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  1. Gordon’s family have arranged online streaming of the funeral and a webpage for donations details of which some of you have asked for. Here is their message including the details… For those of you unable to attend the service in person, it will be available to watch live online. You will be able to login to the website at any time to view a Test Webcast which we recommend you do in plenty of time before the service to ensure it’s all working ok for you. Please see below for the log in details: Website: https://www.obitus.com/ Username: kuxo8832 Password: 848930 Service Date: Wednesday 4th August Service Time: 11:30am BST Viewing available from: 11:25am We have set up a tribute page online which includes all details for the funeral, but also information about where we would like donations to go to in memory of Gordon, and how to donate. The site also serves as a place for people to post their own photos and thoughts of Gordon, so please do take a look and add anything you would like to share. We’d love to see them. Tribute site: https://gordonstolliday.muchloved.com
  2. Certainly. Wrongly, I was only thinking about those who might be able to attend but, as you point out, others may like to mark the occasion in their own way. The service starts at 11.30. There is the possibility that it will be streamed live but there are, as yet, no details.
  3. Gordon’s funeral is next Wednesday, the 4th August. Message me if you would like more details. For those who have asked, the family are asking for donations in lieu to the Oxford hospital that has treated Gordon over the years. More details to follow once it has been set up.
  4. What happened to the plans for a museum for ‘iconic’ layouts? Is it still in the pipeline or has the idea been scrapped?
  5. Beautiful thought. I must go, there must be a speck of dust in my eye causing it to water.
  6. @Stanley Melrose I will make enquiries.
  7. An off the wall suggestion - check the screw holding the tender drawbar in place underneath the loco. Too tight or working it’s way loose can result in similar behaviour.
  8. Gordon’s wife has e-mailed me … I just sat and read through all of the posts on both links and it gave me great comfort to read the lovely things that Gordon’s railway friends have said about him and to know how valued he is for the information he has shared throughout his time on RMWeb and hopefully his threads on Eastwood Town will be a continuing legacy of his work.
  9. apart from when the cricket’s on when one or the other to watch, has gone
  10. Thank you but whilst I met Gordon in the very early days of RMweb and have had meetings and much correspondence/banter over the years I probably know Gordon only as well as many of you and less well than quite a few of you. Such was Gordon’s personality and heart that he made us all feel like good, lifelong friends. It just so happens that when we were discussing his forthcoming medical procedures, life and everything we agreed that I should relay news if necessary.
  11. Sadly Gordon passed away earlier this morning. I hope that somewhere he is scoring holes-in-one and building the Eastwood Town of his dreams.
  12. Once you have fitted the decoder have you tried putting the chassis on a programming track and reading the decoder’s address back. This will tell you whether the decoder is fitted correctly or not.
  13. Gordon took a turn for the worse on Monday. The doctors have been treating him with antibiotics again but they weren’t very hopeful that it would help him this time as he was showing signs of multiple organ failure. It is expected that the doctors will confirm palliative care from today. So very, very sad.
  14. Great minds think alike. I've repainted it to take away the original sheen. Just need to turn it into a rust bucket and cover with crud.
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