic pattern to all of this but I can’t be bothered to try and work it out.
  7. Your rocks are looking very good, but I too feel that they may be a bit light. However, I would be tempted to get rid of the brown hillside by doing whatever ‘shrubbery’ you are going to do before making a final decision.
  8. Perhaps a wood burner would solve your problems.
  9. I would have thought it hard not to get a bus on that bridge.
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