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  1. Is there any particular reason there's no Transrail liveries? Seems a glaring omission. Says he who wants a DCC ready/fitted one. Rob
  2. You are obviously referring to the shorter URL, as the longer one is for my RMweb layout and I can't change that. The other is hosted by WIX, a well respected self build web page hoster. There are plenty of legit URL's that have a similar formats. I'm hardly likely to post a dodgy URL on here am I? I'd be shunted off pretty sharpish. Anyway your choice. Regards, Rob
  3. Is that because it's HTTP rather than HTTPS? The link goes to HTTPS, but of course you wouldn't know that. I can rectify that. Rob
  4. OP: Just got back from my trip out. Many thanks to whomever sorted this out. Glad it was just an error rather than a hack. Rob
  5. Hi, could someone please ring Hattons and advise them of the situation. I'd do it, as the OP, but have to go out now and will be driving, so won't have the email details to hand, thanks. Rob
  6. Well I went to the Website to send them a message as the phones aren't manned out of office hours. Unfortunately there was an error after hitting send, so I can't be sure the message went off. Wait until tomorrow I suppose and call. Rob
  7. This may be something or nothing. The attached shows the email from Hattons. It doesn't feel right, but seems to come from Hattons. Anyone else had one of these, and are Hatton's sending them out? Seems a bit of a waste if they are. Rob
  8. Ordered from a seller on the 5TH, got an email to say dispatched with a tracking number, expected delivery today the 9TH. So I checked the tracker as I wanted to know if they would actually arrive today. The site showed still at the depot. Just after checking the postman arrived with the packet. Why use a tracker if it's not updated by anyone. Rob
  9. I found this interesting video on polar and non-polar cleaners https://youtu.be/nXH1_ZUfWCE So IPA is out and WD40 Switch cleaner or Lighter fluid are in. NOTE: WD40 SWITCH CLEANER and NOT the regular stuff which is POLAR. Rob
  10. This topic may help next time https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/130708-Hornby-tts-topics/ I update it from time to time, although new TTS subjects are becoming less frequent. The poor RMweb search facility also doesn't help find what you want. Glad it's fixed. Rob
  11. Hi, Some end of line items here https://www.dreamsteam.co.uk/bargainbasement.html Not sure if they are bargains or not. Rob
  12. Hi, Yes, I realise that, in fact I've bought a few back issues to read over the last few months. My point was the supermarkets seem to have prioritised women's mag's for home delivery , with very few men's ones available. It's not as if the mag's don't exist as they stock them in store. Seeing the £6.99 price tag I thought the cover price had increased, which would have been rather a steep one. So just pointing out a possible error. Rob
  13. During various lockdowns I've missed getting a railway mag' from the shops, as we are getting home deliveries. Although I can get umpteen womens mag's, puzzle books and kids mag's, there are virtually no mens magazines, and no railway mag's available for home delivery. Railway modelling is one of the biggest pastimes, second to angling(Angling Times is available), so this does seem a missed oppotunity for the retailers Before posting today I checked again and was pleased to see Hornby Magazine available through Tesco(our home delivery) for the 1st time. However the price is £6.99, not the cover price of £4.99. Maybe this is an error. See screengrab. Rob
  14. eBay have a discount code on until the 4TH Feb'. Selected sellers and categories. Doesn't seem like model railways is included, but you may find something you've been looking for reduced. "Save 15% - Use code PURCHASE15" Min spend £20 Max £60 off HTH Rob
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