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  1. Liddy

    Dapol 08

    Hello CME, Thank you for replying. Kind regards
  2. Liddy

    Dapol 08

    Excuse me if I've missed this already. Does anyone have a wiring diagram? I have 2 loose wires in the body of my 4-light Early crest version. One looks like it should be soldered to the front lighting pcb and the other likewise to the rear lighting pcb. Thanks in advance
  3. Just an update with photo, I've added Peco Point blades soldered to the closure rails, a joggle in the straight stock rail and a set in the curved stock rail. On my next point I'll feel happy file up my own vee and blades. Only the tie bars to go.
  4. Liddy

    Fingers crossed

    Very nearly finished I've been adding detail to give some points of interest
  5. Found it! Thanks @F-UnitMad
  6. Hi, Many of you will have seen this on Minerva's website, for those who haven't, there is news; https://www.minervamodelrailways.co.uk/news/class-14-prototype/ An engineering prototype has been received and project is probably running 3 months late due to Covid 19, hardly surprising. The photos are lush.
  7. Liddy

    Fingers crossed

    I've been making this in 2 parts, mainly to keep the backscene clean and it certainly made ballasting easier.
  8. Hello John, Thanks for commenting. Thought I'd try all Peco parts (cheap, easily available) wish they did 1.5mm Check rail chairs. The Vee is standard Peco which went together spot-on at 1:6, the wing rails must be 1:8+ though, as I had to increase the bend to fit the Templot template (thanks Martin). I've been happy with C+L chairs/solvent/wood timbering in 4mm before, this time I ended up using araldite on all the chairs. I should have made longer Check rails, but they seem to do the job. The next one will be better.
  9. I'm happy to declare the point good-as finished, there is another chair that didn't adhere, so it will be out with the araldite again. I tried Carrs Butanone and PlastiWeld without success, it softened the Peco sleepers but I think the Peco chairs must be a nylon material as they don't seem to dissolve at all, leaving a smooth rectangular mark in the surface of the sleeper. Anyway, it works and will have a sector plate instead of blades.
  10. Liddy

    Fingers crossed

    I've been working on a nano layout and I'm pleased with recent progress. Following the early structural bit I've now had a few pleasant evenings doing the creative textures bit, the Woodland Scenics plaster rock worked especially well.
  11. Hi John, Thanks for your note, wise words, I had a go at that. Thankfully Shocvan chassis runs thru the straight road without a twitch.
  12. I haven't posted for a while as I got distracted by 2 quick projects, a nano layout so that I can listen to locos and display wagons above my workbench and a my first O gauge point.
  13. I'm pleased with the rolling underframe with all the sprung bits working as they should. I started adding detail parts, then figured that I should prime the basic underframe.
  14. Hi John, Thanks that's great, I shall try later today.
  15. Thanks John, Can you cast any light on how the bracket is formed please, bends, double thicknesses, I think it should look like a z that has been opened out TIA
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