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  1. Plenty to look forward to there
  2. Brian Indge

    Oxford N7

    The January 2020 issue of Hornby Magazine shows how to fit sound to these models if you are interested.
  3. As the signal box is not in use, this is surely not a concern
  4. For a start, two weeks ago would be the middle of December, not the Christmas holidays! Secondly, trying to have any communication with Locomotion Models is a sick joke and has been most of this year as many on this forum have found to their cost, including me. Frankly, I don’t know how they are still in business, they certainly don’t seem to be concerned at taking orders over the telephone. Their telephone answering machine asks you to leave a message, saying they aim to respond within 5 working days, it’s 2018 for heaven’s sake, not the dim, dark ages. Certainly until they improve on communications I shall not order from them again.
  5. I also thought the show was really good, although it would have been nice to have had a major trader for bits and pieces such as Squires in attendance. The Bournemouth layout was superb and every time I looked there were huge crowds at the barrier. With the space in the isles being so wide there was never any problem of being squashed. The only thing SWMBO said to me was that with all the space in the main hall there could have been more seating for those that wanted to rest their feet. Some years ago there were bench seats for people to do this, so perhaps that could be looked at. Anyway, roll on next year!
  6. I would have thought that your model was not fit for purpose and as such should have been replaced by another immediately. It is not as if you have had the thing very long. As I have posted earlier, Locomotion Models have been an absolute shambles in delivering this particular model and until their communication system is greatly improved I am reluctant to order anything else from them. Brian
  7. Both variants should still be available I believe. Good luck in trying to contact Locomotion to order one though.
  8. Well I ordered mine two weeks ago today. Until I have received it I shall refrain from posting my contact (or lack of) with Locomotion on here but they are an utter shambles!
  9. Have you seen this range of street running track:- www.proto87.com
  10. Well I’ve had an e-mail for the balance for my loco and if correct it seems I have been given a massive discount! Wonder if I should tell Stuart!
  11. Looking at the Grosmont webcam tonight (10th May) instead of the 17.10 from Whitby running onto the NYMR tracks it stopped at the Network Rail platform, does anyone know if this was a special working? Also, I notice that steam trains heading towards Pickering show an Express headlamp code instead of a stopping passenger code, does the railway have it’s own set of lamp codes? Brian
  12. The only e-mail I know of is to advise the last day to book a model
  13. Well I have paid a deposit on one of the Sterling Singles but apart from an e-mail last week saying the order book closes on April 29th for this model, I have not had a request for the balance. Perhaps Locomotion Models could clarify the situation.
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