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  1. The road to recovery for Gordon is long and hard and there are complications, of which I won’t go into detail here. Suffice to say that on Tuesday the surgeons were talking about a 50/50 chance of the procedure failing. I received a further update this morning and the indicators are starting to turn positive but there is a key scan today. Fingers crossed.
  2. I'm not clear about how what you mean by connecting frog wires to main points loom? How are the frogs switched? If you are using the built in switch on the SEEP point motor then, without being rude, you have to be very careful in fitting and aligning the motors or it's possible that they don't actually throw the switch which would result in the frog being the wrong polarity. Again, don't be offended, I don't know how confident you are with the wiring side of things, but can you confirm that you have used insulated rail joiners on both rails of the frog?
  3. The forum index page should look something like this... If it doesn't you need to click on the Forum Index button on the home screen as Pete said above. If you scroll down you can see the main subtopics and the sub forums within them. It is often just a case of browsing and having a look to see what is in each one. To speed things up you could use the search box at the top right of this page.
  4. You need to navigate the forum and find the most suitable subforum for your topic then click on Start New Topic there...
  5. You could try using the Loksound’s own auto tuning facility. You do not say which system you are using or how familiar you are with it but you need to know how to alter individual CVs. The process is as follows Place the loco on a length of track that is long enough for it to run at full speed for a couple of seconds. Set speed to 0. Write 0 to CV54. This is where you need to be familiar with your own system. Return to normal operation mode and Press F1 - it is at this point that the loco will shoot forward for a couple of seconds then stop. That is the fine tuning
  6. A thermally activated expansion cutout occurred?
  7. The feed to the frog needs to be switched according to the setting of the point. This can be done in many ways including automatic electronic devices such as frog juicers. How are you switching the feed to the frog? Do you get continuity faults without any locos on the layout? Have you fitted insulated rail joiners to the electro frog part of the point?
  8. Update Gordon started to wake on Friday morning. Later that day they were able to take his breathing tube out. There are lots of things the surgeons are still worried about but he was awake for longer yesterday. He is still very poorly and weak, finds it difficult to talk but is now drinking water and nutritional fruit drinks. It is very confusing to go into an operation and wake up 8 days later and it will take some time for Gordon to make sense of it all. He is just at the start of a long journey back to good health both physically and emotionally. I'm sure he wi
  9. Grab away, they are do-able. If you do decide to have a go get back in touch if you want. There are a couple of things that will make life much easier when doing the catfish but will probably only make sense if you have the kit in front of you. The Key publishing magazine, Modelling British Railways Engineering Wagons is very good. This was the series mentioned, I think, over on Rob’s West Highland topic.
  10. Possibly, different plastic, but still from the old moulds, there was plenty of ‘flash’ to clear. I was just pleased to get the chassis square and level. The hoppers were the pain and the supports are where some bodging is needed. Still, when you see the price of the Heljan ones on Ebay... The Tunnies are Chivers/Five79 and went together like a dream. When things are quoted as ‘being largely seen on...’ I activate my modeller’s licence.
  11. I was browsing Paul Bartlett's site and noticed a nice couple of photographs of dogfish at Crianlarich. (I guess there are photographs of dogfish at just about everywhere). Well I thought it would be rude not to. Those Cambrian kits aren't the easiest, and that's being kind, so there is still some fettling and bodging to do. I've thrown in a couple of Tunny/Tunney* for good measure. *take your pick.
  12. I wasn't sure how often to update or with how much detail - or indeed how much detail Gordon would want to share. I wouldn't want to steal all of his thunder when he returns. However, I know that he has many friends here and we all have his best interests at heart so ... On Sunday the consultants explained what had happened. During surgery Gordon lost over 9L of blood - twice! That's more than an armful, as Tony Hancock would say. Obviously this was replaced and has been topped up since. At the moment his kidneys aren't working very well because of the shock of the blood los
  13. I find a pack of wooden cocktail sticks and a lump of blu tack the most versatile and wouldn’t be without tools that I own.
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