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  1. Hi, This can be due to having DC(Analogue) running set in CV29. Set bit 2 to ZERO (Analogue mode OFF) in CV29 and see if this still happens. HTH Rob
  2. Just had an email from Rails with "Deal of the day" https://railsofsheffield.com/products/30611/Bachmann-32-376a-oo-gauge-class-37-422-robert-f-fairlie-regional-railways-diesel-locomotive-weathered-edition-?utm_source=Mailing+List&utm_campaign=07eaa1976b-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_05_20_03_32_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_74d01bc2ed-07eaa1976b-5752093 Down to £99.50 from RRP of £169.95 Rob
  3. This is common practice by councils as part of the drive to stop minors from obtaining dangerous items or substances. All shops that trade in designated items should train their staff to be aware of this. The staff member selling the item is personally responsible for policing it at the till, and can, in theory, get a criminal record if caught out. Although this tends not to happen, and the shop is deemed in error. Intelligent tills now can flag these items up for the staff, so it's not so much an issue. But if the system isn't updated for new products, the till staff need to be on the ball. It's these craft kits and similar items that can catch you out, as the offending item may be inside a box. Rob
  4. Not resistors, but inductors, small coils of wire that look like resistors. Also capacitors, that look like a small Smartie with legs. Both these stop any RF enegry getting out into the ether and causing interference. It makes no difference whether the receiver is analogue or digital. If RF energy is generated it can/will cause interference. No need to remove them if sticking with analogue control. Rob
  5. Another useful topic concerning TTS and stay alives added. See 1st post for listings and URL. Rob
  6. You may want to see this topic https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/106867-dcc-controller-list-basic-review-by-owners/&tab=comments#comment-2156485 It has most of the DCC systems that are available, although the Signa-Trak is not there ATM. HTH Rob
  7. Website returning Error 524 time out ATM. Rob
  8. You need a very very fine mist, imagine fog. Using an old perfumed spray bottle gives a fine mist. A lot of spray bottles don't go fine enough, and the "large" droplets move the grains. Using fine ballast the surface tension of the water droplets pulls on the grains and moves them, even with a little washing up liquid in the water. You need to get the ballast so that every grain is wetted, then apply the glue mix. Rob
  9. A bit more progress, have painted and weathered the warehouse and ballasted the halt area. The warehouse needs a roof, and the platform a surface, and weathering in of the ballast.
  10. New topic added ,see list in 1st post. Please make comments re individual threads in their thread not in this topic please. Otherwise confusion will reign and people will miss the info'. Thank you. Rob
  11. Hi, There's been a previous topic on this you may like to read and digest https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/143258-fitting-programming-track-as-part-of-the-layout/&tab=comments#comment-3502480 As others have said, it can be a problem if safeguards aren't put in place. HTH Rob
  12. Class 08 TTS fitting plus other tips added today. See 1st post for all topics. Rob
  13. An alternative view https://www.railwaymodellers.com/track-cleaning-for-model-railways-with-simons-shed/?utm_source=Model+Railway+Scenery&utm_campaign=14ce67d974-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_1_5TH_OCTOBER_2019_COPY_15&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9553e44ac6-14ce67d974-326254165&mc_cid=14ce67d974&mc_eid=1398c20398 Rob
  14. Very useful topic on stay alive added to list, see 1st post. This is an old topic that was started before I commenced this thread, and has just been resurrected. Rob
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