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  1. 7013

    Track shortages

    Received some lengths of track that I needed from Alton Model Centre, I was like a cat that got the cream, I can now continue building my layout. As a happy customer I can say Alton give excellent service and Paul is very helpful. Big shout for the smaller shops.
  2. 7013

    Class 88/93

    If they are cost effective in terms of fuel efficeincy, maintenance and flexibility etc. would it make sense for them to replace some of the older 'dirtier' locos doing infrastructure/intermodal work?
  3. Ran My Freightliner 66957 for 1.5 hours today with various loads, no problems whatsoever, all AB cover in place. I used the superglue on the end method which seem to have worked very well. The only other thing I did was smear the AB covers with some graphite lubricant (the dry stuff that Kadee do) and this appears to have had a good effect with no wobble etc.. I also ran My Hornby 'Capt.Tom' in the same session, although not in the same league as the Hattons models it performed excelently pulling all that was asked of it. The sound on it is a TTS decoder with an EM2 and an iphone speaker attached, lovely sounds form those speakers, much quieter and gentler than the legoman fitted loco, but very nice all the same. I have a light kit for the Hornby 66 which I will fit in the future, but for now I have two 66s in my yard which I am very pleased with.
  4. I no longer have an ipad but do have a Mac and a Macbook air. What is the best way to view the mag (I have subscribed) on one of these machines? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Now sorted thanks
  5. 7013

    Track shortages

    I have had code 75 concrete sleeper one yard lengths on order for 2-3 months, still no sign of them. Unfortunately I do not know of any other supplier who do a similar/same product. We appear to be stuck with Peco when it comes to this code 75 track.
  6. 7013

    Class 88/93

    I wonder what (if any) external differences there would be between an 88 and a 93?
  7. Good that the crew managed to get wagons and their loco out of harms way. Could have been much worse.
  8. Always good to see Oliver responding to the thread and updaing progress, Accurascale very good at keeping us punters informed as well.
  9. From the photos on BBC Wales website, looks like a 66, with a lot of tanks on fire behind it.
  10. 'Shonky' I didnt know anyone else who used that term apart from an Aussie friend of mine who introduced me to the term many years ago...Good word.
  11. Risky Business, as TomScrut says, its easy to put ones money elswhere at the moment especially with so much good stuff coming on stream.
  12. I am not sure if there is a stautory time on EOI, however since this one was announced on May 19th, I would have thought they have enough to say yes or no. They may be waiting for people to come out of furlough to see if those who were unsure because of their financial situation would send an EOI. However that is pure supposition.
  13. Just an update on my TTS sound. Added another speaker in series, sounds better, open throttle, still stalls and restarts after a few inches. Exasperated I plug the 8 pin in the ‘wrong’ way around...... everything working well now....fingers crossed
  14. No I didn’t, I assumed it would a straight swap, Is that the reason it ‘trips out’ .?thank you for the info. I have since found out by inserting another speaker in series will create resistance thus reducing the load on the amplifier.
  15. MGR Hooper has got it spot on, The original photo is under exposed.
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