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  1. It's amazing what a difference such a simple change has made. It looks right somehow.
  2. Threading wire through fenceposts.  Oh, joy unbounded.

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      One of my favourite activities.

    2. BoD


      I’ll pop you some in the post then.

  3. Yes, it is posted above. Apologies for not checking recent posts. I think that the voltage 'dropper' is fairly generic.
  4. Some do. LDT for one. Whilst this may not be the problem here I have attached their diagram (freely available) in case it is of use. equalizing occupation detection sections.pdf
  5. What do you get if you put 600 wagons end to end...
  6. I use Rocrail for computer control. I did not adjust the various speed settings in the loco because, as Nigel said, it does impact on the synchronisation of running and sounds - which is why I asked my original question. All of my deceleration rates and stopping was done by altering parameters within the software itself. I'm sure that someone who uses iTrain software will tell you if this is a) possible and b) where to find it. The main disadvantage with this was that it had to be done loco by loco with an element of trial and error. I don't need it within 1cm either, I'm happy to get
  7. Train on the line. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/here-comes-the-bride-and-the-09-37-k2j2j7vps I hope the link works. You can get the gist of the story without having to subscribe.
  8. Why have you changed CVs 3 and 4 to 3?
  9. When you’ve covered the ‘first half million’ you will probably have enough.
  10. Can I have the one marked with the red dot?
  11. I’m not overly familiar with these wagons but certainly those numbers make a huge difference. Or perhaps it’s the wheels. And at 2mm scale amazing work too.
  12. I have been pottering about with those Parkside kits when I have had time over the last few days. The one on the right is RTR Bachmann. They scrub up quite well ...... I must close those coupling loops and fettle that buffer on the next wagon. I can still feel that distillery train coming on. Just need to decide on a suitable name for the loco. A new name plate and number will be created on the computer and printed out on decal paper. It will have to be fictitious -
  13. Took a wrong turn in Edinburg and was trying a 3 point turn? Would explain a lot of the above.
  14. I use Decoderpro with a SPROG programmer. I use the SPROG because it allows me to work at the main computer away from the loft layout and also to control a small ‘shunting plank’ I have. Connection method aside, one of the things I like about Decoderpro is that as soon as I install a sound decoder I use it to set up the loco in Decoderpro’ s roster and read and save all of the CV settings. It can take some time with the newer sound decoders but I know if things do go amiss, for whatever reason, I have the original set of CVs (not sounds however) to rewrite. Anyway, sorry for the
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