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  1. Were there actually ever any incidents where a freight train was derailed through being tripped?
  2. Thank you, Roythebus. The Swain list includes a photo of 47432 in 1965. It was in fact your reference to Alec Swain that led me somehow to the J J Smith photographic collection, which, featuring many shots of 0-6-0T 3F tanks running on LT metals, helped me compile the list of trip cock fitted Jintys as above. I am fairly confident my list is comprehensive since LMS Locomotive Profiles No.14 indicates that only six of these engines were fitted with trip gear. My list includes seven locos, but I believe that 47432 would have been a later replacement (the original job of adding trip gear being
  3. Many thanks for the replies. Here's what LMS locomotive profile No. 14 has to say: "In order to comply with the signalling requirements of the widened lines, it was ordered that equipment known as 'automatic vacuum brake trip gear' be fitted to some of the Class working over Metropolitan Railway tracks. It consisted of a lever that tripped a valve and applied the brakes if it came into contact with trackside installations that would be set when signals were at danger and first featured on Midland Railway locomotives in November 1912. The levers projected sideways between the intermedia
  4. Hi Colin, Before you commit yourself to Kadees, you should at least consider Sergent couplings which are visually superior to Kadees. See the following links: http://sergentengineering.com/ http://www.proto87.c...d-couplers.html And here in a UK application: http://homepage.ntlw...n/couplers.html Are the platforms at Newhaven Harbour permissive, i.e. will they be used for coupling/ uncoupling?
  5. Hi Tony, Great thread! Don't know if you've already mentioned this, but how did you make the lens? You mentioned that you use the dinky surface mount LEDs which are square, so presumably you do fit a lens in front of them?
  6. A number of class 3F 0-6-0T locos were fitted with trip cocks to work the Brent - West Kensington and Brent - High Street Kensington freight trains over London Transport lines. I think all these locos were based at Willesden. I have the 1950 Jinty allocation for Willesden 1A: 47342; 47412; 47475; 47520; 47676; 47361; 47430; 47491; 47531; 47380; 47474; 47505 and 47675 Which of the above locos were fitted with trip cocks? There's a rather good shot of 47432 in 1965 (then allocated to Willesden) working a Brent - West Kensington freight on the approach to Turnham Green LT on page 59
  7. You may find this link useful: http://www.semgonlin...html#4mm3rdrail
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