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  1. Paul at Alton models, superb service. I have been looking everywhere for Peco medium Electrofrog points. All the big boys saying they are awaiting supplies. Phoned Paul who had just what I needed, they were sent yesterday, delivered this morning. I had previously got some finescale track from Paul when nobody else had any. Brilliant service and shop from a satisfied customer. I only ordered what I needed, don't want any hoarding in model railways.
  2. I suppose there are a couple of things here, the longer we write about it, the longer it is kept at the forefront and the more chance of people expressing interest. Of course with no firm commitment, some people, especially if you have to save for a particular model, may decide in the absence of any news to use those funds for other models. There must be a point where the upward curve of interest flattens out and a decision has to be made, Its coming up to 8 months since the first announcement, one would think that amount of time would be enough. Of course the other factor is the modellers who
  3. I have ordered a rake to go with the 'Helvelyn' I have ordered. I do have a Hornby Capt.Tom 66 and a Hattons Freightliner 66 so I have a choice of traction even if not prototypical
  4. Now we have had two GBRf Cl60s announced these are going to be popular.
  5. Always liked the CL60s, would have been nice to see 60081 IKB in the line up, would like one to replace my now defunct Lima version. However, 60026 'Helvelyn' looks really nice and I have pre-ordered from Hattons at £170, the sound chip from IKB will be put into it.
  6. That was my concern , that Hornby would snatch this one from Rails. However with MK4s in the pipeline and the prototypes renovation it will hopefully give added impetus to those who are unsure yet to take the plunge and send an EOI. It would be sad if such an icon were never made in model form.
  7. I started out with a Hornby 'Elite' which is reasonably good bit of kit. I now use Lenz LZ100 which does everything I want. I also use Roco Z21 with a Multimaus attached, the Multimaus also work with my Lenz set up The reason I have two systems is because I used to take a layout on the exhibition circuit and it was convenient to have one for each, I used the Z21 at home and the Lenz at exhibitions.
  8. Hi, I have taken the plunge and bought a lokprogrammer, Recent purchases have all been ESU decoders so I thought I would delve deeper into DCC and learn how to use one of these. I have many decoders from different manufacturuers. My question is will the lokprogrammer only work with ESU decoders, I have several Lenz, a few Hornby, Gaugemaster, TCS etc. Is there a list of decoders it will work with or am I confined to ESU when using this bit of kit? I havent experimented yet as I am a little worried about either messing up the decoder or programmer by trying to read an incompatible de
  9. Thanks PaulRhB, the 2,11,20 update does adda little and it is encouraging that they say 'interest continues to grow'. However that said there must be a finite time where they say....Yay or Nay.....I hope its the former.
  10. The announcement has been on the site since May with no further news beyond registrations of interest. At what point do we say 'Ah well it was a good idea while it lasted' Or will fate/sods law intervene and a manufacturer announce one in a few weeks time when the New Year speculation fest starts ?
  11. 7013

    2021 hopes

    I am predicting there will be something for everyone, nothing for some, and equal measures of joy, missed opportunities and dissatisfaction. If I were predicting something I would like to predict a Titfield Thunderbolt set which would be very nice.
  12. Wonderful loco, just right for my stoneworks
  13. Doh! All my family are from Cornwall.............I have been away too long
  14. Skrifa or Skirfa, I do not know what either mean, Could someone enlighten me with a bit of plain English
  15. I doubt if a 92 gets within a100 miles of my layout setting. But I have preordered one, and given that I have time to wait until it’s arrival I can now start the ‘electrification’ process (Install catenary!) of the China Clay works at Nangullow and the Ironstone works at Wroxbury, the latter of which is closer to 92 country.
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