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  1. Just a query, is there anything different about the Freightliner Powerhaul liveried 66s and the 'normal' liveried Freightliner 66s? Or is it just to signify their different sphere of work?
  2. Bachmann are highly unlikely to retool their 66 at this stage, what would be the point? Hattons have moved the 66 to its zenith really and Bachmann would be wiser pursuing other models. As has been pointed out, the Bachmann Cl 70 is a bit lightweight despite the detail, so that could be vulnerable to another retailer/manufacturer producing one up to Hattons 66 standard.
  3. Agree with you entirely Roy, there are a lot of shocking sounds especially when it comes to steam, I have yet to hear a decent GWR steam sound. To be fair though many producers of sound files do say that they are generic or gathered from sound bites and extrapolated. I do not know where the Wheeltappers sound profile was recorded from, however it does sound rather good and having the diesel motor as well is in keeping with the prototype. Sadly unless there are comprehensive recordings of 18000 then sound is going to be a compromise; it is then up to the buyer if they are willing to accept that compromise. I saw 18000 a couple of times in my youth and remember it being very noisy and smelly, however others who saw it may have different recollections.
  4. No Decorum has posted on Nov 12 (page two) a perfectly good sound file supplied by wheeltappers (no links to them). I don’t know when that one was installed but it sounds very good, and with speaker technology evolving all the time there is scope to tailor it to your liking. I have little doubt that others will create sound files when the model is released.
  5. Hence the average speed of 98.8 mph for 24 hrs, which is way down on winning speeds but still a good achievement. I wonder how many times 18000 refuels in a day.
  6. There is a Rover Gas Turbine at Gaydon motor museum which looks a bit like a Rover 90 on steroids. Also there was the famous Rover BRM Le Mans car in which Graham Hill finished a creditable 10th.
  7. No reason to believe the Dapol 59 will not appear, I have pre-ordered one. 66 and 59 will look good together.
  8. What lines would they be? Space to easily install a speaker for DCC sound? There is a superb sound file from Wheeltappers, but, I suspect other sound files will appear.
  9. Precisely why I don’t usually get into the guessing game / froth thing. To answer your reply, I am not at all confident that Hornby will make them. ‘Put your money where your mouth is’ pertains to the fact that they have put them on the front of a catalogue which is more of a teaser than me ‘telling’ Hornby what they should or should not be making. Why put a product that you do not or have no intention of making on your catalogue? It’s like many so called ‘niche products’ we get these days, a few years ago they would not have been given a thought, but they seem to sell. And like many layouts unless you are strict about region/era etc. You can run what you like, and let’s face it the night sleeper would grace any layout.
  10. I don't like getting into the guessing game business, however, considering the fact that Hornby make so many locomotives that can and were used on the Waggon Lites Sleeper trains isn't it about time we had a decent set of these beauties, plus the appropriate support wagons? They were on the cover of a previous catalogue behind the Lord Nelson... So Hornby put your money where your mouth is.
  11. Lovely photo Chris, I know it was dubbed the 'Kerosene Castle' in its day, but do you not think there is a passing resemblance to 'Darth Vader' in this shot?
  12. 2x 66 with sound 2x 18000 with sound =£1200 over the next 12 months or so. “Bloody hell Harry!”
  13. The database idea sounds like a good way forward Jim, then buyers who want a particular sound project, or their loco to have reblows with certain features could get them ‘customised’ You guys who drive the real thing (lucky ) are in prime position to advise on which 66 does what. I expect most purchasers will be happy with what they get but being able to individualise your loco will indeed make this a truly groundbreaking model. We in this hobby are enjoying some superb models, and with the level of input from people like yourself we are truly spoiled, long may it continue.
  14. Having read the last few postings it is clear to see there are people here who certainly know every last control on the seemingly endless sound variations available. We are becoming increasingly expectant of models being so much like the real thing in both looks and sounds which is no bad thing. However it is clear the recent posters are heavily involved with the the real thing and therefore in a position of knowledge which is good because they can help Biff tweak the sound files. However, I think a note of caution is pertinent here. How many people who buy a 66 will be aware of all these nuance sounds, what they indicate and what 66 should and should not have them? Whilst I applaud the knowledge and the desire to get everything correct it could be construed as a form of rivet counting, because, as in all models there has to be compromise and whether the sounds triggered by the controller or come on randomly may be a compromise. Of course if Bif can take on board all this and change the sound profile accordingly all well and good, the only time a problem arises is when knowledgable people start to disagree with each other. Having watched and listened to the video the sounds are terrific. As one who knows little about TPWS4, radar hiss etc. I will be happy with what I have heard thus far. But reading the above is fascinating, and I for one would love to see more photos of the interior of these mighty beasts.
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