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  1. Quite a modern livery for my workbench...a Freightliner 08. Light weathering, and sound by Zimo/Paul Chetter.
  2. Painting and detailing a refurbed class 31 pair of bufferbeams. Very satisfying this bit!
  3. Always enjoy working on these lovely things...a Sutton Locomotive works class 24. In for repaint as D5061 in preserved guise.
  4. A full day today prepping and masking primed loco bodies. A mountain of resprays under way.
  5. Currently in the process of being repainted into original Railfreight grey....a Heljan 0 gauge refurbished class 31. This is a pre production model, that will see service and testing on Simon George's Heaton Lodge Junction.
  6. Good morning John,I hope you are well. I wonder if you could tell me...do you know the correct spacing measurement for 0 gauge sleepers....I need a small amount of track for a photo plank. Using Peco flexi.
  7. A pair of Heljan 0 gauge class 33s, both being turned into 33025 'Sultan'. One with cantrail stripe, one without.
  8. I know these have been well documented, but after taking the plunge and buying a pack, what a lovely wagon. Nice presentation too. Accurascale 0 gauge HUO hopper.
  9. No it won't....the same was predicted when locos were approaching £100. Folk will always moan, but they will always sell regardless.
  10. Production most definitely not cancelled as many folk now have them sitting on their layouts. That to me translates into "we missed the boat again for getting stock of these." Hattons seem to be doing this quite often with various products these days.
  11. Just time to get another one in today....another glorious large logo hoover This time finished as 50003, weathering and sound fitted. Soundfile is Jamie Goodman's, absolutely superb.
  12. So after new extractor day, we now have new airbrush day :-)
  13. Here we go with this weeks loco posting :-) A rather nice pair of Heljan 0 gauge class 50s. We have 50019 in tatty departmental blue livery, and 50036 in workaday large logo. A bit special these 2, they have been weathered as control samples for Heljan's next class 50 run in 2021. Please note the odd detail part may be missing from these locos as they are purely for livery/weathering samples, they don't even contain motors.
  14. With 95% of my work now in O gauge, a bigger paint fume extractor has just been installed in the workshop. Should make life a bit easier and safer. Redundant one is up for grabs if anyone needs one....drop me a message.
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