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  1. Been there, done that. It can be very effective though - you either have to clamp the apron tightly so you cannot get away, or loosely so that the clamp releases and does not bring the workbench or contents with it. Andy
  2. If you are getting the references, then you are showing your age........oops Andy
  3. Hi Sir Douglas and Mark. The NER used gates/fences as moveable cattle or sheep pens, and those in the photo look as if they are being stored awaiting use. Could it be that the NBR use a similar method - hopefully someone with better NBR knowledge will know. Andy
  4. MRJ34 - the first MRJ I ever bought - 1989, what along time ago. Andy
  5. As a former member of YMRS, you should know Neil that a Yorkshireman is like a Scotsman but with deeper pockets.
  6. Hi Shez & Sir Douglas Great to see Eyemouth in the flesh at Wakefield and have a chat. Looking forward to reagular updates and to see the finished article next year. All the best Andy
  7. What gave it away? Only the clarity of the photograph gave it away for me. Andy
  8. Oooh something to look forward to.... Andy
  9. Wow Giles - simply wow Would something as simple as black insulation tape help with the "tyres" ?? Andy
  10. Hello Chaz Take some time in picking your colour for your baseboard frontage, matt black is not always the best colour. It marks too easily, and IMHO can dominate and not become virtually invisible (which is what we want). I have used gloss grey on a diorama type layout, but as your FVR is in a woodland setting maybe a green will work well. Keep up the good work Andy
  11. Hi Chaz Talk about a prototype for everything, this is exactly what we did last year in the garden. We moved a weeping cherry tree to a better location, the tree then weeped forward. Behind the cherry was a post and trellis. So length of string was used to loosely tie the main stem of the cherry to the post to stop it weeping too far forward. Keep up the good work Andy
  12. Hello Giles The cobbles look superb, they look as if they have just been rained on. Is that the look you are trying to create? Andy
  13. Hi Russ I am also experimenting with the bright lights. I have used an orange piece of celluloid film (from a craft set from Wilko's - includes yellow and orange), putting small pieces of film over the leds. The orange reduces the glare to quite an acceptable level. I have also used the yellow for the interior light leds. Andy
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