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  1. As mentioned many times before, they are included separately in the detailing pack.
  2. Here we have the first of quite a large batch of Heljan 0 gauge class 37s to be completed. Fully reworked from the original release model, enhancements include, Bodyside panels and steps filled and flushed. Bufferbeam cowlings cut away, new ones fashioned, and new bufferbeams fitted. Full repaint. Soundfitted. Detailed. Weathered. 37008, in typical mid 1980s filthy GD condition. Lots more of these to follow.
  3. Hornby class 50, weathered and sound fitted, no additional detailing.
  4. And don't forget to know the difference between now and know.
  5. Not quite getting you. Where are the 'huge retail prices'....there haven't really been any significant increases for a good few years. And O gauge locos have pretty much never been supplied with numbers or decoders. A rather odd comment.
  6. Afternoon guys. I have just soundfitted a pre production Heljan O gauge class 47....and a start has been made on weathering. I decided to take some pics, thought you might appreciate. There is some very nice detail work going on here to the chassis and undergubbins.
  7. The first of many new locos from Heljan this year, we kick of with the 0 gauge class 17. Never knew the prototype, but this is strangely attractive, in an odd way! Bet these inspire many, many small layouts.
  8. Another 4mm completed repaint today...this time in the form of the Realtrack 'Pacer'. I'll be honest, this is the 2nd one of these I have done now, and it will be my last. An absolute nightmare to do! Nice final result though, which is what it is all about.
  9. A few bog standard out of the box weathered 00 gauge locos today.
  10. Good morning. Today's post....lighting. Specifically the rather good Heljan 0 gauge class 50. I discovered a small oddity with it, in that the cabfront markers, headlamp, and internal cab illumination whilst all wired for seperate function control, are actually incorrect, as the markers and internal cab lights have actually been wired together. Which means if the headcode box markers are on, so are the internal cabs, which is wrong. After investigation, a small cut to the solder track of the feed to the headcode markers stopped them coming on with the internal cabs, a new feed to it then allow
  11. Morning guys. Todays featured finished loco, slightly smaller than yesterday's! The marvellous Sutton Locomotive Works class 24. This was photographed a while ago part way through it's repaint....it started life as RTC 24081. As the bodystyle was correct, the customer wanted it as preserved D5061. I had to unplate the no 2 end bodyside boiler radiator grilles, same with the bodyside footsteps, and add the foot rungs. The lining was really tricky on this one, but worth the perseverance.
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