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  1. I'm presuming that assumption and statement is based purely on this thread, with nothing else other than fresh air to substantiate it. My order book and many others within trade circles would indicate there is certainly a very large interest in the 2nd generation version of the class 47. Perhaps the lack of commenting on this thread is down to folk becoming bored with hearing the same voices banging the same drum every single time a new model is going through the development process. These are 2nd generation models. So the manufacturer has listened and has improved things. At the end of the day these are models....no model has, or will ever be 100% accurate to the prototype. Even if that ever happened, I'm sure the experts would still find fault on areas that 'they just can't quite put their finger on'.
  2. The first of a few of the recently released Heljan 0 gauge class 03s in the workshop rolling off the bench. Paintwork has been gently faded, Zimo/Paul Chetter soundfitted, and a suitable layer of typical GD grime clagged on. And yes, the odd electrification flash and other small detail have not been altered to match prototype images, customer did not require this A truly wonderful model.
  3. Morning guys, hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy. I don't know if we have any oo trackbuilders following on here....I have some bits and pieces for sale. Drop me a pm if of any interest
  4. Yes it is. Medical professionals advise that gloves are disposed of after any use as they can retain germs and virus and transfer to every surface they come into contact with.
  5. I thought one of the major selling points of the V5 chips were the additional function outputs as standard? The ones I have installed so far have all had them as I have used them.
  6. Some lovely work here John.
  7. Heljan 0 gauge class 60, repainted into Colas livery, sound fitted and lightly weathered. And yes, I know a windscreen wiper is missing, still trying to source some!
  8. So. After ruining a Heljan 0 gauge DCC pcb board, an alternative solution had to be found to wire a 21 pin chip in. I managed to source the appropriate header pins, a bit of soldering and heatshrink, and we are out of a sticky situation!
  9. Hello Alain. I have emailed you a couple of times this week...a tad concerned as I have not heard back from you. I really do hope you are just very busy, and this message finds you and your family well and safe. Best, Lee.
  10. A lovely trio of big Peaks undergoing respraying.
  11. Showing my age now....who remembers when yellow axlebox covers and red bufferbeams were the loco bling of the day?
  12. Always striving for realism, Lee's Locos currently has a trio of Heljan 0 gauge 25s on the bench, destined to be grimy black country workhorses. In keeping with authenticity, meet Mohammed, Abdul, and Abhiram.
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