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  1. You could get all that in an Altoids Mints tin, which are a standard size used for packing all sorts of things, hence readily available.
  2. May not be obvious but when under manual control you use the controller to start-stop and reverse direction. Under auto control you set the direction and speed initially and the shuttle looks after fwd-rev from there.
  3. Yes you can - I have a DC tram shuttle to supplement my DCC train layout and this operates using a GM SS1 auto-shuttle, which is controlled by a switch that sets auto or manual from the same DC controller. I can’t recall the wiring diagram off hand but will make a note of how I did it when next ‘under the boards’. Edit to add rough sketch diagram, which uses a twin channel controller.
  4. I bought mine (3-way) in packs of five and they were dirt cheap at the time. Memory fails as to where from.
  5. I have nothing but praise for both the application and the help Mixy provides. This is my feeble effort at a layout designed in SCARM. The built in train sim allowed me to run the layout aforehand to make sure it worked in practice.
  6. Does the decoder firmware upgrade not come with user notes telling of what advantage is gleaned from the upgrade. It may just be better compatibility with alien controllers in which case no benefit may be realised.
  7. Depends upon the TT, some have slip rings which sort out polarity reversal (DC) or phasing (DCC). Some need wiring tweaks to be used on DCC. Which TT did you have in mind or will it be DIY. If DIY I used a 1/4” 6mm stereo jack plug and socket as my pivot and power transfer, but if you want powered rotation then that means external gers, not too easy to find. If N scale you may get away with a CD/DVD and case as the rotational basis for a DIY TT.
  8. RM is notorious for misidentifying a decoder as something else. If you know what is then force Cv7 and pick the correct one from the drop down list.
  9. Service sheets for both 08 early XS and later TTS fits place the small rectangular speaker in front of the radiator behind the body grille, so away from the motor.
  10. DCC signal from memory is around 10MHz. The accuracy of any meter reading on the AC Volts scale will depend upon the meter sampling frequency. I have three meters (ancient to modern) with vastly different rates and they return vastly different readings. For true DCC voltage readings you need a relatively expensive (£50) RRAMP meter.
  11. I have same problem with City of Edinburgh pre and post rework. Same number 6241 and the two would never be seen on track together but they still need to be listed separately in my roster. shame we can’t have alpha-numeric numbering.
  12. Due to age and infirmity, along with a stick neck and vari-focal specs, working under the boards is avoided whenever possible so many of my wiring modules are mounted top-side with a suitable building or bit of infrastructure planted on top to hide them. Some thought has to go into the initial placement of these electrical bits and bobs not only to locate them fit for purpose but also for the coverup item to be believable.
  13. Use Notepad ++ as your editor which is free and helps with formatting.
  14. Without a blow by blow account of what you have done so far it is impossible to guess how to help, as there are so many variables. Unfortunately we cannot see over your shoulder to watch what you are doing. You may have to start from scratch and follow the posted advice word by word. Do not be tempted to uninstall RM though, just use the very latest download from the Hornby site and overwrite it onto your authorised copy.
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