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  1. Morning guys. It's been a while, but I am resurrecting my layout thread with a new project, woo hoo! All comments welcome
  2. Well well well, getting on for 4 years now since anything happened with my layout thread As most of you no doubt know, my company Lee's Locos has over the last 6 years, grown at a rather alarming rate, and pretty much saps up all of my personal project time. Annitsford in it's previous incarnation got to the track completed ands scenics began stage, but if I'm honest I was never really happy with it, for the space I had available, the trackplan wasn't overly interesting, and scenically, I wanted to do much more. So fast forward nearly 4 years, and what has happened? Well, the business continues to grow, and branches off into ever more interesting areas. I have been helping a couple of customers with their layouts for the last 9 months or so, and this has taught me a great deal, and encouraged new experimentation. And also given me some confidence. I have never been any good at trackplanning and visualisation, but new friends and contacts are, and I have readily accepted the help. So, new framework has been built, and the trackbed is nearing completion. The layout is now going to be a 4 track main line, on the fromt main scenic side, this has both twin lines diverging, some nice curves, gradients, and scenery. Sitting in the middle of these diverged lines, will be a small ballast yard for some visual and operational interest. That's the first side of the layout. From a personal time point of view, I am trying the 'little and often' route, a couple of hours most evenings after work, rather than worrying about taking too much time out from the dayjob and having days off here and there. So far, I have to say it's working very well. Last time, the other side of the layout was a non scenic fiddle yard. This time, it's going to be a fully scenic fiddle/storage/marshalling/depot yard. As it's just me and an at home layout, I realy don't see the point of having valuable storage space hidden and off scene for no particular good reason. The layout measures approx 20'x10', so we can look forward to proper main line rakes romping around the countryside. It's also going to prove most useful for photographing finished work in a decent setting, and testing of new sound projects and suchlike. Hope you like progress so far, I'll try and keep things updated this time!
  3. Been a while since I have built any of these.....for a customer layout.
  4. He did spend a great deal of time holidaying in exotic locations, so funds mustn't have been that dire.
  5. We did, and were either shot down as being overly negative, or ignored. As has been discussed to death now, Dave has since he started, alienated all of the businesses and most of the customers he came into contact with.
  6. And yet another! This is to be Thornaby beast 37066.
  7. Yet another Heljan o gauge class 37 big beastie....this time 37133 in departmental grey. I thought this was a very uninspiring colour scheme, surprisingly it looks good on the model. Usual repainted, detailed, modified, and soundfitted.
  8. Repainted, re worked, detailed and sound fitted Heljan 0 gauge class 37, done as 37215 in preserved guise. Fitted with Latest ESU XL V5 Legoman soundchip. Sound video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyPnOCg9zW0&feature=youtu.be
  9. Hornby class 56, repainted, Shawplan detailed, and Legoman sound fitted. Grubby local workhorse, 56133 'Crewe Locomotive Works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnBCmiIcz1o&feature=youtu.be
  10. Here we go guys, Heljan 0 gauge class 50 deco samples. Please note...THESE ARE SAMPLES NOT FINAL PRODUCTION VERSIONS, let's not get our knickers in a twist over small deco errors that will be corrected :-)
  11. Here we go guys, Heljan 0 gauge class 50 deco samples. Please note...THESE ARE SAMPLES NOT FINAL PRODUCTION VERSIONS, let's not get our knickers in a twist over small deco errors that will be corrected :-)
  12. Saw quite a few in the eighties. Quite often on a failed 101 drag from Carlisle.
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