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  1. I agrre with Richard . Writing value 5 to CV8 resets TTS function volume settings, etc to default (actual sound files are not affected). Value 8 resets the whole decoder, motor, accel, decell, address and all. You cannot wipe TTS sounds by accident of a reset.
  2. RAF96

    ESU V4.0

    Try a controller reset.
  3. If it was just one decoder then I would suggest it may be a faulty decoder but failing to program several decoders suggests a controller problem. Which controller are you using.
  4. Then we will get into the reversed direction of running and dodgy lights debate.
  5. A technique often used with steel tubes on 1:1 old tractor power take off drives.
  6. RAF96

    Email from Hornby

    The question was asked of the Hornby forum Admin and he confirmed it was from them, hence kosher. Sent apparently to folk who had an account with Hornby but were not subscribed to their newsletters. Unfortunately I have binned and deleted the response, so cannot reproduce it here, but if you are worried forward it to their Admin for review. Email address on the said forum.
  7. I used a cube speaker in my Merchant Navy which has a socket in the loco. It stands on the shelf at the front of the chassis frame with the (insulated) decoder stuffed in the smokebox. P2 should be similar. Edit: I also have an A4 with the decoder in the loco and as Richard says the speaker wires extended into the tender. See here for more info http://www.halton96th.org.uk/article7.html
  8. Model trams often use car windscreen washer type tube as a universal ‘joint’ twixt motor and bogie. Some old click biros have bits you can purloin and modify as cardan shaft joiners.
  9. Short answer is yes you can give them all the same address, but all sounds will run together upon selection. Great if you want synchronised horns or engine starts. You can also give them separate addresses and run as a consist in which case you can usually control each decoder sound set separately. TTS does not support advanced consisting. Note that some controllers need a decoder to have a motor load when programming, other controllers can program a decoder in a dummy car.
  10. As standard the RR has a live fixed track and live rollers. If using the track part or track and rollers for programming then you should be OK but if using rollers only then adding weight or a firm press to the loco may be necessary as the DCC signal has to pass across the roller bearings and any lube. I successfully use a Hornby RR without the fixed track (many sets of rollers only) for dual programming and running via a DPDT switch. I have a small ‘heavy’ bag that I place on top of a loco during programming.
  11. Just had this advert in an email recently from hlzmleds.com
  12. If the points decoder has a built in CDU then this will cause an in-rush of current to recharge the caps. Can you replicate the problem by firing a point or two as the loco is running normally. I would agree that upping the Sprog power supply unit if available will likely cure the ‘fault’. As an example the Hornby 1-amp wall-wart PSU controls an overload by dropping its output voltage which causes the attached controller to reboot until the cause of the voltage drop (usually a track short) is removed. Could this be happening with the Sprog (where is Crossland when you want him).
  13. Most LCD screens are fed by a ribbon cable with a simple click to lock clamp. The screen itself is connected to the unit pcb by way of zebra connector(s), a strip of alternating conducting/non conducting rubber strips. These can be peeled off the screen and cleaned with IPA, left to dry and the screen refitted, no special alignment required. Poor connection is often the cause of a corrupt screen display. Screen lighting if any is usually by way of an led shining into the edge of the screen or rarely by way of an electro-luminescent film. If the LCD screen itself is truly faded then finding a replacement may be difficult to impossible.
  14. RAF96

    Hornby Packaging

    Coincidentally it has large finger holes for easy access to lift the model out. Some of the previous packaging methods were difficult to extract the model from without damaging it.
  15. I suppose the more folk request certain types and indicate quantity then the more chance of errant types being released or re-released.
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