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  1. Christ on a bike. If that's all I had to worry about during a day's graft I would be a happy chap.
  2. 9 months without a whisper from those concerned. I would say the silence speaks volumes.
  3. Hmm...nah not really. They produced one in the 1970s, retooled it a few years ago, but did half a job with the usual major gaffes. Thank goodness for new manufacturers who care about getting things right and to the absolute limit of current standards.
  4. Absolutely nothing, they have no interest in the diesel era these wagons cover.
  5. blueeighties

    Dapol 08

    Feel free to message me with your bent bargains.
  6. Well. In between the big change and selling mountains of stock, I have also still been trying to get some work done! Always a pleasure to have these, and work with on the bench, the Sutton class 24. Out of the box, all I have done is weather it.
  7. 4 ton. Going to struggle to fit that in me Hillman Imp.
  8. I do wonder whether the original 56013 tooling ended up in a skip.
  9. I have to say, sales during lockdown, and even more so, the last 2 months, have been at a record high. Thanks to everyone who has made a purchase of some description
  10. We kick of this month with yet another Heljan 0 gauge class 25! I'm sure these things are multiplying during the night Usual recipe, ploughs, weathering, and Legoman sound.
  11. Batch of Heljan 0 gauge class 50s on the bench today.
  12. Hiya, I use 7/0.2 for the motors and pickups, standard 00 gauge DCC wire for the lighting, think its 0.25mm.
  13. Never come across those as an aftermarket part. Scratchbuild?
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