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  1. Before remodelling in the late 1950’s I am sure that Barking on the LTS line had large signal boxes at either end of the station.
  2. I activated my account via the e-Mail link and my pre-order shows in my account.
  3. Terribly sad news. Like some others on the Forum, I never met Gordon but his modelling skills were always something to cherish. This is a massive loss not only to his family and friends but to us all on RMWeb. Sincere condolences.
  4. The NRM version is available with a sound fitted option. Good luck with trying to get information out of them though, I have tried to speak to someone there for the past 10 days without success, they do not deserve to be in business. It’s the last time I order anything from them.
  5. Well this “Press release” could have been written by a Novellist, as it’s the biggest load of fiction I have seen for a long time. Hornby invited the trade to Margate in January last year to view and place orders for new products. For them to tell the purchaser you might want to order so many of certain models but we cannot let you have more than a fraction of your requirements is ridiculous and bad management. If covid was such a problem, Hornby should have cancelled this years intended releases and increased production of last years, some of which will be 12 months late anyway. This is another example of not having your own production facility.
  6. This is where Hornby are at fault. If they could not supply the models they invited retailers to order, they should have been upfront and told them at the time, not wait 13 months before dropping a bombshell on them and the customer who also ordered in good faith at the time. Their advertising states:- order from Hornby or your local stockist, which is a bit of a joke when the stockist is put in an intolerable position.
  7. Hornby could stop all the foaming at the mouth by being upfront to prospective customers about the supply situation but have chosen not to. Once again it is poor customer relations, especially by a Company supposedly trying to get into profit. For the customer services manager to state that retailers will get a “Fair” allocation is rubbish when one retailer has stated they will only get one of the ten W1 models they ordered.
  8. Well I have quite a few pre-ordered models with a retailer. If any get cancelled because of Hornby not supplying, that will be the end of any future purchases of their products, it is not critical for me. Whatever some say on this forum it is obvious Hornby are trying to bypass the retailers by selling direct. This will affect model shops badly and eventually reduce the amount of advertising in the Model Railway press. Bearing this in mind I am surprised that not one of the major publications has queried with Hornby what they are playing at.
  9. I have also had the e-Mail asking for the balance of payment with a link to do so. Trouble is the link sends you to a page to order another new model, not to pay a balance.
  10. TMC are very good, have dealt with them for years.
  11. This is exactly what happened a few years ago when they released the Stirling Single loco and they did not have the excuse of the Covid situation then. Frankly, their service is appalling.
  12. Wonder if the supply/non-supply problems to certain retailers will be highlighted in the series!!!
  13. Bure Valley Models at Aylsham have posted on their Facebook page that their shop will reopen for customers on 12th April, from 9am until 5pm seven days a week.
  14. I also made my first purchase from Colletts last week for an item out of stock elsewhere. First Class service, and like others have said you get a personalised e-Mail thanking you for your business. Will certainly use again.
  15. As an update to my posting above, I had an email from Oxford Rail yesterday to inform me that the Westinghouse Brake pump sound is not included on the decoder, even though the pump is fitted to the model! I cannot believe this, it was the most distinctive sound of an N7 when working the “jazz” service from Liverpool Street station. Sadly for Oxford Rail, they will not be getting an order from me, it’s a poor decision by them.
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