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  1. HI Charlie, It is not a complaint, I am more than happy with the sound file, I just wondered if it was possible to make it a bit louder, I have the speakers you recommned fitted. Maybe its time for me to invest in a hearing aid? my wife always says 'theres none so deaf as those who do not want to hear' especially when it comes to washing up!
  2. I want to increase the sound (if possible) on the 18000 gas turbine engine sound. However I am not familiar with the loksound V5 sound decoders. Any help regarding which CVs to change would be appreciated. I know when changing some individual sounds other CVs have to be changed, but for the life of me I cannot remember which ones.
  3. Thats unfortunate reddragon, it always leaves a bitter taste if your model is one of the very few that has a problem. When it is running properly it runs very well, and the sound is superb. I am sure Rails will sort it out for you and you will be enjoying 18000 quite soon.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1730585560551150/permalink/3066435196966173/ Hopefully will show some videos of 18000. I have since screwed the fuel tank cover in place!
  5. I have had mine running for extended periods but unfortunately any video file more than a few seconds long will not upload, so you will have to take my word for it. The running qualities of my loco as stated before are very good. I tried to put the buffer beam detail on today and found the holes were too small to locate the pipes etc which snapped with minimal pressure. The front buffer beam now needs cosmetic repair. I managed to get the steps and bars in place but inevitably a whistle broke off (why did they not make brass ones?) I love this model but I would not vote for it if it was it was up for model of the year because IMHO much of the above could have been done in manufacture at no extra cost. It is a great model but not as great as say the Kernow Warship. My opinion only of course but overall I am well satisfied.
  6. I must say mine has no problems on points, most of my points are weathered and dirty. It would probably sort out your problem to have a stay alive if you did not want to take the loco apart to mess around with contacts.
  7. Interestingly the legomanbiffo sound chip came with a variety of speakers, including two the same as Roads and Rails except not pre wired with a plug. I have the tiny speaker and plug supplied with the loco so I may plug that in and see if it makes a difference
  8. Mine has been running faultlessly, I do have big curves on my layout though, nothing is loose or fallen off. Installing the sound chip myself was easy, especially with the Roads and Rails speaker modification, everything just plugged in no soldering and plenty of room for the speakers which sit just above the bogies. Lights all work as advertised. Any disappointment I have is with the gas turbine sound (F3) which is quite quiet almost unobtrusive. My childhood memories were of a much louder gas turbine whine. I would turn that volume up if I knew how? I have a lokprogrammer but am a bit nervous on that at the moment, so any hints would be appreciated. My overall impression of this loco is excellent, and I can live with the quiet gas turbine sound. A beautiful model evoking my memories of seeing the prototype when working and me as a youngster thinking it looked like something from space, speaking of which, has anyone else noticed that the front of the black/silver version looks like Darth Vader?
  9. Have been running mine in gently, looks stunning, but some of the bag o’ bits are a bit guesswork and will stay in the bag. All lights working well, just need my sound chip and speakers to bring it to life now.
  10. Where is the evidence for that, I give up!
  11. Yes I did, and I will test before the Gaydon show. For me to get a ping it meant that someone else with the app had got a positive result. I registered,tested and got my result back in less than 48hours, its not difficult if you have the app. I have had my say now. My result post GETS was negative thankfully.
  12. The app works well, its the people who ignore them that are not working very well. The point is someone who probably knew they were infected decide to attend the show knowing they may infect others. That is a complete disregard for the safety of other people. We are very close to another lockdown, irresponsible behaviour will ruin it for everyone, the shows will be cancelled and we will be back to square one. Ignoring the app (or the pings if you get one) is crass stupidity.
  13. Hi Richard The speakers look as if they are attached to the underside of the circuit board and sit above the bogies. What did you attach them with?
  14. I have had a ping from the Covid police to say I have been in contact with someone with Coronavirus. Given that it was after GETS and I have not had any other close proximity contacts I am a little disappointed. I feel fine but it is an inconvenience.
  15. Well, my money went out over a week ago. However, at GETS Oliver said they would start shipping this week. Given they had a lot of staff there, I imagine they are taking a little time to get sorted after a busy weekend.
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